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am 2. Oktober 2012
The book cover and title are simply horrible. I guess the author wanted to make the book appeal to a large audience of Internet Marketers/Affiliates … the cash cow implies easy money, maybe with some work at the beginning, but afterwards the money rolls in. Haha, anybody who buys this book with the idea of making money online with little or no work should first check the number of pages in this book. It’s over 400! So even reading the book is “hard work” …

I strongly believe that book is “5 stars” for any Internet Marketer/Affiliate. It’s extremely detailed and wide in coverage. The author is clearly a master in his field.

I’m tempted to say that it’s the best online marketing book covering A – T. The topic is simply too complex to cover A – Z.

While any experienced online marketer might not read any secrets, he or she will certainly find high value in the authors detailed analysis of many “commonly known” subjects such as Google’s Panda, SEO or tracking techniques.

Important: the authors is a strong advocate of creating websites with high content. While I’m not arguing that he’s wrong, there are definitely two approaches that make sense. Especially AD Panda:

1) create search optimized websites
2) don’t bother about SEO and rely solely on buying traffic

It’s a bit similar to investors who often can be split in fundamentalists and technicians. Neither is right or wrong and both approaches can work .

Due to the author’s approach, you won’t find much about buying traffic. Neither about the big 3 platforms, nor about the 100 other platforms.

If you’re an online marketer, just starting out or being a pro, Anthony’s book is absolutely worth reading.
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