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am 14. Februar 2016
This could be a fun read for men and women alike - if you are too tired or indifferent to care for a more sophisticated read. Often had the feeling the author pushes buttons here (Paris story, the whole *funny* baby-talk ...) or just made it obvious he had to churn out another book in time (the book is thin in more than one meaning of the term). In spite of the initial note, not to read if you cant handle the truth in black and white, his honesty seems to be stifled by the fear his wife or kids would read the text, so he only allows himself to put in one or two politically incorrect phrases of despair or disenchantment. A little bit for everybody, shallow like the most trivial family-comedy. Trash or bookshelf was a hard decision in this case.
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am 20. September 2013
That was fun - nice an easy deckchair / sofa literature with quite a few honest statements that make you think as well as smile!
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