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am 25. Februar 2012
I really liked this approach of showing a new facet of the star trek universe; if the mission of the USS Lewis & Clark in 2020 reminded me many times of Arthur C. Clarke's ground-breaking Space Odysseys, so had it much more characterization and philosophy in it, which always were part of good star trek yarn. But the story also takes political, social and economic issues in account, such as the ramifications the present day economic crisis would have to such an ambitious space mission merely 8 years from now and mixes it with star trek historic footnotes. Also the problems to body and mind Colonel Shaun Christopher and Captain James T. Kirk experienced respectively, misplaced in time with the unfamiliar environmental conditions they find themselves in was believable described. The plot paced at Stardate 7103.4 at the mining colony Klondike VI, which is orbiting a ringed gas giant not unlike Saturn read like an Action scifi-movie full of special effects and offers the reader a glimpse how an astronaut out from 2020 may experience the future of the 23rd century . All in all one of the best classic Star trek yarn I was reading in a while and maybe of the best in respects of classical science fiction I can only highly recommend "The Rings of Time" by Greg Cox.
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The rings of Saturn are an interesting feature of our star-system and as mankind goes outside to the stars it finds more planets of this kind with astounding similarities in the composition of the rings. One such system is Klondike IV where on a small moon in the rings a dilithium-mine is in operation. But suddenly the rings start to destabilise and the miners and their families are in grave danger. The only help in the neighborhood is the ENTERPRISE near the end of its first five-year-mission under Cpt. Kirk. Shortly after arrival a strange probe enters the rings and after beaming it aboard Cpt. Kirk feels compelled to touch it.

And finds himself 200 years in the past and in the body of the son of a man he knew before.

A bit of old-fashioned nitty-gritty SF from teh time of the exploration of our own solar-system meeting a time that might - hopefully - be. Nicely done - if not really original.
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