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am 26. Oktober 2011
Simply another must-have and must-read by Mr. MMD!
Some authors know how transport information for readers who are not native english speakers, who read late at night, who are students without years of experience .. Mr, Mac Donald is for sure one of them. book-by-book.
thank you. You gave me more leisure time.
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am 8. September 2011
I have mixed feelings when it comes to this book. At some point it is entertaining and can teach you the basics of HTML very well, however, it is too basic for a professionals or semiprofessionals. Topics covered within the book are well explained, it covers basics of the HTML 5. You will find here information regarding new tags, new ways of input validation, progress bars, sliders, video embedding, audio embedding, managing the canvas, working in offline environment, etc. If you are not sure whether this book is for, ask yourself question, where you put yourself. Do you start your adventure with HTML? Or maybe you are HTML veteran? If you are about to begin your experience with HTML 5, this book sounds like a good read. At the very beginning, Matthew lays down the basics of the HTML 5. You literally build a simple HTML page by extending it step by step. Second chapter gives you the overview of how to create a structure of the page, how to use new tags and what to avoid (especially the old markups). I really enjoyed part four, where details related to forms are laid down ' how to create them, how to validate values, how to provide users with input suggestions ' entirely at the browser's side. Video and audio related section will shade some light in terms of the variety of video/audio codecs ' there are few of them, and they can make you confused, believe me. Another great benefit is that you get CSS explained by examples rather than by definition. However, you may fell slightly disappointed if you are looking for a CSS reference.

I like the style of the book. It is really simple written, at least that's what I think. You shouldn't have any issues with following what Matt tries to explain. Keep in mind, however, that this book is rather brief overview of HTML 5 rather than comprehensive HTML 5 reference. Great plus for Matt for putting lots of references to external resources and for really impressive examples. You will be guided how to find them at the very begging of the book.
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am 15. September 2013
I bought this book because I saw that five on the cover and said to myself I been gone that long?

I've always appreciated "the missing manual" series. And for decades O'Reilly has been my choice of publisher. So it was a no-brainer purchasing this book written by Matthew MacDonald.

Why was I surprised to find out that HTML5 is not real! Okay it's real but it's real like English. There are two camps when speaking English; one wants you to use old timey latten construction; the other camp says anything goes as long as it's understandable. That is the thrust of the purpose of this book to let you know that HTML is back but anything goes as long as it is understandable.

I've learned a lot from this book and it is saved my bacon several times. However if you're new to HTML you might want to read one of the old timey classics before tackling the new freedom of HTML 5.

I do not dog year or underlying books; however I have sure worn this one out and still have not finished with it by a long shot. If you do not have a copy of this book what have you been doing?

The CD is not missing from this manual as the information and examples from the chapters can be accessed online.
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