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4,4 von 5 Sternen
4,4 von 5 Sternen
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am 9. August 2009
Taking the author's own words, "Troublesome Minds" was conceived to be read as if watching a new TOS-episode (including "hearing" the opening credits after the introductory chapter) - and I certainly got the nostalgic feeling of being reintroduced to TV-TOS including a gripping story and a strong triumvirate.

Galanter managed to do what the best Trek-episodes accomplished: He established a scenario where there's no right or wrong, no good vs. evil, no clear-cut villain to hunt down. Kirk and Spock find themselves in an absolutely impossible situation as a result of one well intended deed, and what follows is a tale consisting of shades of grey up until (and especially) the ending. And it's those shades of grey, defining them and showing their consequences, but never judging prematurely, where Trek always has been at its absolute best.

The only minor criticism I have is aimed at some liberties the author took for the convenience of the story and at the fact that I found the battle sequences a bit tiresome. But again: minor criticism which really shouldn't distract from the fact that this is a well balanced and thought-provoking novel.

I'd really love to "watch" more TOS-episodes such as this one - and I hope there'll be room for that in the future in the wake of Star Trek 2009 and all the ongoing interconnected relaunch novels...
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am 18. Juni 2009
...would also be a fitting title for this exceptionally well written new Star Trek TOS novel. The most interesting and superb point in my opinion, is that Dave Galanter has created here a scenario of a conflict without a bad or an evil party. He merely describes it from both sides and how a humanitarian and seemingly harmless act, namely the rescue of the life of a "Troublesome Mind" left to die by his own people, causes enormous repercussions which lead Captain James T. Kirk to afore unthinkable actions and how he with the best intentions in mind spirals himself and his ship more and more towards hell. Spock as one of the main-characters and his relationship with the Troublesome Mind is extremely well portrait and emotionally and empathically written. This story touches the reader and I'd tears in my eyes more once while reading it. But also all the other characters are well-written and one-hundred-percent as we know them from the show and the movies. Also exceptionally well written are the species of the Isitri which because of their telepathic evolution never developed the ability to hear and speech, which makes the interactions with them extremely interesting and difficult from the beginning of the outstanding story. (I personally know deaf-mute people and like the good and empathic inside-knowlegde of the topic the author shows with his book). Troublesome Minds is a real page-turner and one of the best Star Trek stories that came along for a long time. This is the true spirit, how Gene Roddenberry would have liked it. Thank you Dave Galanter for this superb story!
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The crew of the Enterprise saves three people from a ship who are supposed to die in the eyes of their compatriots, because one of them is an overly powerful telepath, which is called a "troublesome mind" on the planet in question. In the history of this planet "troublesome minds" have again and again usurped the minds of all other persons on the planet and even instigated an intersystemal war. Now, the treaty-partners are afraid of the new possible mental dictator and threaten to kill everybody on the planet to protect themselves. And the Enterprise is right between the lines.

Interesting moral dilemma, aptly presented - with a for ST surprising solution. I didn't like the language in some places, for which I took one star. But the story is great.
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am 15. Januar 2013
4 von 5. Das Buch ist wirklich gut! Wie bei so vielen Star Trek Romanen geht es dann aber auf den letzten 20 Seiten wieder ganz schnell. Gerade nach dem lange aufgebauten Spannungsbogen hätte ich mir auch hier ein ausführlicheres Ende der Geschichte gewünscht, deshalb 1 Stern Abzug. Inhaltlich gibt die Beschreibung des Buches bereits alles her, und ich möchte auch nichts verraten. Das Trio Kirk, Spock und McCoy ist vorbildlich und witzig dargestellt, auch sind die zweifelnden Gedanken gut ausgearbeitet. Ich habe das Buch sehr gerne gelesen!
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am 2. Januar 2016
But nothing entirely breathtaking. Was good entertainment but somethimes lacked a bit suspense. For the little money you get quite a bit though
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am 18. November 2011
Also vorweg erstmal: Klasse Buch! Geschichte ist glaubhaft (naja, für Trekkies) und Idee ist gut umgesetzt. Mal was anderes als die typischen Feindbilder Romulans/Klingons. Hätte mir an manchen Stellen ein bißchen mehr Action gewünscht, aber alles Gute ist ja (fast) nie beisammen. Einfach lesen!
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am 25. März 2010
Eins der besten Star Trek Bücher die ich seit langem mal wieder gelesen habe. Sehr unterhaltsam, aber auch sehr überraschend.
Früher fand ich viele Bücher sehr vorher sehbar. Aber nicht hier.
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