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4,6 von 5 Sternen
4,6 von 5 Sternen
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 28. Mai 2014
... aber auch nicht mehr

Wie stets: knackige Dialoge, prima Charakterstudien der Hauptdarsteller und ein John Rebus wie er sein soll!

Allerdings empfinde ich die Geschichte der einst und jüngst grenzwandelnden Cops mit dem eigentlich lächerlichen Titel als mächtig ausgedacht, um Rebus, Clarke und Fox agieren zu lassen - und für meinen Geschmack tauchen einfach mal viel zu viel Personen in der Peripherie auf, was extrem verwirrend auf mich wirkte. Ich mußte mir erstmals bei einem Buch von Ian Rankin Notizen machen: WER WAS WIESO usw. , was eigentlich sonst nur bei japanischen oder chinesischen Büchern der Fall ist (nach dem Motto: Chiao Tai sprach mit Richter Dee, Tao Gan und Fu Gong über Ma Joong ....).

Das nächste Buch wird bestimmt besser, denkt ein Rankin/Rebus Fan!
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am 6. Januar 2014
...und er hat nichts an Form einbüßt. Bissig und eigenwillig wie eh und je ermittelt Rebus in einem Fall, bei dem auch die Machenschaften seiner früheren Abteilung unter die Lupe genommen werden und somit auch seine eigene Integrität - wieder einmal - in Frage gestellt wird. Dabei muss Rebus auch mit seinem früheren Gegenspieler Malcolm Fox von der Abteilung für interne Ermittlungen zusammenarbeiten.
Spannend, einzigartig, brilliant geschrieben und mit aktuellem politischem Bezug - kurz: Ian Rankin (und John Rebus) wie man ihn kennt und liebt. In meinen Augen ist es außerdem ein genialer Schachzug von Rankin, die beiden Reihen um Rebus und Fox zusammenfließen zu lassen und dabei auch Fox für die Rebus-Fans ein bisschen sympathischer erscheinen zu lassen.
Und das beste daran: es sieht ganz so aus, als würde uns Rebus auch weiterhin erhalten bleiben!
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am 11. Mai 2014
None of his best, but a good read. Although it seems to be a different Rebus one meets in this novel. Less agressive and on good terms with Fox from the start, which is highly unusual. Well, age sometimes has such an effect.
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am 9. Februar 2014
It seems that Rankin cannot quite put Rebus to bed. I can't say whether that is because Rankin keeps getting ideas or whether nothing else sells for him.
However that may be, I thoroughly enjoyed this book, as I enjoyed every previous Rebus story. I like the various plot threads, the lean writing and fast dialogues. Every few chapters you have to pause and arrange things in your mind.
I have deducted 1 star for the following reasons:
- In the stories about the Complaints, I always thought Michael Fox was to Rebus as a positive photo is to its negative. In this story, they are brought together, and the distinction begins to blur. Fox becomes more like Rebus as the story progresses, even to the point that he is given lines that Rebus could have said. Rebus accepts Fox too easily for my liking. Intentional? If so, why? I would have preferred for Fox to remain Rebus' favourite enemy, with a different set of values and style of speaking.
- Rebus is back in CID, but at the rank of DS, making Siobhan (and, in the next book, possibly Fox as well) his superior in rank. Why all the castigation? Rebus does that enough of himself already.
- The cover of the book asks: "Rebus: Saint or Sinner?" and promises we will find out who he really is. Well after 20 or so Rebus stories, I thought we guessed by now. In the early Rebus books, the chip on his shoulder was his SAS past, and we know he is neither sinner nor saint, or both, depending on which you look at it. In this book, replacing his past by his time at Summerhall (never mentioned before) doesn't quite work for me.
- Small detail: all Rebus books contain references to his musical preference. Yet there is not one single quip about the fact that one of the major characters (Stefan Gilmour) is the namesake of Pink Floyd's David Gilmour. I wondered about that.
- No mention of Big Ger Cafferty. Hm.

The book's ending shows that Rebus has learned one thing: if you are going to use methods like the Saints of the Shadow Bible, make sure you are the only Saint. But this has been his approach all along: so Rebus stays true to his maverick self.

So where is Rankin taking Rebus? Playing third fiddle to Clarke and Fox? Will they gel into a threesome that is successful because (like Jagger and Richards) of the tension between them? Is Rankin setting Rebus up to be junior in rank but the unspoken leader of the team?

More than its immediate predecessors, this book shows me that Rankin is not done yet with Rebus. And that is a good thing.
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am 22. Dezember 2014
Hab mich gefreut dass Ian Rankin wieder auf den bewährten Charakter John Rebus zurückgegriffen hat. Das Ergebnis ist ein sehr flüssig zu lesendes Buch mit vielen Bekannten, einem neuen Team (Rebus und Fox). Gerne noch ein paar davon.
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am 7. Mai 2014
I liked it. Why? Hmmm.... Because the characters are well characterized, the places graspable, and the story evolves in a readable way. The points about police, violence, corruption, politics, etc. are interesting.
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am 3. Oktober 2014
Policemen serving in Internal Affairs units are hated by their colleagues worldwide and their return to normal duty is problematic. Ian Rankin (IR) wrote 2 riveting books about Malcolm Fox (MF), an ambitious and scrupulous employee of such a ‘complaints’ unit. Here MF locks horns with John Rebus (JR) in a strange, complicated and exhausting duel lasting 14 intense days investigating a number of killings.
Early in his career in the early 1980s, young Rebus was posted to a corrupt, law-breaking and vicious detective police detail, whose own nickname is this book’s title. Thirty+ years later, its surviving members meet, following a recent change on double jeopardy under Scottish law: cases once dismissed by jury and judge, can be re-opened. This threatens some ex-Saints more than others: one is dead, another dying, leaving three members, including Rebus.
This very tense novel written in 14 numbered chapters with lots of sub-sections, describes their unfurling crisis during the early run-up to the September 2014 Scottish referendum vote on independence. It sees another return of John Rebus to police duties, albeit as a lowly DCS on probation with his former trainee and lover, DCI Siobhan Clark as his boss.
Once again, spot-on dialogues and characterization and full of urgency and atmosphere. Young Darryl Christie, first introduced in “Standing in another Man’s Grave”, comes across as a worthy successor to earlier Edinburgh gangster bosses. Hope the series continues, but this police procedural underlines on many of its pages that creative crime fighters like John Rebus are a dying species, unloved by colleagues, not only in Scotland.
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am 9. Dezember 2013
Rebus wird die Vergangenheit nicht los. Die Verbindung mit einem aktuellen Fall und seiner Vergangenheit ist eine gelungene Idee von Ian Rankin. Die Auflösung des Falles gelingt dem Autor diesmal besser und glaubwürdiger als im letztjährigen Roman.

Eine Ueberraschung in diesem Buch hat es auch noch, wird John Rebus doch nach all den Jahren als sturer Einzelgänger plötzlich noch etwas wie teamfähig!?

Auf jeden Fall freue ich mich auf weitere Fälle mit John Rebus und Siobhan Clarke.
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am 4. November 2014
Rankin ist im Prinzip ja immer gut, aber in Punkto Spannung kann er mehr. Es geht hier eher um das Thema alte Polizeiwelt trifft auf neue, stets korrekte Polizeiarbeit. Trotzdem gute Unterhaltung
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am 17. November 2014
This is a really good Rebus story .And I recommend it fully .A good story and a good ending you won't be disappointed.
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