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am 4. November 2011
Allow me first to let >Intelligent Business Coursebook - Upper Intermediate< speak for itself. In Unit 1 there is a section in which the authors (English teachers!) try to support students by giving them info/ideas on how to build business relationships. To this end, they offer a dialog (listening comprehension exercise, see pages 13 + 164 of the >IB Coursebook< and Track 5 of Audio CD 1) that goes like this:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
--> Listen to two people networking...:

A: We're based in Liverpool.
B: So are we. What line of business are you in?
A: We're in video games -- and you?
B: We make metal pipes.
A: Oh, really! Where are your main markets?
B: Actually, we've just had a huge order from China.
A: I'm very interested. We are sending a sales delegation to Beijing next month. In fact, we are thinking of sending the team on a cultural awareness programme organised by Culture Plus. Have you hear of them?
B: Yes, we were also thinking of working with them. Maybe we could put our teams together and get a group rate? What do you think?
A: Sounds like a good idea. Look, here's my card. Why don't you give me a call?
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It's not only that this script is definitely not going to win any Oscars; the problem is that it has absolutely nothing to do with networking. A guy from a video game company and a lady from a metal pipes company are going to work together to get a group discount from an intercultural-training provider?! What's that all about? The two hardly know each other and they are already jumping into...ummm...ahem...jumping into a weird business arrangement. You should have seen the look on my students' faces when I played the above recording for them (I hadn't listened to the recording before the lesson -- big mistake!).

And just 10 minutes before that they had already been ready to kill me for asking them read the excerpted Economist article 'Spring in their steps' on mergers & acquisitions (see page 9 of >IB Coursebook<), which is basically a highly abstract, analytical article that says very little with a lot of 25-cent words and idiomatic expressions, all connected with animalistic behavior and hunting. Was this the best article The Economist had on M&A that the authors could find to include in >IB<? While the article may be a 'cute' read for a native speaker who has some insight into M&A practices (and a distinct fetish for idiomatic language), it was torturous and boring for my students.

Forgive me, but I just can't stop. In listening exercise 2 (see pages 12 + 164 of the >IB Coursebook<), the authors present another situation. In it, a Joan Woolley (CEO of a company called Xsellnet), accepts the "Technology Company of the Year" award for her company. But from the way the script is built up, it sounds as if the financially strapped company received the award for securing a loan from a "sympathetic bank" in order to "keep on operating" after a failed alliance. After all the talk about the failed alliance and finding a generous financial partner, Joan Woolley says, "So you can imagine how extremely proud I am to be here today to accept this technology company award." What's that all about? It appears to be nonsense: language completely separated from context; language produced solely for language's sake and utterly lacking communicative sharpness.

I've only worked through Unit 1 with my students, but we can already say that >IB< promises to be just another typical language-learning book, full of strange, simple, teacher-like perspectives on how the world works. The above examples demonstrate quite clealy that >IB Upper Intermediate< is anything but an "accessible introduction to key concepts in today's business world", as the blurb on its back cover claims.
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am 7. April 2016
Buch kam in einem sehr schlechten Zustand, teilweise eingerissen und eingedrückt.
Ich habe es trotzdem behalten weil ich es dringend brauchte, war aber sehr enttäuscht für den stolzen preis.
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am 22. Januar 2015
Dieses Lehrbuch kann von mir nur empfohlen werden. Es ist aktuell und vermittelt auf systematische und didaktische Weise den Lehrstoff.
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