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5,0 von 5 Sternen
5,0 von 5 Sternen

am 16. Juli 2008
Life is so easy if you just follow Abraham's advice... Feel good and life becomes good! Sounds like a fairy story, I know, but only because we've all been paying too much attention to things that we don't want, and not been appreciating all the wonderful things there are, right here, right now!
Abraham tells us to let our emotions be our guide. Reach for a better feeling and amazing things start happening.
Abraham explains why we are here on this planet, in this lifetime (to feel happy) and he explains that there is nothing you can't have, be or do if you would just allow yourself to feel happy, in the knowledge that like attracts like. The whole Universe is based on one very simple Law. The Law of Attraction. If you worry all the time, you will attract stuff to worry about. If you are angry, you attract stuff to get angry about. If you are happy and appreciative... yes, you've got it!
In this book Abraham explains how you can let the law of attraction work for YOU! Life isn't supposed to be a fight. Lie back and enjoy it, in the knowledge that the more you enjoy and appreciate, the more things you will attract to enjoy and appreciate! I know - I've practiced what he teaches and it works!
I would recommend reading 'Ask and it is Given' along with this book (or maybe before hand) And if you want to know the scientific theory behind his teachings you can simply check out what Henry Stapp, Ed Witten, et al. have to say about quantum physics... it all slots together!
'The astonishing power of emotions'. Read it, and put the suggestions into use... you really will be astonished - I was!
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am 2. Oktober 2011
This book gives much deeper going explanations in how to actually practice and live the "Law of attraction", then any others I ever read. As the authors write, the "Secret" (based on their Abraham-channellings)has remained a secret so far, as the most important word "vibrations" was cut out of the context.

Step by step it is explained how to increase your vibrations and by improving slowly your feelings also attract the improvement of your life conditions. By giving many different examples with the different suggestions for how to think in detail in these cases, it was very easy to copy these methods to my own life. Although at first sight some of the stated problems would not seem to apply to my own experiences, at the end I always found them quite helpful for my life as well. And I can assure you that IT WORKS IMMEDIATELY.

I can only strongly recommend this book to everyone who wants to learn how to use the "Law of attraction"!

I also find the CD (exerpt of an "Art of Allowing Workshop") particularely helpful and supporting!
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am 12. November 2010
Lange nicht so gut wie "Vortex" ist dieses Buch doch ein Grundlagenwerk, auf das man ein neues Weltverständnis aufbauen kann. Abraham ist stets ein Garant für erstklassige Philosophie, die schlicht und einfach "funktioniert".

Nachdem ich mich 30 Jahre quer durch die spirituellen Ratgeber gelesen/gelernt hatte habe ich bei Abraham die Antworten auf alle Fragen gefunden- bzw den Schlüssel für ein völlig selbst-ermächtigtes Leben, auf der Basis von Freude.

Unsere Gefühle sind die einzig zuverlässigen Wegweiser im Dschungel der Herausforderungen, Verwirrungen und Ansprüche Anderer. Hier wird absolut verständlich und jederzeit nachvollziehbar erklärt, wie wir diese "göttlichen" Wegweiser lesen und verstehen lernen.

Keine Religion, keine "Glaubenssache", kein Gefasel, ein fantastisches absolut fundiertes Buch zu einem umwälzenden Thema.
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