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4,3 von 5 Sternen
Format: Gebundene Ausgabe|Ändern
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am 12. Februar 2017
(actual rating: 4.5)

A very fun book which I am going to reread.

Can I start with saying how great it is that the female characters in this book work together?! How often does that happen in books? I especially liked how even though one of the girls is the ex of the male love interest, she is not portrayed as a good for nothing b**ch? Far from the opposite to be honest.

I really enjoyed that there is no bad boy type. I'm really bored how so many of the love interests are (wannabe) bad boys and are truly just a**h*les.

But there is more to this story.

We finally have a socially anxious character who truly is socially anxious. No 'telling but not showing'. We get to experience Cath's social anxiety and I could really see myself in her. Social situations are scary and there are so many things that could happen and things that you have to consider and it's just really, really stressing, okay?

If you are a love of fanfictions you might really enjoy Fangirl, because fanfictions have a big part in this story. It kinda reads like a love note to fanfictions and I love it.

The only thing I'm able to criticize is that the fanfiction Cath writes is different from Carry on - which is kinda her fanfiction published in its own novel (and written by Rainbow Rowell of course). Does that make sense?

Anyway, I've read the novel Carry on first and there are some passages from the fanfiction Carry on in Fangirl but the passages aren't in the novel Carry on. I'm so sorry if you are confused now. This critic is not important.

I just have one more thing to add: The writing is perfect for this story, it's so flowing...
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am 1. Mai 2017
Ich finde grundsätzlich eine Buchbewertung ganz ohne Spoiler etwas schwierig. Und über Geschmäcker lässt sich sowieso streiten. Manche Abschnitte haben mir im Buch wirklich gut gefallen ->z.B. die Liebesszenen oder das Collegeleben im Allgemeinen. Dann gab es aber auch wieder Abschnitte mit denen ich persönlich überhaupt nichts anfangen konnte ->z.B. die Fanggeschichte, die zwischendrin im Buch immer wieder vorkam. Der Titel FANGIRL verrät zwar bereits, dass es um Fanfiction geht, aber ich fand die Geschichte einfach langweilig. Das hat mich dazu gebracht sie teilweise zu überspringen. Wer gerne ausführlich "Fanfiction" in einem Buch liest, dem wird das Buch sicher gefallen. Ich gebe dem Buch aber leider nur 3 von 5 Sternen. Schade, denn nach dem Hype wollte ich wirklich, dass es mir so gefällt wie vielen Anderen.
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am 14. September 2017
I read Rainbow Rowell's book Eleanor & Park a few years ago and really liked her writing style. When Fangirl was a Kindle Deal, I bought it and started reading it. The book is about Cath who is new to university. Her twin sister Wren does not want to do all the same things as her sister anymore, so Cath is left alone. She is very shy and does not feel good around people and she loves fan fiction with all her heart. Reagan and Reagan's boyfriend Levi try to get Cath to meet people and get more confident about going to university, but all Cath wants is to write fan fictions about Simon Snow.

First, I have to say, and I don't know what it is, but Rainbow Rowell's writing style is something else. The way she writes about her characters and about certain situations totally suck you into the story. Everything sounds so real to me and as I started university last year I totally get a lot of points Cath talks about. University can be a scary place, but you learn a lot from it.

I see a lot of myself in Cath to be honest. She is shy, is always worrying about her loved ones, loves to read and does not want to grow out of her habits, because these habits help her to cope with everyday life and new situations. I do exactly the same, even if I don't write fan fiction as Cath does. She is a very lovely young woman, who learns a lot in her first year at university. She feels very real, because she is not one of those perfect girls, but has flaws and makes wrong decisions. I also like Levi a lot. He is a really nice guy, even if he screws up, but he always tries to make his fellow human beings feel special. And he is always there for the people who need help. All the other characters in this book sounded real too and some of them were really nice.

Something I found super interesting where the bits and bobs about Cath's fan fictions. It is so fascinating that the author wrote a fan fiction about a book that does not even exist! I enjoyed reading about all those small excerpts from several stories Cath wrote. And I think I might read the book about Simon Snow called Carry On too, just to know what happens to the characters.

I really enjoyed reading this book and I also have to say, that the cover looks so nice, it's beautiful. I'm looking forward to reading more from Rainbow Rowell.
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am 27. Dezember 2014
Im Buch geht es um hauptsächlich um Cath. Cath hat eine Zwillingschwester. Mit Wren macht sie schon seit die beiden klein sind alles gemeinsam und jetzt gehen sie auch zusammen aufs College. Cath ist erschüttert, als Wren ihr eröffnet, dass sie jedoch kein gemeinsames Zimmer bewohen werden. Wren ist der Meinung, dass sie sich ein wenig voneinander abnabeln sollten. Nun versinkt Cath noch viel mehr in ihre im Internet sehr bekannte Fanfiction. Sie ist nicht der Mensch, der neue Leute trifft und ständig unterwegs ist. Sie sitzt lieber zu Hause mit ihrem Lieblingsbuch oder arbeitet an ihrer Fanfiction. Auf dem College stellt sie dann aber fest, dass vielleicht die Welt außerhalb des Internets und besonders die Menschen dort auch ganz interessant sein können.

Ich bin schon seit ich Eleanor & Park gelesen habe von Rainbow Rowell's Schreibstil begeistert. Ich kann richtig in die Geschichten eintauchen und bin in einer komplett anderen Welt.
Die Charaktere in diesem Buch gefallen mir ebenfalls sehr gut. Ich habe das Gefühl einige von ihnen auf Menschen in meinem Umfeld übertragen zu können und somit einen noch engeren Draht zu ihnen zu bekommen.
Die Geschichte war für mich hervorragend. Nie kam das Gefühl auf nicht mehr gefesselt zu sein oder das Buch zur Seite legen zu wollen. Das einzige was mich etwas gestört hat waren die Ausschnitte aus Cath Lieblingsbuch zu beginn eines neuen Kapitels. Ich mag es nicht so gerne, wenn zu Beginn eines Kapitels nicht zusammenhängende Ausschnitte eines anderen Buches sind.

Alles in allem würde ich das Buch jedem Mädchen oder jeder Frau weiterempfehlen, die Lust hat mal wieder eine etwas andere Liebesgeschichte zu lesen. Etwas das man vielleicht vorher noch nie hatte.
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am 21. März 2016
Keine große Literatur, aber das Buch hat mir sehr viel Spaß gemacht. Rainbow Rowell hat auch schon „Eleanor & Park“ geschrieben. In „Fangirl“ brechen die Zwillingsschwestern Cath und Wren zum College auf, die eine aufgeschlossen und partyhungrig, die andere schüchtern und einsam. Aber: Im Netz tobt sie sich aus. Da schreibt sie Fanfiction für eine Buchserie, die nicht nur ein bisschen an Harry Potter erinnert. Klingt wirr, ist aber schön. Ab und zu möchte man die Charaktere mal schütteln, aber man war ja auch selbst mal 17, jaja. Das Ende ist mau, macht aber nix.
(seltsam, dass das Buch noch nicht übersetzt wurde?)
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I actually started this book as an audiobook but after about an hour listening I was so into it that I had to put off the audiobook and wait till I'm in Germany where I bought the actual physical copy and dived right into it. Plus, my edition contains also a bonus!

THE WORLD: The book is based in Nebraska, Lincoln college. It is really the setting of typical college through freshman eyes with everything enlarged and just that extra pinch or scariness.

CHARACTERS: Cath is our leading character in the book. She is very nerdy and has a serious problem with interacting with people or even well leaving her own room. She also lives in her own magic world of Simon Snow as she writes a fanfiction for hours every night about him. Now I know Cath sounds rather pathetic in this kind of description but I have to tell you guys, I loved Cath. Sure she is whiny and annoying most of the times but the thing friend and I have written fanfiction for almost 8 years on daily bases spending hours and hours in from of the computer screen. I know that feeling of living in different world, knowing your characters as good as they your family just so so well that it made me smile all the way through the book. Now Cath is not alone in this book, she has a twin sister Wren who used to be a facfic girl too but then in college she decided it is time to have college fun. I liked Wren more than Cath to be honest. Actually, the whole Cath and Wren reminded me exactly of my friend and me. I went all college party just like Wren and my friend stays just her old self. Tho, I never really went back to facfic, I did at some point for a little bit but then I stopped and maybe I just moved on. Anyways, I think you can understand why when I was reading this book it was like going through the memories myself! Alright, there is also Levi, Cath's boyfriend in the book. To be honest he was that one character I really couldn't stomach. I just did not like him at all. And then we had Reagan. Omg guys I just loved Reagan she was so so funny! I would love to have had a roommate like Reagan, tho in UK we do not have roommates, you have the room all for yourself!

LOVE: There was no love triangle in this book Whoop Whoop! But frankly, I had no interest in the romance of Cath and Levi. It was just blah for me. I loved the book itself more!

PLUS: Usually when it comes to books, even the ones I am most excited about, I always know how many pages it has and how many I have left to read. Now with this book, and this like almost never happens, I was so into it that I did not keep track of pages. At some point I was on page 200 then all I know it's over 300 pages in. It was just that kind of book who gets you in completely.
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am 17. April 2015
Nachdem ich Eleanor & Park gelesen habe, wusste ich, dass ein weiteres Buch von Rainbow Rowell folgen musste.
Allein des Covers wegen entschied ich mich für "Fangirl".
Kurzum: Cather und ihre Zwillingsschwester Wren beginnen zu studieren. Das Problem? Cather ist extrem introvertiert, Wren das komplette Gegenteil. Nun stellt sich die Frage, ob Cather es schafft aus ihrer Komfortzone herauszukommen oder ob das ganze Collegeleben nicht vielleicht doch ein wenig zu viel für sie ist. Und dann sind da ja auch noch die Geschichten, die sie auf Grundlage eines Bestsellers schreibt...

Ich fand das Buch sehr gelungen, da ich mich mit Cather von Beginn an identifizieren konnte. Der Lesefluss wurde m. M. nach nicht wirklich gestört, nur die Auszüge aus den Simon Snow-Geschichten empfand ich als eher unspannend, aber diese kann man durchaus auch überspringen. Die +400 Seiten habe ich wahnsinnig schnell gelesen und konnte das Buch auch kaum weglegen.
Eine Empfehlung für alle, die ein kleines Fangirl in ihrem Herzen schlummern haben!
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am 11. September 2014
Fangirl ist ein Buch, dass besonders für diejenigen interessant sein dürfte, die sich tatsächlich auch als Fangirl bezeichnen und in einer Fandom aktiv sind, denn viele der Situationen, die nur bedingt klischeehaft sind (Leuten die es nicht selbst so erlebt haben aber womöglich so vorkommen), kennt man tatsächlich auch aus dem echten Leben. Für Leute die mit Fanfiction nicht viel anfangen können, und auch nicht wissen wie so eine Fandom funktioniert und wie... sagen wir mal obsessiv man sich darin mitunter mal verlieren kann, gibt das Buch ein paar interessante Einblicke, für alle Anderen ist es eine unterhaltsame, leichte Lektüre, die einen auch hin und wieder schmunzeln lässt.
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am 2. Oktober 2013
Our heroine is an 18-year-old college freshman who finds real live exhausting. She hates person-to-person interactions. Instead, she spends most of her time on the internet, writing slash fanfiction. And she's good at it! Her huge readership causes her not only happiness, though, but also stress. She doesn't want to let her readers down, and she needs to finish her story (that she'd been working on for two years) before the final book is published.
Add to that a roommate who tries to make her leave her room, and her roommate's boyfriend who keeps smiling at her as if she were the most precious thing he'd ever seen.

The book is funny, sad, compelling,... Once I started reading it, I couldn't stop. So now I'm writing a review, unusual for me.
If you like fanfiction, reading or writing, if you are in a fandom, regardless of what, you will find this book worth reading. If you like to be entertained by a cleverly written book that doesn't get boring, you will not be disappointed.
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am 3. November 2014
This is the story of a girl we probably all know: Young, smart, and completely obsessed with Harry Potter....ehm... I mean Simon Snow.

Synopsis: Cath and Wren are twins that share a passion : Simon Snow and writing Simon Snow Slash Fanfiction. When they start college, things chnge dramatically, because Wren starts to distance herself from Cath : She wants to grow up, get out and live her life. This leaves Cath confused and lonely as she is trying to navigate College, Love and Simon Snow.

Which sounds a bit kitschy, but it really isn't. Rainbow Rowell created fantastic characters, well rounded with flaws and manners. Cath acts natural. She is described as a nerdy fangirl and as our Point of View character, she is likeable, she has struggles, but she stays true to herself.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book.
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