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am 5. November 2015
An extraordinary book! In essence, it is a management book. But it is written like a fascinating novel. If you have worked in IT for some time, be it as a manager or as a non-manager, you will find yourself right at home. The authors manage to tell a fascinating story of a company where Murphy is omnipresent in the IT department and how the crew gradually takes care of things and dramatically improves the situation. But it is not only a story for pleasure. It also very cleverly tells what is needed to convert to and run a successful IT organization based on the DevOps principle. The story takes up 90% of the book. The remaining 10% sum up the core information in concise format and give detailed information about some further reading.

I've never before read a management or technical book which was so interesting to read. And it still gives you all the relevant information. Just brilliant.
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am 21. August 2017
Die relevanten Inhalte des Buches passen in einen Blog-Eintrag. Vielleicht sogar in einen Tweet. Zumall nichts revolutionäres dabei ist (nicht einmal für die Zeit in der es erstmals erschienen ist).

Der verzweifelte Versuch die Inhalte als Erzählung zu verpacken ist gescheitert. Vollkommen uninteressante Charaktere, Szenen, Dialoge. Keinerlei Spannung. Das gesamte Buch hinweg:
1. ein Problem tritt auf
2. Oh mein Gott, keiner kann das Problem lösen, alles ist vorbei. Katastrophe!
3. Hipster Consultant gibt irgendwelche kryptischen Hinweise. Am besten in durchnummerierten Dogmen verpackt.
4. Problem ist gelöst und alle klopfen sich auf die Schulter wie toll sie sind
5. Zurück zu 1.
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am 29. Oktober 2017
"The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win" was quite a hard one to pick up for me personally. I'm more than aware this sounds strange, even arrogant, but if a book has received 1900 reviews in Amazon.com alone, ranked really with 4.7 stars and also praised everywhere it just has to be something not for me. Has been pretty much the case every time so far. Only exceptions being of course some great ones like "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" which I really love as do many other folks as well. Now thinking the book has been said to contain some solid, informational and even educational content, the equation just seems to be impossible. But, eventually I ended up giving it a shot. As hard it could sometimes be to admit "what a jerk I have been!" it's time for the confession. Again.

The book really delivers what it has been said to deliver. And then some more. The content is just as solid as one could expect from a textbook. But, and this is a huge one, in a readable, no, in an entertaining format. The writers are really able to grab your attention not letting you go until the book ends and you are left with a feeling "I want more!". The experience, perspective and vision of the writers really shows through the book.

Personally I have been around long enough to really recognise the old, or traditional, IT world so well painted in the book. Also, not for the first time, there is a strong need and movement going on to renew and rework some fundamental things in IT. Cloud computing being of course the needed refresh and enabler for the business and for the industry which again raises the need for new methods, more agile moves in dev, in ops, in management, in security. Everything. And perhaps most importantly, it'll allow us to fail quickly and start over. With much less to lose than before. Oh, may or may not be important but think the Dev part of DevOps just with a little bit wider perspective. Although you might not be involved in "true programming", these days the Dev part is there, whether we consider it that way or not. And more likely than not there are some lines of code required here and/or there to stitch the things together into something functional. Even if you are able to avoid even that there is still lots to learn in the DevOps methods and mentality.

The more I think the content the writers are able to deliver, the more I seem to notice or distill out of it. Manager vs. Leader. Constraints, what might be holding us back? Most likely not the money even though money is of course important aspect... Importance of mentoring and to be mentored. Openness to new ideas, methods, solutions and willingness to try new solutions. Agility.
But, better stop praising the authors and the book so that I don't scare You too much... Go, Buy & Read this one! Do think about the story, the message.
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am 10. April 2013
I was actually wondering if the authors worked with my company. Everything that has been mentioned happened in the company I work with, therefore I do know what they talk about.

Also the solutions they provide are very useful and understandable. As one of the other critics already said, it is absolutely comparable to "the deadline" from tom demarco and "the goal" from Eliyahu M. Goldratt. Of course, not that well written as a james joyce novel but it does tell the story.

I will definitely read it again...and again...and again... until I know how to adapt to get things done in "my real life"
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am 11. Dezember 2013
Non-fiction books in this space have the problem that (in the best case) they leave the reader with knowledge, not with experience.
The fictionalized form of this book allows a kind of immersion that might translate to something that is almost as good as real-world experience. Since not everyone can take part in the turn-around of a failing company before making decisions at your workplace, this may be the best chance they have for getting the necessary experience.

(The book does have a small number of "Oberlehrer" events, but it is more bearable than I had imagined to be possible.)
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am 16. Dezember 2017
Sehr gute, unterhaltende und lehrreiche Darstellung der Abläufe in der IT, vor allem im Deployment. Die geschilderten Probleme sind in vielen Firmen zu finden. Die gezeigten Lösungswege sind in großen Teilen umsetzbar, wenn man es will.
Ich habe das Buch insgesamt zwei mal gelesen und fand es immer wieder erfrischend :-)
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am 16. März 2015
Eine Firma steht kurz vor dem Kollaps, weil die IT Abteilung nicht den Stellenwert geniest, der ihr in dem geschilderten Fall zukommt. Zu ungeplant und chaotisch werden Aufgaben von Abteilung zu Abteilung 'über den Zaun geworfen' mit dem Resultat, dass nichts mehr vorwärts geht und kritische Systeme ausfallen. Die fast schon 'typischen' kontraproduktiven Verhaltensmuster von Geschäftsleitung, Verkauf, (Software-), Entwicklung und Betrieb führen zu einer immer schneller werdenden Abwärtsspirale. Das Buch zeigt Auswege aus dem Dilemma und liest sich (fast) so spannend wie ein Wirtschaftskrimi.

Einen Punkt Abzug gibt es für die Aussage "Unfortunately, I don't know the precise derivation of this graph" im Anhang. Die einzige Grafik in dem Text, die eine wichtige Kernaussage illustriert, sollte doch zumindest erklärbar sein.

Zu empfehlen ist das Buch allen, die meinen in einen Burnout zu laufen oder von der Firma verheizt zu werden, jedem Personalverantwortlichem im Betrieb oder in der Entwicklung, jedem Projektleiter, jedem C-Level Verantwortlichen der glaubt die IT Abteilung bremst.
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am 26. Mai 2014
Vor allem den ersten Teil fand ich spannend wie ein Krimi. Das Buch nimmt nach einander einige unerwartete Wendungen - und zeigt unterwegs viele viele Baustellen und "Fehler" auf, welche viele Firmen und IT-Abteilungen heutzutage haben (ich hatte ein paar Dejà-Vu-Momente).

Irgendwo las ich über dieses Buch "Ein Muss für jeden Manager und jeden der in der IT arbeitet" - dem kann ich voll und ganz zustimmen!
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am 29. Juni 2017
It took 2 pages of the first chapter to recognize that this was not a novel but a real life reportage from inside our company... We had a whistle-blower
I just can recommend reading the book, you do n't need to understand DEVOPS just use your own common sense...
A great, great Book how to make IT great again :)
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am 17. Juni 2016
Das Buch ist als spannende Geschichte aus der Sicht eines frisch beförderten "VP of IT" erzählt welcher im Verlauf der Zeit mehr und mehr Management Prozesse in seiner IT Organisation implementiert. Das ganze ist spannend erzählt und man hat des öfteren ein "Déjà-vu" da man das ein oder andere schon selber in einer IT Organisation erlebt hat.

Alles in allem ein sehr gelungenes Buch welches.
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