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5,0 von 5 Sternen
5,0 von 5 Sternen
Honest to God: A Change of Heart That Can Change the World
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am 10. April 2002
Fun to read. Serious, genuine fun. 2 real people. They agree and they disagree, it's a lively talk, and reading the dialogue, you can almost hear them. 2 different styles, 2 different persons with approaches that come from experiences. No phony messages. Honesty is the theme - and honesty is the style of their communication. Contagious!!
Good to read - for me as a European - that there are leading US Americans who think as responsible world citizens, critical about their government, not naïve believers. How refreshing - and relieving. So there IS still a lot of good sensible & truly modern & cosmopolitan thinking going on in the US! not everybody joins in this atavistic patriotism that we see in the media.
The message I gave myself reading the book - and the message I want to pass on: enjoy it, use it, try it out - just for finding out, what "honesty" means & does. Make a tiny step, one moment of honesty. Any one of these moments makes us more ourselves - and that's the only thing we have anyway. It's always worth it.
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am 4. Dezember 2003
I am still reading this book as I write this here.
I have to tell you: I first bought "Practicing radical honesty" from Brad Blanton before this one, but I had read the CWG-Books from Neale Donald Walsch first. So I had some Problems with Brad Blanton's really radical approach. But this book is really great!
Read it and get to know how these two authors write and speak about honesty. Some things may not be easy to swallow, but I am convinced. I had several encounters these last days that showed me, how much I need a more honest approach to life.
Thanks for this great book!
I'll start getting the message in my life and living it.
Thank you.
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