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3,9 von 5 Sternen
3,9 von 5 Sternen
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 4. Oktober 2002
Das Buch enthält viele Tipps, die mir geholfen haben auf der Rennstrecke besser zu fahren.
Für die Straße sind viele der Tipps auch verwendbar. Auf der Rennstrecke machen sie schneller, auf der Straße sicherer. Die Hauptzielgruppe des Buches sind aber meiner Ansicht nach Leute, die ihre Fahrkünste auf der Rennstrecke verbessern möchten. Für nur Straßen-Fahrer, die sich nur ein Buch kaufen möchten, ist das Buch von Prof. Spiegel vielleicht besser geeignet. Je fortgeschrittener man ist, desto mehr wird man aber mit den Büchern von Keith Code anfangen können.
Ich habe das amerikanische Original. Die deutsche Übersetzung fand ich nicht so toll.
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am 8. Januar 1999
Keith Code teaches you to read the road. He explains camber, radius, series of turns, elevation (uphill, downhill, crested track) and straight sections. Observe your products (measureable events) such as speed, lean angle, gear and RPM. Understand you controls: brakes, throttle, handle bar movement and where your body exerts force on the motorcycle. His explanation of Reference Points is invaluable, even if you are a car enthusiast. At speed, location is a moment in time. You have to use the correct control and the correct place. He explains counter steering (push right to go right) in straight forward and easy to understand detail. For the adventurous he explains sliding, hanging off and (you may need this) falling off. My riding improved considerable after reading this book.
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am 24. März 1999
The book does a decent job of introducing the starting racetrack pilot to the basic concepts of corner types, throttle application, etc. Despite the fact that these topics are addressed, I felt there was a bit too much offbeat "Dianetics" style mentality references, and not enough specific "nuts and bolts" instruction on HOW to do the actual act of riding the motorcycle. Having read the Vol.I and II, I think a new racer would be best off saving their money on this book, and getting only the Vol. II version. This book is targeted primarily at the racetrack environment, and I've found that the book "Sportbiking: The Real World: The Advanced Riders Handbook", is better suited for true street going sportbikers.
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am 14. Januar 2000
I was overall very disappointed with this book, allowing for some of the content to be for racers only I was surprised at seeing content most motorcyclists would be aware of from monthly bike magazines, i.e. counter steering, braking techniques etc. Keith Code is a very knowledgable man on this subject but his writing style is really dreadful, his use of BOLD text and regular underlining gets to be really annoying.I've now completed the book and as an average sports bike rider have learned absolutely nothing new. It may appeal to you but my advice would be to borrow a copy and read a few chapters before purchasing.
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am 26. März 1999
This book contained alot of great information for the Track. A lot of the information can be direclty applied to going fast on the street. However, this primarily deals with track condtions. It doesn't go into poor road conditions, like ripples and how to deal with them. If you're looking for a Book that teaches you how to go fast on Daytona tarmac, then this is your book. If you wanna learn racing technique to apply to street riding, it's all here. But for information about Street situations, get another book.
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am 6. Oktober 1999
I am a new rider with only 600 miles of riding in me and on a 500cc sportbike. But several friends who have raced superbike told me this is the bible of racing and to read it soon so I learn the right things from the get go. I also bought the video. From a novice viewpoint the book reads well and the concepts make sense but only practice will make perfect. It is a pratice manual and I will no doubt read it several times before I ever upgrade to 600cc or 1000cc and go to the California Superbike School.
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am 13. Juli 2000
This race-oriented book focuses on providing a methodology to analyse any racetrack allowing you to select and ride the lines that best suit you and your bike. Very little here for streetriders ... Flick of the Wrist II has much more on actual riding technique. If you're new to racing, buy it. If you don't plan on racing, don't buy it unless you're curious about racing strategies.
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am 2. Januar 2000
As an experiance rider, I found the information contained in this book to be excellent. From braking, steering, handling curves, attention span...
I strongly recommend this book to all riders regardless of level.
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