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4,5 von 5 Sternen
4,5 von 5 Sternen
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Before reading this review or this book, please be aware that it contains many consensual nude images of male and female children in family settings. This book would not be able to get an "R" rating if it were a motion picture. If such things are offensive, read no further.

Jock Sturges is creating a time-lapse view of a handful of familes. This book is the second in the series, following the superb work called The Last Day of Summer. In this book, most of those who posed for the photographs were asked to describe the experience. Here are a few quotes from what they said:

"We are not naked for the pictures, we are naked for the summer, and because we are alive."

"We are in the places we love, and Jock comes and joins us for a while."

"This I enjoy."

"In these pictures, we're Jock's people."

"Jock is the artist and we're his collaborators. Each year we get to help make art."

The images are done with a large format camera and reproduced in gelatin silver prints. The models often help set up the equipment and suggest scenes to shoot.

Mr. Sturges takes photographs each year, and publishes them. From these images, you can see the subtle changes in the person, how their relations grow with siblings, friends and parents, and the inner core of the person that is unchanging. His subjects are people who regularly practice naturism in Europe and the United States. So he is capturing them as they would normally be.

Taken outdoors usually, the images can acquire an almost lyrical quality. One image in this book deserves special mention. I think it is the best I have seen of Mr. Sturges's work. The image is of Alisa, Christina, Misty Dawn, and Teresa in Northern California in 1993. It shows the young women lolling on misty rocks just above the boiling ocean looking ever so much like self-absorbed versions of the mythical sirens, but with the ease and comfort of sunning sea lions. It is an extraordinary vision of natural joy.

Here are many of my favorites from this remarkable volume:

Unless otherwise noted, you should assume that these were shot in Montalivet, France. Francois 1992; Raphaelle 1993; Bettina 1993; Marine et Maia 1991; Raphaelle, Celine, Alysha et Danielle 1993; Marine 1993; Tamara 1993; Arianne et Sa Mere 1989; Francois et Adrian 1993; Danielle 1991; Danielle, Oud Heusden, The Netherlands 1992; Marine, Clermont-Ferrand, France 1989; Laurel, Northern California 1992; Brooke, Northern California 1992; Cecile 1993; Arianne 1991; Hanneke 1992; Mike and Chicken, Northern California 1993; Christina, Northern California 1993; Danielle, Oud Heusden, The Netherlands 1993; Laura et Lou 1992; Marie et Bettina 1992; Leaham and Layla, Southern Oregon 1981; Maia 1991; Maia et Marine 1993; Brooke, Northern California 1985; Jessie, Northern California 1985; Misty Dawn, Northern California 1991.

After you finish enjoying these tender images, I suggest that you give everyone in your family a camera and go on an annual photo shoot. Although you cannot hope to match Jock Sturges, these images will evoke many happy memories in years to come.

Let the sun shine through!
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am 21. Mai 2000
In Radiant Identities, Jock Sturges conveys the experience of pure existence on a very high aesthetic wave length.
This may explain why some people are extremely uplifted by his simplicitous settings and the magic stares of his posers.
This may as well explain why other viewers get intense adverse reactions or just don't get it at all!
The aesthetic wave length is not experienced by one and all.
Some people hate classical music and some find it boring. This has to do with a clash of wavelengths and NOTHING to do with the validity or quality of a work - especially as a work lives on from century to century!
In this aspect, Sturges' art is legitimately awe inspiring and capable of sending the viewer on an endlessly expanding wave of mystery and beauty.
But it was ALL DONE WITH NO PROPS! no gimmickry, no explanation. Everything stripped away to its pure essences. It's pure energies.
Hustler, Playboy, et al DO NOT achieve this wavelength but aim with the intention to titillate.
The erotic aspect of nudity, when delivered on an aesthetic wave is more spiritual, innocent and healthy for society: IT INSPIRES!
If someone doesn't get what I'm saying, well, I understand. They're reception is simply blocked.
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am 8. Juni 1999
ya know,i've seen this book,almost as many times as i've seen quite confusing reports of child pornography.... see,i also know the difference between pornography and the human body.most american('t)s have this wierdness about them that the human body IS pornography,but i wasn't censored on my way out of the womb...however,they DID cover me up,because it was late march,and cold.but that's not the point.the point is you cannot call art pornographic just because you have personal issues with the human body.for pornography,something MUST BE GOING mr.sturges's photography,there's no movement that you don't create yourself,and that's what makes either art or pornography. incidentally,mr.sturges's model "misty dawn" has so much going on in her eyes,i wrote and recorded a song entitled,"misty dawn",which actually captures what i mean(it's an instrumental).i don't become inspired by porn models,it's just something that doesn't how do you explain that?
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am 2. Mai 2000
I've read so much about Mr. Sturges work that my curiosity wasgrowing until I've seen "Last Days of Summer" in anoffline-store - and I decided not to buy it. This book was announcedby Mr. Sturges as the first book he was able to set up in the way he have had intended his work - to show a kind of "change in time", so I've bought it. My feelings are still mixed - all the beauties are in the best sense artistically perfect photographed, no flaws, and they're beautyful in their youth ... but (may be it's my fault) I'm unable to see behind the plain surface of the pictures. It looks for me like the old tintypes set up in a studio, everything well arranged - "don't move! " and click. Life is another thing.
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am 19. November 1998
The latest Sturges work, Radiant Identities, focuses on adolescent youth and beauty with a sensitivity few photographers have been able to achieve, or at least, publish. His work is soft and gentle, yet it does portray a feeling of the budding eroticism inherent in his youthful subjects. Their eyes mirror both their dreams and their youth, the entire work flows with this same special theme that we should all be allowed to remember from our own teen years.
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am 15. Juni 2010
Auch dieses Buch von Jock Sturges ist wieder sehr sehr gelungen. Es sind fantastische Bilder darin enthalten. Gerade die darin enthaltenen schwarz/weiß Bilder sind sehr gelungen und sehr esthetisch. Auf den Bildern sind Menschen ganz natürlich zu sehen und jedes Bild transportiert eine Stimmung der jeweiligen Situation, welche beim erstellen dieser Fotos bestand(überhaupt nicht fürs Foto verstellte Personen). Wer tolle Fotografien von Menschen mag (meistens nackt, aber wie schon beschrieben sehr esthetisch und gar nicht pornographisch) und auch etwas englisch kann (für die Bilderbegleittexte) wird dieses Buch lieben.
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am 23. Mai 1999
I read Mr. Sturges' book based on the recommendation of a friend, and I must say that I was a tad disappointed. While he is a very good photographer, Sturges' work has a journalistic or photo essay quality about it that drains much of the artistry out of it. Or if it is artistry, one must ask what Sturges is attempting to portray with these bleak photos of mostly bored or depressed looking people.
All in all, I must say that if you are looking for a lesson in photo essay techniques, this is a good book. If you are looking for more artistic and uplifting works about a similar theme, however, I would recommend the works of David Hamilton.
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am 14. Mai 1998
Many of us have now acquired visual sophistication. Given the present day bombardment (family snap shots and home candid photos; news photos; photo advertising; television and movie special effects; Internet graphics; pop art and op-art; magazine and pulp layouts, and displays) the genre's of portrait and art photography may seem slow, dull and unexciting. Sturges' work shows that, using the simple elements of photography (light, shadow, curve, angle, foreground, background, space and juxtaposition) robust and clear visually centered experiences are yet possible.
This collection of black & white photographs by Jock Sturges is quick and alive. His images step to the viewer with boldness, balance, and firmness. Both the eye and the mind are challenged to carefully examine every aspect of each view presented. There is power and there is elegance throughout the book from the very first image: We approach the photographer's outdoor studio from a great distance. There is an opening landscape showing an undefined space where heaven and earth, sky and ocean, sand and cloud are mixed, yet free-standing. Sturges later presents an incredible portrait/landscape extending the space between four nude, human figures, while maintaining their identity as a family group. Each person (two women, one man, one boy) is distinct both from the land and from the group that are the background and context providing definition; and we see five portraits within a portrait. The land and sky and sea, then, is the fifth member of the family group. A second portrait of this group shows one of the women standing against what appears to be a large disk (a photographer's sun reflector). Now, we are closer to the full nude figures of the two women and adult male. The young boy seems tucked away in a treasure nook just between and below the two females. The viewer is now drawn and brought so near, we are the fifth person of the family circle.
The achievement, here, cannot be credited to accident, chance, or luck. ! Throughout the work, artistic elements are seen that must be attributed to the knowledge, skill, maturity and tastefulness of the photographer. Many excellent group pieces show the photographer as expert in composition. For example, there is one piece displaying a group of six females standing and seated on the front porch of a house, with a boy standing in the shadows of the open door. There is a wonderful image of four women lying in the sun. Another shows mother and daughter with others arranged upon a rock.
"François et Adrian" is an unforgetable masterpiece evoking both El Greco and Michelangelo. It shows two nude boys, holding hands, alone together on the beach. Startling accents appear through the shadows that fall upon their bodies; and the shadows cast by their bodies provide strong elements of color and rhythm. A three-dimensional effect appears through the boy on the right. The line of his right leg appears as much as 75 percent of the figure's total measure. A rich detail is seen in the cupped hand of the boy on the left. Their clasped hands establish a peculiar center for the piece; the fingers alternately appear separated by light and darkness.
Bodies are a major focus of these photographs-faces may express annoyance, indifference, warning, or disinterest. There are no instances where the nudity seems forced or unnatural; yet, there are places where it is difficult to believe that clothing could diminish the impact, or detract anything from the overall statement of the piece. Several pieces directly communicate very great sexual energy and power. Some even show figures with tans so burnished and beautiful that the bodies appear to glow. Nevertheless, these are not the photos of a sunbather magazine or naturist newsletter. These are not the photos of sex sell and pornography. These are thoughtful, mature, artistic photographs. Jesus is the Lord.
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am 18. Dezember 1997
Until a Local News Station reported the protesting of the works, and photos by the Artist Jock Sturges, I had not herd of either. I ordered the book that night to see what all the hoopla was about. After reading the book, and shairing the Imiges with my Family we were pleasantly amazed. In some of the imiges, I felt a cannection, with the honesty and integrity of the Personnallity being photografed. There are no Masks here. It is Genuin. These are not just models poseing for someone with a camera. The Photografer in some way reached inside these people and capured something rearly sean even by the models themselves. Four of my favorites are on pages 42, 44, 45, and 47. The Artistry and Emotion captured in these imiges is Inspireing.
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am 23. Oktober 1997
M. Sturges captures the fleeting youth of all of us. We should not forget this "Age of Innocence," as it were. The artistic eye with coöperation of his subjects makes an excellent publication.
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