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3,6 von 5 Sternen
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am 8. Dezember 2002
This being the condensed version and so exhaustive in scope, I shudder to think what a mountain of reading the unabridged Forbidden Archaeology must entail. Part One deals with anomalous evidence in the form of bones, eoliths, paleoliths and neoliths and goes on to discuss artifacts and manufactured objects found in ancient strata, plus human skeletal remains. Part Two casts a critical eye on the accepted evidence and demonstrates convincingly how flimsy the evidence of scientific orthodoxy often is. There is also a chapter on Cryptozoology and a final look at the latest finds from Africa. The book is served well with tables summarizing anomalous evidence related to human antiquity, a good index and a massive bibliography of 27 pages. Black and white photographs and illustrations enliven the text. The authors have eloquently made their case in the most thorough and complete detail. But I must add that this doesn't always ensure "jouissance" in the reading experience, as of necessity there must be a lot of repetition. Nevertheless, a magnificent achievement and an excellent reference work.
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am 25. Juli 2000
"The Hidden History of the Human Race" is a condensed version of "Forbidden Archaeology" and contains all the same exciting conclusions as in "Forbidden Archaeology" at a fraction of the purchase price. I must admit this is a very controversial book. If one is a Creationist you will take all the information no questions asked, if one is an Evolutionist your skeptical from the beginning to the end of Cremo's and Thompson's book. The book is a very well researched and written using scientific methods that do seem to back up some of the authors claims. The book covers topics: Evolution, Eoliths, Advanced Paleoliths and Neoliths, Evidence for Advanced cultures beyond known existence, Unusual Human Skeletal remains, Java Man and other finds around the world,and Cryptozoology. To the Creationist this book shows proof of the Creation as man sees it, and to the Evolutionist it shows proof that time-travel is a future event for man.=-) I thoughly enjoyed the book and I think both Creationist and Evolutionist would likewise.
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am 31. Juli 2000
This book is an excellent resource book (along with those of William Corliss) for "forgotten evidence" about human development. The authors' greatest service is to list and document all these anomalous discoveries and reported discoveries. It does cause one to question current evolutionary ideas.
While I find it refreshing that the authors do not believe in either evolution or "creation science", this book does not convince me to discard my belief that evolution is a fact, a natural process of life on any planet with living things. I seriously suggest that scientists investigate the evidence put forth, however there may not be sufficient trained personnel or funding for that. Also, a lot of scientists appear to be getting a fundamentalist-type mindset about science; this impedes finding the truth.
The major flaw of the book is the authors' tendency to hit the reader over the head with their observations that the finds they present are not accepted by orthodox science (an "ortho doxy"?) and the suppression of evidence over the decades. Okay, fellas, make your point in the introduction, but, PLEASE, don't keep repeating it ad nauseam.
I hope Mr. Cremo and Mr. Thompson continue to research anomalous evidence in science.
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am 30. April 2000
This book blew me away with its new take on human history. It reads like a suspense thriller & keeps the reader engrossed throughout. I can see why the scientific establishment could be upset about the content of this book. An enlightening read!
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am 26. Dezember 2013
Disappointing, almost boring.
The idea is good but the way of presentation is unsatisfactory. Thy system requires 6 more words, but for such a poor book it is unnecessary
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