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4,6 von 5 Sternen
4,6 von 5 Sternen
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am 10. September 1999
Excellent summary of the strategic planning efforts of 20 Fortune 500 companies. The strategic plans of these "visionary" companies are compared to the strategic efforts of twenty successful companies, but clearly not visionary companies. Real nuts and bolts look; useful to managers at all levels in both profit and non-profit organizations. More concerned with helping the reader establish guidelines and processes for creating a visionary company. Less concerned with abstract theory and scholastic wordsmithing. This book has been extrememly helpful to me in my work as planning officer at a small Ohio college. Great introduction to the importance of developing planning processes.
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am 10. Dezember 1999
The book gives an excellent, in-depth analysis of principles and factors that drive 18 of the most successful companies in the world. The authors' continual reference to preserving the core (core values, not core technologies) and stimulating progress resonates with force. The authors cite many cogent cases that bolster their premise. Specifically, a formerly atrophying IBM recently re-established itself as one of the leading technology companies by stimulating progress.
While I am not a CEO, nor even a manager, the book's findings were as applicable to my job as they are to that of a CEO. I recommend this book to anyone who wishes to make a difference in his or her organization
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am 6. Februar 2000
This is a book which will be a guiding beacon today and even hundered years from now. The principles which the authors have enumerated are time tested ones. I wish there were more books like this.
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am 19. Oktober 1997
I didn't expect this book to be so exciting, so informative, or to pound home the conclusions it does. I find it tremendously reassuring that the key factors of enduring success have to do with human beings, relationships, and hard work. Far from the bull hype and wet paint spins, this book is about companies with an average starting date of 1890-something. Let's wait a few more CEOs to see how Microsoft measures up. I just want to add my voice to those who feel it's a valuable text to study. As someone creating a company of human beings, particulary in a high-tech industry, this is great material to learn from.
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am 27. Januar 1999
One of the most important ideas in this book is the No "Tyranny of the OR". James Collins and Jerry Porras tell us that decisions need not be mutually exclusive (costs can be reduced while increasing quality), that all audiences can benefit, and that success expands opportunities. In their words: "Embrace both extremes at the same time. That is what visionary companies are able to do." Setting priorities means focusing on areas where more can be done AND everyone is better off. Everyone should read this chapter weekly to keep their focus on the "and".
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am 14. Mai 2000
The subtitle of this book sums it up best: "successful habits of visionary companies". The authors of Built to Last researched a handful of exceptional "well-built" and performing companies and compared them to the "next-best-in-class" companies to determine what characteristics made the best companies better than all the rest. Their research led them to find many similarities among the "world class" companies which, of course, is what the main content of the book is about. This book had a large impact on me for a couple reasons. First, I've used many of the words and phrases that I learned here and transferred them to my working environment. (e.g. "mission", "vision", "core ideology", "core values", etc.) Second, I've been able to use many of the model companies in this book to teach others in my company how business should be managed. (e.g. Merck, Hewlett Packard, Motorola, Wal-Mart, Johnson & Johnson, etc.) There are so many good ideas in this book that I made a note to myself to "read it once every year just for some new ideas". I've taught business peers more from this book than any other I have read.
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am 6. November 1998
After having purchased this book last year, I had no time yet to put it on my bookshelf. It is too interesting. This book is an excellent resource for everybody who is interested in studying successful company's approaches to corporate strategy. It is one of the truly best books on this topic and based on a very precise fact collection. I only can admit them to be true, being myself an employee in the marketing department of one of the mentioned companies. Congratulations to the authors. A long time will pass before I put this research on the shelf...
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When one comes to analyse the success of a company the timeline is a must, we need companies that last long enough to generate wealth to the community it is in. This book presents the results of a magnific research on how this kind of companies are runned. The directions and hints presented should be part of the everyday life of any manager (of all levels) who intend to really make his/her business grow and last. We recommend to read the paperback edition which has a new chapter that summarizes the whole idea of the book.
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am 17. April 1997
I don't consider myself to be a "business book expert", but I do read three to four business books per year, and I found Built to Last to be the best in a long time. The authors pull together their years of research into some straightforward findings and insights. What I liked best was the abundance of specific, tangible and practical examples used to support their conculsions and suggestions. Also, many of the concepts are practical to small business managers (like myself) and department or division heads
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am 26. April 1999
A great book that provides unbelievable benefits. For instance it can be very beneficial for the great number of enterpreneurial companies in Italy who are facing the need of designing the succession plan and identify the next CEO. Moreover a great contribution to own reflection is the final aim a company, who wants to further develop and grow, should have: to preserve the core! This helps the company founder or the CEO to develop a longer and longer term view: across a number of generations!
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