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am 18. Juni 2000
This book is the best book about Gates i ever read. It is tell about Gates and it's company,Microsoft, from each early year till today, detailed but still easy to understand. I think this book is good for any Gates's fan who want to have a first book about Gates .
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am 7. März 1998
I had heard a lot about this book and I finally got around to reading it a while back and have to say that it was time well spent. Not only the book is a well versed discussion of how to succeed through hard drive, it is also a reflection and warning on how ambition, when unchecked, and an unbalanced life can turn into greed, complete paranoia and life driven by fear rather than the excitement of accomplishment. The book tries to be balanced and shows the evolution of a boy genius to a driven shrewd industry leader to a completely paranoid ego maniac. Not having any opinions of Gates when I started to read the book, besides the fact that he was a successful and driven person worthy of examination, I could not help but to admire him in his youth for his dedication and drive. By the middle of the book when Microsoft finally establishes itself in Bellevue, one sees the transformation of a workaholic and challenge driven person, to a paranoid almost parasitic individual, who surrounds himself with technologically unaccomplished little demons -- such as Steve Ballmer and Mike Maples -- who will do his dirty job for him and will fetch/steal and confiscate other people's hard earned technologies such as C-U-SeeMe, Go, Inuit, Borland technologies and even DOS etc. Paul Alan by this point is out of the picture suffering from cancer (probably from the guilt of being part of it all) and shunned by his old partner Bill. When one reads the account of Microsoft's attitude toward Lotus (putting bugs in DOS allegedly to break Lotus 123), one understands why Chairman Bill -- like Chairman Mao -- is being credited for transforming/destroying a culture, and according the the founder of Lotus creating a kingdom of the dead. By this time pity turns into complete dislike. Following Microsoft's recent attitude toward Java/Netscape/Inuit/3COM one is left but to wonder 1). where the heck has the justice department been upto now! and 2). will Xanadu be Citizen's Gates last place in history.
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am 20. Juni 1999
This book has a 1992 copyright. Near the end mention is made of Word Perfect, which the authors say is still way out in front of Word.
I'm a Word Perfect fan and am concerned about the results of the well known predatory competitive tactics of Gates, since I've seen Word Perfect beat up on to the point where it is struggling to survive. If Word Perfect leaves the scene or is much diminished, that will be real loss to the consumer, because Word Perfect is substantially easier to use than Word. Also, Word Perfect has historically been much more user friendly re: tech support (free and toll free), while Microsoft, as usual, and true to its hardnosed style, doesn't answer its phone.
Because computer industry time works on an accelerated clock, a 1992 book is SERIOUSLY out of date. The book is good (though rather flat in its journalistic presentation), as far as it goes, but the ending is a disappointment when you realize how much is left unsaid.
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am 30. Januar 2000
The authors have done a pretty good job at guessing what the future might hold, as we look back from several years after its publication. (As some gifted souls have so insightfully noted, the computer industry does actually change fairly rapidly, thus a book from the early-mid 1990s might be sort of dated in 2000.) What is impressive is how well it's held up over the years.
The analysis of Gates' psychology, the corporate culture of Microsoft and its evolution, and the various spasms of its early years are all right on the money, and particularly interesting in light of the current DOJ proceedings. The material about Ballmer will be of interest to anyone keeping current with his rise in management at the company. It also paints an irresistable picture of the IBM that once was certain it could tell us all how we would use computers.
Strongly recommended.
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am 27. Februar 1999
This book portrays an intensely driven person. He was born with talent and wealth, yet he did not rely on either of these to just get by. He pushed his talents to their limits. While still in gradeschool, he would pull all nighters programming. The picture of him sleeping on a table in the schools computer lab reminds me of Edison sleeping on the bench top in his lab. We have all benifitted from the increase in productivity that computers have brought to many types of work, and credit is due to Bill Gates and others like him that worked very hard to improve the quality of computing. This book reveals the intensity with which he works, and made me feel happy about his success.
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am 5. Oktober 1999
I have read this book two years ago. This is the first book which gave me good picture of evolution of personal computing industry. Though it is Microsoft side of story most of the time but the side by side comparisions with other products of the time provide a broader view. One of the interesting thing about the book is that I can now visiaulize the development of computing industry for a year or two in advance. This book also clears many misconceptions regarding the initial microsoft, development of windows and personality of Bill Gates.
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am 30. September 1998
This book was read while a team of software marketing executives were driving to Comdex. It was so good we traded off until it was done--and then we worried about our recent contract with Microsoft! Hard Drive is a history of how the PC software industry grew up. It uses a dynamic no-holds bar style. If there is a lesson about alliances to be learned, it's in here. It rates #3 on the "Chanimal" top ten list.
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am 6. Februar 1997
Microsoft Empire, What an Empire -
How did he do it. -
We all want to know -

Genius Man, What a Genius -
Where did he learn it. -
Thats where I want to go -

Before I knew nothing -
Nothing at all -
Now I'm informed -
The Book told all -

If your inquistive -
As to what makes him tick -
Buy the book -
Get an insight -
as the pages you flick.

Anthony Kirran
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am 1. Juli 1998
This book gives you the inside story of Microsoft. If you have always wondered why Microsoft always takes out the competition, or how Bill Gates ticks, this book describes it all. Truly an excellent book. I recommend it to any aspiring business person who wants his company to suceed. If the world had more Bill Gates, well it would be a great world.
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Great on-going story about the beginning of the software industry and how it became king over hardware. Have a completely different viewpoint of Gates and his team. Even though he is considered ruthless at the negotiating table his overall intellect and focused drive has to be admirable. Thoroughly enjoyed the book.
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