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am 8. November 1999
This book I believe is a part of the message that God is conveying to his Children in these last days. The book entails this lady called Anna who is caught up to heaven,[The New Jerusalem] , where she meets with God The Son, Jesus Christ , the other host of heaven. The book is absolutely wonderful as it portrays her experiences, conversations and times with the redeemed saints, angels . But the most enlightening part is that She meets with God The father in His Ultimate Glory and is priviledged to be commissioned by Him . The 24 elders in the book of revelation also grant her their words of support, to carry the Heart of the father to the earth. I finished this book in a matter of 6 hrs, one of the records I HAVE almost never beaten except when I read the ," Final Quest ", by Rick Joyner .
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am 31. Oktober 1999
Each time I read this book, it encouraged and convicted me in meaningful ways. Each time something new struck me as if I had not read it before. The pictures of life within are unforgetable and piercing. It is a MUST for both those who love God and for those who do not believe God exists. The reading of this book will change your life. I will never be the same and neither will anyone who reads it. It is very deep and yet so simple. IT IS A "MUST READ" FOR EVERYONE.
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am 27. Februar 1999
Everyone needs to read this book, Christian or not, because this book will answer as many questions as it brings up in the mind of the reader. This book reads like two seperate books. I recommend that you read the book itself and then read the notes in the back, like book number two. I spent two afternoons virtually glued to this book, I did not want to put it down for any reason. I cried, laughed, prayed,was in total wonderment, enthralled.....need I go on? Wow, there are not words adaquate enough to express how I feel about this exquisite journey Anna was privelidged enough to take, through grace from God alone. I know that, I know that, I know....For those who believe no explaination is necessary, for those who do not believe no explaination is possible. This book takes you on a journey from first word to last into,simply put, heaven and all of the facets there in. You will meet "characters" whos names you will not forget, you will be going through your everyday things and these names and circumstances will just pop into your head for more thought and contemplation. I think this is a gift from God. I know this book is a gracious gift from the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, as are its authors Anna and Albert. Read, learn, and inwardly digest this wonderful book, then do like I did, read it again and again because God reveals more of himself each time you do. God Bless Everyone who even thinks about reading this, those who do will be BLESSED IMMEASURABLY.
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am 5. Mai 1999
May 5, 1999 The book is an easy to read account of the author's encounter with heaven. Mysteries are unveiled. The reader's eyes begin to see with a deep understanding what is not visible in the natural. And the love of GOD becomes a livng truth. The value of man to GOD is exposed through pictures and events in the unseen world of heaven. It is a must read for anyone who wants to known GOD. About half way through the first half I burst into tears when the author cried, "Daddy." The foundation of Love produces a rock of comfort in a world of tribulation. Roundtree helps to settle the rock in her encounter with heaven and GOD.
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am 8. Dezember 2014
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