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4,9 von 5 Sternen
4,9 von 5 Sternen
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am 12. Dezember 1999
This is an excellent book. Pfitzinger not only tells you how to train, but explains why in clear, understandable language. His schedules are perfect for runners who need flexibility since he sets out what needs to be done each week & prioritizes them so you can fit them into YOUR work schedule, not the other way around.
After using 2 cycles of the training program, I can attest that they bring results.
The best training resource I've read in 25 years of running! Bravo!
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am 8. März 1999
This book is a fantastic resource. It has taught me the underlying purposes behind different training runs, as well as providing training schedules. I am now training less intensively, with better results. The book is perfectly titled: if you are serious about road racing, you should read it.
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am 27. September 2010
Das in Englisch vorliegende Trainingsbuch ist schnell gelesen. Die humorvolle und leicht verständliche Sprache führte dazu, dass ich in wenigen Stunden durch war. Damit ist es aber nicht getan. Wenn ich das Gelesene umsetzen möchte, werde ich Jahre brauchen. Es wird mich aber sicher schneller machen.

Das Buch ist geschrieben für all jene Läufer, die vorhaben, sich eine Startnummer an die Brust zu heften um ihre persönliche Bestzeit zu verbessern. Die behandelten Distanzen gehen von 5K bis Marathon sowie Crosslauf. Es ist ein Trainingsplan für die Grundlagenausdauer, für 5K, für 8-10K, für 15K-HM, für Marathon und einer für Crossläufe enthalten. Jeder Einzeltrainingsplan liegt in drei Untervarianten vor, die sich nach der wöchentlichen Meilen-Trainingsleistung orientieren. Das ist die einzige Schwäche des Buches, man muss immer mit 1,6 in km umrechnen. Der Vorteil liegt darin, dass man die Trainingspläne leicht an die individuellen Bedürfnisse anpassen kann. Man sollte aber schon einige Erfahrung in Wettkämpfen mitbringen, das Buch ist nicht für Laufanfänger gedacht. Für Jogger wäre es definitv ein Fehlkauf, es sei denn, sie hätten langfristige Wettkampfambitionen.

Neben den Trainingsplänen gibt es eigene Kapitel über optimales Training, optimale Wettkämpfe, Training zur Verbesserung der Sauerstoffaufnahmekapazität und Training zur Erhöhung der Laktatschwelle. Das bei Hobbyläufern weit verbreitete Problem des Übertrainings wird ausführlich behandelt

Nicht behandelt wird die Ausrüstung, gestreift wird Ernährung und Ausgleichssport.
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am 31. März 2000
There are several good books available now that explain "state of the art" training for distance runners. Most of those books deal with concepts like VO2 max and lactate threshold and show the reader how to make use of those concepts in his or her training. This is the best book I've seen of that type. The concepts are explained clearly, and the author shows how to train effectively and efficiently using these and other key concepts. I felt like I understood a lot more about training when I finished the book, and rereading some sections has deepened my understanding. I especially like the fact that training schedules are easy to understand, reasonably flexible, and that schedules are provided for runners at different levels and for different distances, e.g. runners who do around 20 miles a week and want to train for a 5K. I remember watching the author win the 1984 Olympic marathon trials against many runners who arguably had more talent, and that credibility should give the reader confidence that good results will come if the schedules and principless are applied.
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It is well-named, addressing the needs of the runner desiring to racing faster--the runner who will commit to the proper training and preparation. It gives training plans and points for all distance levels, including cross-country, which is not seen in most other books.
I did not feel, however, that I learned much new information. Glover's book handle similar material, and I gave it five stars. To the credit of "Road Racing" is that you do not need to hunt for what you want to know, and you know you can count on these authors' authority. Not only have they excelled as athletes, but they are respected by their peers and the various running periodicals.
This book is well written and well organized, succinctly getting its points across. Its strongest aspect is that it explains in readable language what needs to be done in a limited number of pages (189 pp).
Now go run.
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am 17. Februar 2000
This book is an excellent training manual. It focuses on specific training for specific events (from 5 Km to the marathon) and gives you remarkably predicatable results regardless of your level. I tried a couple of the programs because I was skeptical. The results that they promised were too good to be true given the little amount of training needed. I succeeded every time. I am amazed at how little is required to achieve a goal if you focus on the correct principles at the correct times. The book also gives a detailed background on the training methods and scientific principles involved so you are not just following a training 'recipe' without understanding it. I have been running for many years and didn't think I could run faster. This book has shown me how to do it and also, how to do it with far less effort! This is by far the best running/training manual that I have read.
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am 9. Juni 1999
First it is a very easy book to sit down with a finish in a few hours. but you will have to go back and review the material over. Second as compared to Noakes Lore of Running, Pfitzinger uses term easy to understand and retain. Pfitzinger gives detailed yet easy to understand reasons behind the different types of training runs and how they can safely be intergrated into a successful training program. If you are a runners and either want to lose weight or get faster this book will help.
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am 29. Januar 1999
Most books about running, racing, and training try to cater to a broad spectrum of runners. From the person who runs two times a week at a 10 min. per mile pace, to the person who runs twice a day at a sub six minute pace. These books provide some good general information, but nothing specific to one group or another . As the title suggests, this book is specific to the serious runner. If you are serious about improving your running and racing times, this book can help.
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