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4,2 von 5 Sternen
4,2 von 5 Sternen
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am 17. Juli 2000
I love this book and read it again and again. Should you buy this book though? Well the entire text is available online all over the place. If you use a decent search engine like you will have no trouble finding it. So the reason for buying this book is if you wanted a nice bound copy of the text (In which case you have probably already read it a few times and know that's what you want and do not even need to bother reading this review).
If you aren't familiar with this book and you are curious I recommend first taking a look at it online and then purchasing "The Law Is for All : The Authorized Popular Commentary of Liber Al Vel Legis, the Book of the Law". The book of the law was kind of hard for me to read the first few times. "The Law is for All" is the Book of the Law with a Commentary by Aleister Crowleys. Parts of the commentary can really help out in studying the book of the law. Also I recommend visiting some of the thelemic websites out there (search "thelema"). Terms like Thelema, Nuit, Hadit, Khabs, Khu, Ankh-af-na-Khonsu, and Hoor Paar Kraat don't make much sense and are a little intimidating without a little outside commentary. There is also a very short paper called "Duty" by Aleister Crowley available on the internet which I think explains the major concepts of Thelema quite well. Highly recommended.
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am 11. Dezember 1999
Although I love Crowley's writing and enjoyed this book very much, I am hardly going to claim I understood The Book of the Law. Many curious phrases that were scryed by Crowley, or, dictated, in Cairo in 1904 stating that the author is Aiwass (which is why there is no author of this book) which took three nights to write. Whatever the other reviews below may say might be right, for I believe it is vague enough for anyone to gain something from it. If you like style in writing, then this book is a good reccomendation if you disregard the content as being literal. If you are curious what all the hoopla surrounding this book is, dont be shy, its not a long book (50pgs), so it wont take you out of your way in the course of your reading. Not a neccessity in everyones library, but certainly for the occultist. My favorite line: "He shall fall down into a pit called Because, and there he shall perish with the dogs of Reason." (p32)
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am 22. Februar 2000
... Well not really :) Liber Al vel Legis can be viewed as an essay on the relationship of Man and "god". This book, "received" by Aleister Crowley on his honeymoon in 1904 is a powerfull work that can break through people's preconceptions (misconceptions?) of reality, religion and Man's place in the cosmos.
I have read this book more times than I can count, and always come away with new insights... not so much insights into the text, but insights into my own self. Reading this book is an agent of change, one cannot help being changed by reading it for the better or the worse.
(Such is the reason for Crowley's famous Comment appended to the end of the text, and the joke in the title of this review.)
A previous reviewer blasts this book and paradigm for "borrowing" from other religions and beliefs, but to me this is the sublime beauty of it. Crowley or Aiwass (whomever you choose to think the author is), did steal and borrow from all religions, finding the common threads, and weaving a wonderfull web out of the best, and disposing of the rest.
Overall, even if one is not interested in Thelema, magick, or anything out of the "ordinary", I would recommend this short book just to challenge what you believe and what you hold to be true
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am 16. August 2013
Für einen jeden fortgeschrittenen Studenten der okkulten Künste eine wahre Bereicherung an Weisheit...
Für mich persönlich ist dieses Buch sympathiemagisch sehr wertvoll, da es die Kopien der Manuskripte enthält auf deren feinstoffliche Ausstrahlung es mir beim Kauf ankam. Diese Anforderung kann das Buch sehr gut erfüllen. Eine edle und ansprechende Aufmachung tritt hinzu, die dem NebelALLraunen nahe kommt...
Möget Ihr das Zeitalter des Set in der 66 erkennen!
Ra anach.
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am 10. Dezember 1999
Ich habe das Liber Al gelesen, und es hat, muss ich sagen, den Ausschlag für meine Veränderung zum Thelemiten gegeben. Ich finde, das Liber Al vel Legis ist eines der komprimiertesten okkulten Werke [genau das haben auch schon andere gesagt], und es ist, unabhängig davon, wie man es selbst halt so findet, zweifellos ein wertvolles Werk, in dem alles genau aufeinander abgestimmt ist. Das heisst also, ich finde es nicht unbedingt "grossartig", aber es ist - beachtenswert, wie auch Aleister Crowley selbst. [Mal davon unabhängig, dass er behauptet, der Schutzgeist Aiwass hätte ihm das Werk diktiert.] Ich bleibe skeptisch, liess mich von dem Buch des Gesetzes aber faszinieren. (Dies ist eine an der Uni-Studentenrezension.)
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am 27. November 1999
In Crowley's AHA he states that it was essential for him to surrender to god at one point in his initiatory progress. It is sad to see that some who follow Crowley today (one reviewer below, for example) think he is a devil worshipper and only idolizes himself! He is nothing of the kind! He is no more of a devil worshipper than those who worship Lord Shiva! Unfortunately, too many of us in the West condemn that which varies from safe and sane fundamentalist dogma. Admittedly Crowley seemed to have an axe to grind with hypocritical Christians, and probably didn't like the tyranny of "one God" either, but to see a reviewer applaud Liber Al vel Legis "if you hate God" appalls me.
That having been said, when one reads this revalatory, short, poetic text, one realizes he or she is not in Kansas anymore. Three gods are presented in Liber Al: Nuit, a sky (as opposed to earth!) mother, Had or Hadit, the stern male, and Ra-Hoor-Khuit, an exceedingly wrathful male. The text of Ra-Hoor-Khuit is particulary disturbing, so much so that Crowley tried to forget and lose the book for years, before coming to accept it. The story of Crowley's initial rejection and ultimate acceptance is fascinating. This story can be found in Book Four (ed. Hymanaeus Beta)together with a reproduction of the original soiled manuscript of the text.
This book is a koan wrapped inside a riddle wrapped in side a puzzle. Have fun with it!
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am 11. Oktober 1999
Crowley's work has little to do with "hating God" or "being your own god" or "the whirling of the electric void," etc., etc. This is a book of mystic poetry, allegedly dictated to Crowley by a supernatural being of some sort. Like much of Crowley's work, there is sublime beauty here, interspersed with sheer nonsense and the man's obnoxious egotism. However, it is the basis for a great deal of magickal thought and theory. Crowley was obviously a man of insight, and, it must be said, a great magickian, but he was hampered by his need for attention and his addictive nature. All those qualities are here displayed in this book, which is why it draws its share of demented worshippers as well as wise people who can objectively study it to discern his insights. And make no mistake; the book does take study, and thought. It is worth reading, especially for the student of occult thought, but remember to take your extra-large grain of salt with you at all times when venturing into Crowleyland. That being said, the Invocation of Nuit is purely beautiful. Aggravating but profoundly enlightening.
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am 22. April 1999
Love divine and unbridled seeps through these lines of velvet glory. The law is for all, to be interpreted by each individual according to their capacity to understand. I believe the Book of The Law was delivered through Sir Aleister Crowley, "the wickedest man alive," to liberate man and womankind, equally, from the fetters of superstition, dogma, tradition, and convention. It is a declaration of war upon any who would seek to enslave the creative spirit of humankind. 'There is no god but man'- is a sophisticated yet simple philosophy which few are selfpossesed enough to accept! I cannot wait for it to be translated into Arabic! The Book of the Law is Freedom caged in verse, guaranteed to confound those who would seek to control us, and liberate those who are ready to think for themselves. Love is the law, love under will.
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am 4. April 1999
The book of the law is a book that will have littel meaning to most people. Ocullt people will try to understand that which is written but no one will really understand what is said, the main problem is that the study of the book is forbiden. the book states that you such distory the book. the book is in the form of a pome with numbered lines, also typeing or speaking about the book of the law is forbiden so typeing this review can be bad for your well being, or so they say. This book was dictatied to crowley by the god aiwass and if your in to that kind of thing then this book is for you, but remember not to take crowley or yourself to serious. Do what thow will this is the hole of the law. Email to spack to me about Crowley. Okay amado.
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am 31. August 1999
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
These are hard words to live by. What is my true will? How do I go about doing it? The Book of The Law tells how. No, not is straight forward, simplistic language, nor in rules or dogma to be followed without question, like sheep to the slaughter. But it does answer them for those who will listen.
Read The Book of the Law. Put it down. Cogitate on it. Read it again. Then again. Then read the extended commentary "The Law is For All". You may not come away from the experience as a Thelemite, but you will come away changed for the better. I did, after a thirty year spiritual search to litteraly the four corners of the World.
Love is the Law, Love under Will.
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