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am 10. März 1999
I have read all of Donald Goines' books, this one is by far my FAVORITE. The first time I read this book I was very young, at that time it was exciting because I knew that I shouldn't have been reading the book in the first place. (Kinda like sneaking and listening to Richard Pryor records when no one was around) I was amazed with the fast pace of the book and all of the underhandedness of the main character.
Once I got older I was able to appreciate the author's writing style. In all my years of reading I have never read anything that was as clear and concise as Mr. Goines' novels. His writing is so clear, its like you are apart of the story. Almost like the story is unfolding right before your very eyes. Not only do you feel as though you know each of the characters, you get a sense of familiarity of the surroundings. I have never been to Detroit MI, a day in my life. But I can envision each scene, each street corner, each alley and every building that was mentioned in this book.
I must say that not all writers have the capability of great story telling, nor do all writers have the capability of good writing style, well Mr. Goines had both.
This generations of writers seem to be patterning after the same style of writing and the same story line. Every once in a while we should step back in time and take a look at something original. Read something from someone with ingenuity and originality, someone who definitely had a flare for writing. And from a writer who wasn't afraid of telling his story the way he wanted it told. Maybe I am a little prejuiced, but damn that man could write !!!!!
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am 24. Mai 2000
Whoreson is a great book, it is however explicit and harsh. But that keeps the book real. I would say this is my favorite Donald Goines book but I'd be lying because I liked "Black Girl Lost" and "Dopefiend" as much as I liked Whoreson. Whoreson was better though because it was a longer book. In the book Whoreson we get to see Whoreson grow up from a small boy into a "Man", why he was named Whoreson and why he was born a Pimp/street hustler. And that he really had no other choice in life. Thats all he knew. Something about Whoreson's character makes you like him even though he is ignorant as hell. There are lots of twists and turns, excitement as well as let downs that makes you just want to keep reading. As I said before it is a book for a mature reader as the sex and violence is harsh. I really enjoyed reading Donald Goines books and am reading "Black Gangster" and "Cry Revenge" right now so far they are worth the money I spent and exciting reads as well.
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am 24. September 1999
This book was so mind blowing from beginning to end. I was hooked from the first page to the last. The characters were very real, and hardcore. But at the same time extremly sad and vulnerable. "Whoreson" depicted an aspect of "ghetto life" that manstream society still fail to admit that exist. At the end, Whoreson, may in one aspect lost as far as being sent to prison. But actually, he really won, because he finally came to grips with what he had become, how he had gotten to that point. As well as what he hoped for the future. I was also glad that he had gotten the right woman in the end. Lastly, I also liked how Goines showed the love that Jesse and Whoreson shared for each other. This displayed the bond between mother/child which weighs heavily in the black community. As well as the strong love between a black woman and a black man(Whoreson and Janet). Superb ending!!
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am 21. Juli 1999
Der Titel und die Kritiken haben mehr versprochen. Erwartungen in Bezug auf Bad Language und Slang werden nicht erfüllt. Dennoch liest sich das Buch flüssig und kann somit als Unterhaltungsliteratur empfohlen werden. Man kann es mit einer unterhaltsamen Fernsehproduktion vergleichen, der aber letztendlich die Klasse eines packenden Kinofilms fehlt. Aufgrund des Inhalts und des limitierten Wortschatzes ist das Buch eher in den Bereich der Jugendliteratur einzuordnen. Es geht um einen Jungen, der sich schon sehr früh auf seinen Berufswunsch festlegt und andere Alternativen erst gar nicht in Betracht zieht. Die Art und Weise wie der Hauptcharakter seine Probleme löst ist derart überzeichnet, daß es schon wieder lustig ist. Durch ein erzwungenes Happy-End hinterläßt das Buch einen schalen Nachgeschmack.
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am 1. August 1999
This is the first and only book I've ever read by Goines. I had never even heard of him before. I just love to read books based on real life and how hard it can be. When I read "Whoreson" I literally did not put it down 'til I was finished (I was even caught a few times reading it at work). I was so impressed with Goines' work that I vowed I would someday have his entire collection of novels. I must say that I have read numerous books by various authors but Donald Goines is one author I will remember and speak about for yoears to come. His writing is absolutely excellent!
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am 16. September 1999
Whoreson is a book that really allows us to look at pimp life in the real prospective. I mean you would never image living like this unless this was the environment in which you have grown up in. This book, however, touches all african americans if you take the time to read it you will be amazed of the trial nd tribulations he dealt with and then the survival tactics that were displayed. This let's you know we can do anything. Some of us have came from the slums and we are running businesses, becoming successful authors,and so forth. So even if you are a whores son, KEEP YO HEAD UP!
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am 21. April 1999
Goines has done it again. This book has to be the best of the his books. It really tells the truth ut pimp life. He does not cut any corners to describe the brutality of that life stlye. In anyone of goines books there in not a time where the end was good but at least in this noval I was able to think that after he was releaced from prison he would hook up with Janit. This should really be made a major-motion picture.
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am 20. April 1999
I finished this book in less than a day. It sure does not leave anything at ALL to the imagination and lays the story out for all those who would care to read it! I also recommend PSEUDO COOL for another powerful and mostly different read about the lives of African Americans! Goines' novels are about the toughness of life--and this one presents it in no uncertain terms!
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am 13. April 2000
This book was the bomb! I consider myself a non-book reader. But, once I pick up this book. I could not put it down. In fact, I'm odering several copies to pass out to my friends and family members.
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am 15. Juni 2000
I don't like to read but my frat brother gave me this book and i read it in less than 3 days. Easy to read, very enjoyable and the best book I've ever read. Pick it up you will not be disappointed.
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