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4,1 von 5 Sternen
4,1 von 5 Sternen
The Wealth of Nations (Glasgow Edition of the Works and Correspondence of Adam Smit)
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am 5. März 2017
All my life I’ve been bombarded with one economist versus another. Each time Adam Smith always showed up. So after hearing snippets of his book and his ideas over and over and over again I thought “Ah, I know Adam Smith.”

Well I might’ve been a tad premature in thinking that I knew Adam Smith. As you will to when you read this book, “An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations.”

I figured that it was finally time to read Adam Smith for myself instead of taking snippets out of context.

At first I began to think that I had made a big mistake. If you read the Constitution of the United States that you would notice that you are always told the impressive parts as separate statements and they leave out all the boring details and sometimes important minutia. Well it looks like they did the same thing the poor Adam.

On the surface as you start reading this book you start to wonder what makes Adam Smith so important, as it seems so primitive. Reading on you realize that he came from an era that was way before the information age. His samples seem primitive and simple. He repeats and repeats and repeats himself. You start to wonder if this is the same Adam Smith that you studied in school.

You will want to hang in there though as soon you will realize that Adam Smith had to start with the fundamentals of history and primitive economics. After pages of history he will finally get to his time.

Yes this is a book is ancient and the examples are not usually relevant to today. However just as you decide that you made a horrible mistake in reading “An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations,” small jewels of insight into not only economics, and history but life itself reveals itself in his everyday descriptions and observations.

I had to buy a book on the English poor laws as the aforementioned like everybody knew about them. Many other subjects and reference books all of a sudden appeared on my desk as I realized that with all the depth of Adam Smith this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Yes sometimes Smith can get boring and very redundant. However whatever you do do not skip any pages is just as soon as you know what is going to say he comes up with another interesting angle.

He not only covers economics from his version of a practical view, soon he covers the history of education, and many other subjects besides commerce. I found that he covers the effect of religions on people and people on religions. He covers schools and how they got started and their potentials for modifying society. He covers economics of war and other major world changing phenomena.

Just as you think he is talking about his world and his time. You pick up a newspaper and see the very same type of the events and economic arguments.

For me of all things I was able to get a new view of national debt and it changed my view from a necessary evil to an excellent opportunity.

You to will find new insights or views on the economics that you were already sure you had under your belt.

So enjoy reading Adam Smith not as a necessity but for the fun of getting new views directly from the author.
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am 24. September 2017
I t was arrived so fast and its a real wealth I still didn't finish from reading the book but the book it's self look exactly like in the photos good quality and fast shipment.
I recommend it .

Thank you
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am 26. September 1999
I was origionally reading the text version of this book on the internet until the printed version came. I was downtroden, sickened, and even frightened to find that the Great Minds Series version of The Wealth of Nations is incomplete, yet gives no indication whatsoever of being so.
The introduction and chapters 2, 3, and 4 of book 3 are simply not there. They are not even listed in the table of contents. There is no discrepency in the page numbers, or any other teletale indication that it is incomplete. It is not written anywhere that it is an abrigement.
I want to point out how careless it is and how misleading to the reader in comprehending the philosophy of Adam Smith to print an incomplete book without any warning.
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am 6. Dezember 1998
Based on his previous writings on human behaviour, Adam Smith shows, systematically and consistently, how a market-based economic system promotes general welfare through the sole maximisation of individual outcomes. This book is a true masterpiece and laid the foundations for modern economic analysis. Though later criticised by many, Smith remains one of the most lucid thinkers on capitalism, despite the fact that he is permanently underestimated in the face of people like Marx. 222 years after its original publication, it maintains its powerful insights. A must read for anyone who refuses to be misled anti-market propaganda, whose results we so dreadfully witnessed throughout the 20th century.
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am 29. Januar 1999
It has all the original writings of Adam Smith but Book 5. I was looking for a good book to replace my falling apart paperback but was disappointed to find out it was missing Book 5, the one that gives Smith's conclusions. If you are an economic student, I would search for the unabrigded copy.
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am 22. Juni 2017
Das Produkt wurde schnell von Amazon Prime geliefert.

Wider Erwartens, ist das Buch sehr sehr dick ( mehr als 900 Seiten). Es ist unglaublich, welches Wissen Adam Smith schon zu seiner Zeit hatte. 90% des Inhaltes lernt man in einem VWL Bachelor Studiengang, allerdings erfährt man auch Informationen, die man so in dem Studium nicht hört.

Dieses Buch ist genau richtig für Alle, die die volkwirtschaftliche Denkweise kennenlernen und dessen Modelle verstehen wollen.
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am 27. Mai 2016
Wer diese Rezension ließt, dem muss nicht mehr erklärt werden, welche Relevanz die Schriften von Adam Smith haben. Es geht also lediglich um die Qualität des hier angebotenen Buches.

Vor muss deutlich gemacht werden, dass es sich hierbei nicht um eine vollständige Fassung handelt. Es beinhaltet nicht das fünfte Buch Smiths, indem er seine Schlüsse zieht. Das heitß nicht ,dass wichtige Ansichten zu den im restlichen Buch dargestellten Themen fehlen. Diese sind in die einzelnen Kapitel eingeflochten.

Für Ökonomen ist das hier fehlende Kapitel weniger relevant, da Smith's Schlüsse doch stark vom zeitlichen Kontext beeinflusst sind. Die Wirtschaftslehre hat sich in vielen Bereichen weiterentwickelt. Außerdem scheinen Leser eines solchen Buches durchaus in der Lage, eigene Schlüsse zu ziehen.

Geschichtlich Interessierte möchten sich das fehlende Material vielleicht noch einmal gesondert ansehen. Diese Version ist auch für sie ausreichend.
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am 3. Juni 2014
The mainstream refers to Adam Smith as the pioneer of the free market ideology. This is due to the very superficial reading, if any, ot the works of Adam Smith. Neoliberals praise him, neo-keynesians codemn him, both for wrong reasons. Already the reading of WN proves this mainstream opinion wrong. Most refer to the famous notion of "the invisible hand", which in fact just apperars twice in a book of more than 1'000 pages (see also: Emma Rothschild's "Adam Smith and the 'invisible hand'", American Economic Review, No.2, pp. 319 - 322, 2004). Further reading of his work, for instance the "Theory of Moral Sentiments" or the lectures notes on his "Lectures on Jurisprudence" makes it even more clear wrong the mainstream is in its opinion. This is why we should read texts in the original version and put it into the historical context.
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am 27. April 2007
Die Ausgabe ist schlicht unbrauchbar - Bindung und Papier sind von billiger Qualität. Um die Zeilen jeweils bis zur Buchmitte lesen zu können, muss der Seitenumschlag mit Gewalt getätigt werden. Das Papier ist bereits im neuen Zustand leicht gewellt. Das Druckbild erscheint mir auch sehr grob und schwer lesbar.

So schafft es die Ausgabe, trotz des niedrigen Preises ein schlechtes Preis/Leistungsverhältnis zu erzielen. Hier kann ich nur raten, lieber ein paar Euro mehr in eine Ausgabe zu investieren, die man auch tatsächlich lesen kann.
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am 30. Mai 2012
Wer Adam Smith liest, dem erschliesst sich die Welt der Ökonomie in besonderer Weise, da er als der Vater der Ökonomie gilt. Alle unsere heutigen Erkenntnisse der Wirtschaft sind, obwohl zeitbezogen damals, basieren auf seinen Erkenntnissen. Also, wer in das Gebiet der Ökonomie einsteigen will, für den ist die Lektüre der "Inquiry" ein "Muss", besonders für den Studenten, der zwar häufig glaubt, wie ich, auf diesen alten Plunder verzichten zu können. Was sich nach eingehender Betrachtung als Fehler entpuppt.
Zumal kann der Plagiatforscher fündig werden, da Karl Marx weitgehende Passagen von Adam Smith abgekupfert hat und in seinem "Kapital" zu Kapital hat werden lassen.
Eine besondere Spezialität ist es noch, wenn man beide Werke auf Englisch parallel liest; ist mit dem Kindle wunderbar möglich.
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