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am 25. März 1999
I believe there is no coincidences with God. The timeing and contents of this book was amazing. My life paralleled this book so closely that it was eerie. I have been struggling with similar life changes initiated by my husband and seeing it as a inconvience. Never did I look at it as God's master plan because then I would have to yield my own way. The comments that each character made within the book and my life were very similar. Even after reading about her being pulled over for a speeding ticket, my son came home from High School with his first spending ticket. But God even allowed that to happen to drive home the point that he was trying to tell me something thru this book. Let me tell you at a cost of $100.00 I got the point. I learned and am trying to change my life to reflect that my will is not the most important thing in Gods master plan. But when I submit to the changes around me and let God lead and direct our family, oh how much better life can be. THANK YOU FRANCINE for being an instrument of Gods' in changing my life. It is greatly appreciated.
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am 8. August 1999
I read this book for the first time a few years ago, and need to come back to it every now and them to reread it. I have to say that in all the years since I read it, I've never quite managed to forgive Alex for making their family move. However, after that first decision was made, all of the characters had bad decisions that they made that they could have reconsidered. I think I liked it because it had real problems, and was realistic; no villains, no perfect saints, just ordinary human beings trying (and sometimes failing miserably) to get along and care about each other. It was also moving to see how truly aiming to live a better life (as Sierra did) could truly change circumstances even when they had gone so far awry. I also realized again that although others may make bad decisions, we are only responsible for our own, but we are thoroughly responsible for those. Someone we love may hurt us greatly, but we can still choose our reaction to them. I would definitely recommend this book.
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am 15. Mai 1998
The person under me who put down a 6 doesn't know what he's talking about! I'm not usually this foward...okay, I'm NEVER this foward, but I have to say my part. It is very true, this book isn't like her other works; she is dealing with the here and now, not ancient times. This book is so very true, and it's one of my favorites by her. I am not one for sappy love stories; they make me sick, especially when the woman does whatever the man says. In this book you see not a sappy woman but a woman torn; she loves the man she married, but is embittered by his decisions without her. And when he betrays her, I personally felt ready to kill him. I URGE you to read this book! This book is one in a million for all ages! I believe that this book ranks up there with her Mark of the Lion series. It's truly a masterpiece.
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am 27. September 1999
This book was the first Christian fiction I have read. It was truly delightful. The characters were warm and real and the story was very inspiring. I would recommend it highly to everyone, including those who are new to Christian fiction.
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am 6. April 1997
Their journeys intertwine. Sierra travels a freeway to LA, Mary Kathryn a trail to Oregon. The trunk belonged to Mary Kathryn McMurray. Inside lay a journal and a wedding quilt. Sierra's mother said, "One day it will come to you like a star bursting in the heavens. And what a day that will be!" She studied the quilt, her fingers tracing the scarlet thread that held all the pieces together--and understood. Both women discover that God loves them very much and he is watching over them. On both their journeys they face hardships and losses. They discover that God will never leave them nor forsake them. God allowed her to go through all those things so that she would come to him. Once she did, she saw the wonder of all of it
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am 1. Oktober 1997
The romance of pioneer spirits that many of us enjoy reading about make this book, not only very relevant and current but a wonderful positive message also.
We see the bridge of generations connected, through the quilt, of those that have left far greater legacies than money ever will. A sense of strength in difficulty, values that never change.

This is the first work I read of Francine Rivers and have since read her new book, Atonement Child and provided copies for my two daughters, 17 and 20. This is the type of book that we can each read and find something relevant to our world of 1997, revisit the romance of the early 1900's and bridge culture, social, economic and spiritual diversity for all.
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am 5. Mai 1997
Fans of Francine Rivers will be delighted to find the
theme of God's love in a new setting. I found the scene shifts to be
distracting, but in every other way the characters and story were as riveting as Rivers' other books.
To read a love story that causes you to come away with new determination to love God and your fellow man with greater intensity is a lofty, yet well-acheived goal for this novel. One wonders if there are real people who lived these events. As the story unfolds, the characters prayers and scripture quotation answers readily demonstrate how one can "pray without ceasing." I will never again resist the effort needed to memorize verses.
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am 7. Juni 1999
Francine Rivers is nothing less than a master of her craft. I read 'The Scarlett Thread' in one day and loved every minute of it. Sierra and Alejandro are both very real, very loveable (or hateable as the case may be!) characters. After reading it for the first time, I bought it and have read it at least 5 times since. I strongly recomend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about real-life love, heartache, and day-to-day living in the midst of everything. Sierra, especially, captured my heart. The courage displayed through her character and the realness of emotion is absolutely incredible! I almost feel as though she is real. A must read!!!
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am 6. März 1997
"The Scarlet Thread" is a must read for anyone feeling isolated or alone in their struggles. The real life issues that the characters experience shed light on how we all are in this journey together.

From traveling across country not knowing if you'll live or die to the pain of abandonment or divorce, this book offers the reader hope and assurance that there is someone who understands your fears and is always with you -- whether to guide, to listen or to carry you through.

Francine Rivers offers two stories in one and touches on everyone's desire to find purpose and meaning in life. Read this book, you'll be glad you did.
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am 1. Februar 1999
Okay, I'd like to begin by saying that I thought the story of how Sierra found her faith in God again was very touching. But, the story of she and her husband was very disappointing. I mean, sure, I believe in forgiveness, yet I also believe that repentance is equally important. Alex cheated on his wife and never really apologized or showed her that he was truly repentant for what he had done. As a matter of fact, he only went back to Sierra when he realized that Elizabeth didn't care at all about him. It didn't have to do a thing with realizing that he was really in love with his wife.
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