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Witch's Runes
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 6. September 1999
for one thing, this book calls itself "a witch's runes" but is not in actuality about classical runes. instead, it's a completely author-invented system of divination with archetypical symbols. this is quite misleading to those who think this is a book about divination using the classical runes for Wiccans. The author also claims that "witches are witches by birth, whether they practice the religion Wicca or not" and that witches "are reincarnations of Scottish faeries". OBVIOUSLY NOT TRUE! It creates a mockery of the Wiccan religion. The "spells and blessings" in the book are typical "mass-market spell book" fare, and some dance the line of being manipulative. I personally did not try any of the spells, although i would assume if the symbols on the stones trigger your own personal achetypes, they would work. Overall, buyer beware. I haven't tried using the stones for divination or spellwork, so they may have some redeeming value there, but i reccomend the Tarot or classical Runes greatly over this system.
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