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am 10. April 2017
Sehr spannend geschrieben. Ein Abenteuer das unter die Haut geht. Wir kauften uns danach die DVD und sahen uns diese ebenfalls an. Top.
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am 19. September 2000
Whew!! That's the first word that comes to my mind. It surfaced in my thoughts numerous times as I was reading this tale. This book is overwhelming. I had always heard tales about Shackleton and this was a most compelling read. I found myself unable to put it down. It just grabs a hold of you and won't let go. Alfred Lansing did a superb job of storytelling here. It is one of the most amazing tales of human courage and endurance ever written. This is a fabulous story. Sir Ernest Shackleton truly displayed extraordinary mettle in spite failing to achieve the initial objective. His leadership is undeniable. He held a crew together to endure the harshest climate on the planet. That the entire crew survived the venture is testament to the power of the human spirit. The will to survive can attain soaring heights as this tale suggests. Lansing attempts to get into the nature of the different men but he allows their diaries to dictate the writing. This is great because supposition by authors of nonfiction can be fatuous. Drawing excerpts from the diaries of the men is a way to draw upon the incredible human drama and psychology that must have unfolded in this venture. The obstacles encountered by the crew are staggering. The wind, the dampness, the bitter cold and the long months of darkness in the winter seem like more than any man should be able to stand. They slept in wet sleeping bags in sub-freezing temperature; ate unappetizing foods; and still managed to keep their hopes alive. These were not accommodations up to Hyatt standards. One wonders how many people today would be tough enough to triumph over these hardships. The pain, ennui and discomfort must have been staggering. I found myself just shaking my head with awe at numerous passages in the book. These are men who went to Hell and came back alive. That is remarkable in and of itself. This book is a classic account of one of man's most remarkable journeys. Read it and discover for yourself.
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am 30. August 1999
I went into this book, after reading the jacket, thinking, "Oh, this sounds interesting." By the end, the book had moved me to tears three or four times. I cannot say enough about this fascinating, unreal, unbelievable story and the powerful effect it had on me. Never before have I read of such fortitude and awe-inspiring strength than that exhibited by these brave, amazing men. It was such a terrific read, I didn't want the story to end! But thank God, for those who lived to tell it, it finally did. If you like true-life adventure, even just a little bit, then you must read this tremendous story. Remarkable and unbelievable from beginning to end.
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am 24. November 1999
My wife had to grab my leg and ask me if I was alright while I read about Shackleton's troubles on the bus ride home. Even knowing the ultimate outcome did not make me any less nervous when the crew of the Endurance faced each incredible challenge. Lansing's prose captivated me and took me away from a warm Seattle Metro bus and put me there in Antarctica floating on Camp Patience and gasping for breath after escaping a leapord seal attack, shivering with anticipation as our craft rushed up each icy fifty foot swell, I was there! Everyone should read this to escape into a world of adventure that cannot be matched again!
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am 25. Dezember 2014
Als er 1914 aufbricht, hätten wir ihn aus heutiger Sicht als gescheiterte Existenz betrachtet. Alles was Shackleton bisher begonnen hat, ist mehr oder minder misslungen. Mit einer wohlhabenden Frau verheiratet, ist er selbst mittellos, aber steckt voller Geschäftsideen, zu denen unter anderem die Teilnahme und die Organisation von Reisen in die Antarktis zählen. Aber selbst dort ist er nur Zweiter, seinem Traum, den Südpol zu erreichen, kommt Amundsen zuvor.

1914 unternimmt er deshalb den waghalsigen Versuch, den antarktischen Kontinent zu durchqueren und startet die Endurance-Expedition. Von dieser handelt das vorliegende Buch.

Bereits in den 50er Jahren veröffentlicht, hatte Lansing noch die Möglichkeit mit Zeitzeugen und Expeditionsteilnehmern zu sprechen. Den Rest seiner Informationen hat der Autor den zahlreichen Tagebüchern von Teilnehmern der Expedition entnommen.

Wir erfahren bis ins kleinste Detail und durchsetzt mit sehr persönlichen Schilderungen den Ablauf der Expedition von der Organisation über die Zerstörung der Endurance im Packeis bis hin zur dramatischen Rettung. Das Buch befasst sich nicht mit dem Schicksal des zweiten Teils der Expedition, der Ross Sea Party, die den Kontinent von der gegenüberliegenden Seite in Angriff nehmen und Lebensmitteldepots anlegen sollte.

Auch diese scheitert, hier kostet schlechte Organisation und unfähige Führung allerdings mehrere Männer das Leben.

Obwohl Lansing sich persönlicher Urteile über Shackleton enthält, gewinnt der Leser das Bild eines überehrgeizigen, aber letztendlich unfähigen Menschen, der des persönlichen Erfolgs willen das Leben vieler völlig skrupellos aufs Spiel setzt. Von Anfang an ist die gesamte Expedition überstürzt vorbereitet, schlecht geplant und leidet unter der autoritären aber unfähigen Führungsarbeit Shackletons. Das geht bis hin zum - heute würde man sagen "Mobbing" - einzelner Teilnehmer, bis hin zum Ausschluss von der Verleihung von Auszeichnungen.

Nichtsdestoweniger muss man als Leser vom Optimismus und dem unglaublichen Durchhaltewillen der Expeditionsteilnehmer überwältigt sein. Was diese Männer ausgehalten haben, ist unglaublich und würde manch anderen in den Wahnsinn oder gar den Tod getrieben haben.

Was bleibt ist eine tolle, wenn auch etwas konservativ verfasste, dokumentarische Erzählung, ein wichtiges Zeitdokument und natürlich ein kurzweiliges und spannendes Lese-Erlebnis.
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am 11. Mai 2000
This is a superbly written account of an Antarctic expedition led by Sir Ernest Shakleton on a ship named Endurance. It is trapped by ice and eventually crushed by it. In order to survive, the crew look toward it's leader for answers and the only chance at rescue is to make it to a whaling station that is more than 1500 miles away. Everything is frozen, the weather is the worst on earth and thats just the begining. It's all here, the amazing spirit that some humans show when pushed to the brink of death, starvation, freezing, thirst, tiredness to the deepest parts of one's existence, humor, friendship, respect, leadership, etc. How it must have been for these men to survive such a harrowing experience is beyond belief. If not because it was so well documented by the individual crew members who kept journals, indeed no one would beleive it. To have survived so many months floating on a moving, cracking, shifting, crushing ice floe only to have to undertake an 800 mile sea voyage in a 22 foot lifeboat in the most brutal ocean in the world where winds rarely fall below huricane force, find and land on a hellish coast of a small island easily missed. Then on foot and starving have to coss it on ground so treacherous that no one had crossed it before, or would dare again for another 50 yrs. A brutal reading that will leave you exhausted. Pass it on and share with your friends and family.
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am 13. Juni 2000
One of the best-known of the many books about Englishman Shakleton's 1915 expedition to cross the South Pole, this is essentially a quick, easy-reading adventure story. Aptly titled, it's a pretty gripping and amazing story, and will put to shame any bad camping story of one's own. I guess what one emerges with is sheer amazement that anyone managed to survive the conditions these men were exposed to. A nice modern companion book to this is "North to the Night."
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am 8. Juli 2014
Dieses Buch muss den Vergleich mit "Into Thin Air" nicht scheuen. In manchen Aspekten halte ich "Endurance ..." sogar für besser. Wie dem auch sei, eines der fünf besten Bücher, die ich in meinem Leben gelesen habe - und ich habe viele Bücher gelesen.
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am 17. Januar 2000
I dont't normally read thrillers, or adventure stories, but this recounting of the Shackleton ruin and recovery in the Antarctic is not to be missed. It manages to be both a heart stopping page turner, and a reasonably legitimate history. This is the book I passed around to my friends and family. Shackleton is a dreamer, publicity seeker and adventurer who planned to explore the Anarctic for less than entirely noble reasons at about the same time WWI was taking over the front pages of the world. Instead, he and his crew have to watch their beautiful ship be crushed by the ice. (The photographs are stunning.) The most dramatic description is a miracle of navigation of a long boat by the stars to get through the coldest and most storm toss'd ocean in the world to try to find a rescue. You'll read it through once fast, nearly as seasick and sore as the crew, and then have to read it through again to see if you really read it right the first time. The crew is a blend of the gentleman explorer of the (last) turn of the century along with the more rough and less educated crew that in combination manage to maintain the discipline and comradeship that is the basis of survival. Lansing gives high marks to Shackleton's leadership, as the crew is forced to abandon generous ships' stores, supplies that become 'luxuries' and even the sled dogs. The later Carolyn Alexander book has more of the fabulous pictures taken the ship's photographer, but the text is comparatively tepid compared to this version of the tale. I could have wished for more detail and rounding out of the personalities of the stranded men (including more 'backstory' and epilogue) but these are small complaints when compared to the tale itself. You will enjoy this book!
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am 24. Februar 2000
The Endurance, Shackleton's Incredible Voyage, by Alfred Lansing is a great book. It is a great story. This is about Ernest Schackleton's greatest adventure. It is an excellent book. The book is an account of an event. This does not mean the book is boring. The story is real, but the events that take place in the book are unreal. For example, the story takes place over a period of two years, and the crew never touches or sees land, and lives solely on the boat and ice. The story also changes a lot because it is told from various perspectives, which makes the story move along, and gives each character a certain attitude, because a lot of the story is taken from. For instance, when the crew is on the boat, some of the men do not mind, while others think differently. This makes the story change, which makes the book interesting, and not monotonous unlike some other books of this genre. The book is also well written. Although the author was not on the expedition, he has done interviews with the crew, and has obtained all of their journals which was one of the few things they were allowed to keep. This book is not very new. It is similar to some of other adventure stories, like Into the Wild, The Perfect Storm, and Into Thin Air. The difference is that it brings the genre to a new level. It is more interesting, and has a better story that it was based on. I had never read anything on Alfred Lansing, but this book may make me want to read more. Overall I like this book. It didn't get the last half star because I thought it was too long, but I don't like anything over 200 pages, so that is my own personal bias.
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