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4,5 von 5 Sternen
4,5 von 5 Sternen
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am 27. Januar 1998
I don't like the phrase "moral scientist" even though that is what's plastered on the back of each of this genuis' novels--if you can call them that. This book rises to the top of Vonnegut's art at times, jumping in and out of time, under it, over it, inside it, and like babies we drink his bottle, as Vonnegut is so wise, and we so niave. But, the novel fails on many levels: there prevails a general inconsistency between the main character's understanding of time, and Vonnegut's version of time, as if Billy does not understand his own situation, although we are explicitly told that he does. What's more, Vonnegut does not slice through his characters with the same violence found in the masterpiece Breakfast of Champions, nor does he tie together the fascinating details he uncovers as the novel progresses. In all, it's fun, sexy, jazzy. The "thundering moral message" won't electrocute you, but it's great if you want some noise.
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am 17. Juli 1998
I was amazed by the effect that this book had on me,when I read it in order to take an exam on Contemporary American Fiction. At first I thought that this would be another boring book of the Uni's library,but I was pleasantly shocked by this excellent book.It refers to matters of life and death allegorically,but the main message is clearly exposed: PEOPLE SHOULD NEVER STAY "STUCK IN TIME",stuck in their misery and desperation by the tragic events they had to go through,BUT ALWAYS SEARCH FOR THE "PLANET TRALFAMADORE" INSIDE THEIR HEARTS.This means that an inner "revolution" has to take place,so as for people to be free from the nightmares that torment them after the experience of a war or a major destruction,such as the conflagration of Dresden. LIFE GOES ON AND PEOPLE SHOULD FIND THE PLEASURE THEY DESERVE IN IT.
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am 26. März 1999
Slaughterhouse-Five is not simply an "anti-war novel," but an intricate masterpiece that not only shows the horrors of war and its effects, but is also a reflection of reality on its various levels. In order to fully grasp every detail's significance this novel should be read various times. It's fun to re-read a book and get something new out of it that first time readers would inevitably miss, due to the book's complex nature. Although it seems to be a collage of random paragraphs at first, if you read closely enough you can pick out completely logical associations that a man like Billy would make. It's a quick read packed with Vonnegut's dry humor and war memories. I loved it!!!
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am 14. Mai 1999
Vonnegut (on whom I am writing my senior research paper) is a sarcastic and brilliant author, he combines a casual life with the extrodinary events of war, science fiction, and a human reaction to relevance, morality, religion, and society. He preaches that we are all, at some point destined to be completely unsatisfied with ourselves becuase of experiences that we have gone through, and therefore, will realise the idiocy of living life in accordance with the society that surrounds us. Funny, and concise. Made me pnder the meaning of life....well, not really.
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am 10. Mai 1998
I read this book at the perfect age of 17. I was a lost young man searching for religion. This book gave it to me. Although Vonnegut uses Billy Pilgrim's coming "unstuck in time" as a plotline, he also uses it to display a fatalistic view of the world where moments are structured. For those who have shunned religion and its confines, this book is perfect. I also love the fact that Vonnegut seems to use this book as a way to laugh at humanity's desensitization. In my top 5 books, this one is #2(behind only The Great Gatsby) and I urge all of you to read it.
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am 21. Oktober 1998
This book is one of the best written and thought out books I have ever read. People who say this book is too hard to follow and hard to understand are not reading it hard enough. It is so well thought out, and so easy to follow once you are into it. Kurt wrote it so it wouldn't be the same old book in the same setting all the time. That is one reason it is so good. Kurt can take three differnet places, all over the universe all throughout time, and mesh them together so well, that it makes so much sense. thanks for listening to jiberish
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am 25. November 1997
I thought that this book was very strange. It focuses on the main character Billy Pilgrim's life as a youngster in the war. It was strange because the book will jump from one point in time to another. It was pretty interesting. I thought it would all come together at the end but to me it felt like it just ended without any reason. Maybe that's just me. Billy Pilgrim did live an interesting life that is what kept me going...trying to figure out was else happened in his life. Maybe you'll enjoy the book much more than I did.
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am 23. Januar 1998
Billy Pilgram spent most of his WWII experience in Dresden, Germany, so did Vonnegut. Vonnegut mixes reality with fiction in a manner that has made him famous. The mixture of actual events, scientific possibilities, and bizzare twists of fiction make this a fabulous novel. Nothing compares with the wonderful delusions of Kilgore Trout and the bumbling nature of Billy Pilgram. The reader will fall in love with the hopeless Billy and question his sanity as he heads to Tralfamador.
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am 4. Januar 1999
This isn't a science fiction book. This isn't an allegorical book about inner strength.If you think this after having read it, you can't read between the lines. This is a book about war. A book about what war does to people.It throws young boys and civilians into the meatgrinder. It leaves wounds that never heal in the minds of those who survived.It's about showing the harsh reality behind all the hollow patriotic and propagandistic phrases. No more,no less.
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am 13. April 1998
Slaughter House-Five, is a "slipping" account of what Vonnegut went through in his life. I use the word "slipping" because there are no"stuck" moments. This book is the best book that I have ever read. To anyone who likes sci-fi, this book is highly recomended by myself and my class mates here at Bakersfield College. Sincerely, D.F.
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