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am 9. Juni 2000
This book has a multitude of cake mix cakes -- the Banana and Cannoli cakes sound particularly yummy. The author also covers coffee cakes, those really down home favorites (such as Pig Pickin Cake, made with mandarin oranges and pistachio pudding in the frosting), and quite a few yummy chocolate cakes including Peppermint, Almond, and Mississippi Mud. She also DOES include basic yellow and white cakes at the end of the book (telling you to add a full stick of butter and whole eggs and milk). And she also specifically tells you which cakes to use "pudding in the mix" mixes for and which ones not to (pudding in the mix tends to make the cake very wet) and I feel this is easy to comply with since both types of mixes are available at the store.
However, the book does miss some yummy-sounding cake mix recipes that I've found such as Jello Poke Cake, Coconut Poke Cake (made by pouring condensed milk & cream of coconut on top of the hot cake) and Watergate Cake (these are the cakes that make cake mixes fun, in my opinion). I thought this book--with its myriad of recipes--would be all-inclusive. I also wish there were more indulgent-type cakes such as the Banana w/ Caramel Frosting. Too many are bundt/coffee-type cakes which aren't as appealing in a cake mix form to me.
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am 28. Juli 2000
I read several reviews from readers who say they baked from-scratch cakes and they couldn't believe how much better these were. While I bake cakes from scratch I don't exactly turn my nose up at boxed mixes. I grew up with them.
Against my better judgement, I bought the book to see what all the excitement was about. Not to mention if the cakes DO come out better (or just as good), this book would be a great timesaver.
Unfortunately, I was disappointed. Seriously, I think I would rather eat the plain cake mix than the majority of these recipes. (The bar cookies didn't look too bad but I didn't try those.)
I did not find any of the recipes appealing at all. Actually quite the opposite. But I gave a few of them a try because, well, you never know. I had to throw every single cake out because no one would eat it! These cakes just plain made me look bad! (I have no idea how much baking I will have to do to redeem myself!)
Another major downside to this book is the presentation of the cakes. They are not presented nicely at all. The (cake-mix) cheesecakes were made in sheet pans and cut into squares and the frosting on the cakes was sloppy, amoung other things. I can almost do a better job!
The up-side: Tomato Soup Spice Cake is sure to keep me from indulging!
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am 28. April 2000
As cook with a major cookbook collection and a "foodie," I must say that I avoid ANYTHING processed and am one who avoided the chemical like taste of cake mixes. However, this book made me change my mind about using cake mixes! When you're a working mom with a 3-year-old, cake mix birthday cakes are a massive time saver! And last year after making a gourmet from scratch cake that the adults loved, my then 2-year-old took one bite and delcared, "I don't like it!" This year I made two cakes from Anne's book to feed 30 at my 3-year old's birthday. One of the the other moms said, "I never eat boxed cakes, but since this is homemade, I'll eat it." And declared it was delicious. She never knew... Thank you Anne for this wonderful resource--especially for busy moms of young kids! The recipes of note for me are the ones with buttermilk (I confess that the chocolate ones don't taste as good as my from-scratch cake from Richard Sax's Classic Home Desserts, but nevertheless much better than just plain old cake mix). This does not inspire me to use any other processed products to cook with, but this is big discovery. And let's get real...do toddlers really care and know the difference if their birthday cake is some major gourmet creation? I also agree with Anne--use her homemade frosting. It's easy to make the frosting, and I also used it to pipe on the cake decorations as well. I really like the cream cheese based frostings. Every mom out there should get this book. The cakes are quick, easy, and taste homemade. You need to add this book to your cookbook collection. It is one you'll go back to time and time again. Bravo Anne! You deserve an award for this book!
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am 11. Mai 2000
I share the other reviewersÕ enthusiasm for this book and will no doubt continue to use it from time to time. ThereÕs a sound idea here, and IÕm surprised no one thought of enhancing cake mixes with added ingredients until now.
What disappointed me was the authorÕs exclusion of old favoritesÑ even the obvious ones Ñ at the expense of too much variety and too much innovation. The cookbook author in her got the best of her and decided to eschew old standards like yellow cake with chocolate frosting (who doesnÕt like that?) or white cake with chocolate frosting (ditto). Instead, we get less crowd-pleasing combinations such as lemon and chocolate or less kid-friendly items such as biscotti (not a cake anyway). At the risk of being redundant: Would it have been too much to include a basic yellow cake and chocolate frosting among the dozens of other recipes?
Some of these recipes are conceptually and technically flawed as well. One of the authorÕs favorite methods of making cakes moister is to add a box of instant pudding to the cake mix. Fair enough, but for the fact that the cake mix manufacturers were onto this idea even before the author was -- itÕs difficult to find a cake mix these days that doesnÕt already have pudding in it (both Pillsbury and Betty Crocker mixes have pudding). Thus, weÕre left with the (unanswered) dilemma: Do we add pudding mix to the pudding in the mix, or leave well enough alone with whatÕs already in the mix? This sounds silly, I know; but precision and exactitude are, after all, important in baking.
The author uses the Òinstant pudding mixÓ trick very frequently, asking us to add instant lemon and pistachio puddings to various cake mixes to create new flavors. In my last trip to a very large supermarket, those items were not in stock. IÕm not even sure they exist. There were lemon and pistachio puddings, but not instant ones. Again: do we go ahead and use the non-instant ones? Should we only use instant puddings? What if we canÕt find instant pistachio pudding?
Finally, I even found that something as rudimentary as the baking times for some of these cakes were off. In one, the cake mix box said to bake for 32-35 minutes, but the ÒdoctoredÓ recipe said to bake for 45-47 minutes. You would think that the ÒdoctoredÓ recipe would supersede the undoctored one, but not so. The cake would have been burnt -- inedible -- if I had left it in for 45 minutes. It was already golden brown at 32 minutes. How does an author make a 13-minute mistake like that? Mistakes like that donÕt inspire confidence to follow other recipes.
Despite these criticisms, thereÕs much here that is good. Use vanilla instant pudding and flavored extracts if you canÕt find the more ÒexoticÓ ones the author requires. Try to find cake mixes without pudding in them already. Check cakes for doneness according to both the cake mix recipe and the cake doctorÕs recipe. YouÕll probably have good results.
And if you come up with a great, time-saving yellow cake and chocolate frosting cake-mix enhancement recipe, let me know!
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am 11. Dezember 1999
As an avid baker as well as cookbook collector, I am always on the lookout for new cookbooks on baking. I was, however, somewhat skeptical about a cake baking cookbook that relies primarily on boxed mixes. What a surprise! I love this book so much I can't stop trying new recipes and have been giving the finished goods away just so I can try a new recipe! The introductory comments are extremely helpful, especially in explaining why one would choose to use a cake mix, rather than bake from scratch. Each recipe's ingredient list is typically short and the prep time is next to nothing, so you can really turn out baked goods on a moment's notice. I have now tried a number of the recipes all of which have turned out fabulous. The only drawback is that this cookbook focuses on basic cakes and doesn't include any fancy type ingredients or frostings that one might find in other baking cookbooks.
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am 9. März 2000
I am not a baker by any stretch of the word. I bought this book in hopes that I could easily and quickly make cakes that didn't taste "out of the box".
Guess what? These don't! My very first cake was the cannoli cake. YUMMY! It's just the two of us so I cut the cake in half and took one half to work. Let's just say I gladly accepted all the complements. The cake didn't last 1/2 an hour on the table before it was all gone!
I hope there is a sequal because this book is fabulous. Even the Butter Cream Icing was easy (I already had the ingredients in the house) and tasted better than out of a can.
If you want to make some yummy cakes but lake the experience or ingredients, this book is a winner! Hey, even if you are a great baker, this is perfect for those emergency desserts.
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am 11. Juli 2000
This is a great book that I have already given as a gift to my mother. I love the fact that each recipe includes an estimate of the time required to make it. I wish ALL recipes contained this information!
I made one of the strawberry cakes for a baby shower (the expectant mother is having a girl). I used the recipe that calls for chopped fresh strawberries, strawberry Jello, and white cake mix. It looked great and tasted superb! The accompanying frosting recipe made just barely enough for the three-layer cake (the author suggested frosting only the top and sides, but I frosted the entire cake). I refrigerated the frosted cake overnight and served it the next day, garnished with fresh berries. Everyone who had some asked for the recipe. I can't wait to try some of the other recipes now! Yum!
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am 21. März 2000
I admit it: I am a cake mix snob. Not because I'm a died-in-the-wool from-scratch cook. I'm not. But because cake mixes are uninspired and have an unmistakable cake mix flavor about them.
But with so many positive reviews from this book, I bought it hoping to be able to throw a cake together on the spur of the moment.
The first recipe I made from the book was done in just one bowl, without an electric mixer and under 15 minutes prepration time. I received more compliments on the cake and requests for the recipe than any of my from-scratch cakes ever did.
But there is one drawback from the book. Less than a month after buying the book, my pants became just a tad too tight and I have joined Weight Watchers so it will be some time before I make another....
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am 25. Januar 2000
As a former professional baker, I've made a lot of cakes. Without a doubt, the recipes in this cookbook produce some of the most delicious results you'll ever come across. A few ingredients added to a basic cake mix and you have something your family and company will truly. My only concern is with the frosting/glaze recipes. Without exception, and I've tried the Caramel and Cream Cheese Frostings and Chocolate Glaze, the ratio of fat to confectioners' sugar is off. The recipes produce frosting/glaze that is too thin to stay on a cake. My suggestion would be to keep extra confectioners' sugar on hand to make whatever adjustments you deem necessary. Perhaps humidity or weather conditions have some bearing on this. In any case, try the book, you won't be disappointed.
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am 30. April 2000
You must ignore the pictures which to me are awful looking. I baked two of the cheese cakes, New York, and Italian, however I ignored the suggested pan to use and replaced with a 11 inch spring form pan..The results were not only beautiful, but the BEST cheese cakes I have ever eaten. Why on earth she would use 13 by 9 pans and show such poor looking results when one can achieve such splendor is beyond me. I baked a coconut cake in a bundt pan that was so beautiful and delicious it makes me want to tear out the ridiculous pictures and poor pan suggestions. This book is a real find for any gourmet chef with imagination. Some of the names for these cakes are ridiculous but if all these are ignored this book is a great find. Every cake tried was exceptional.
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