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am 17. Februar 2014
Zumindest wenn man über die diversen inhaltichen und schreiberischen Schwächen hinweg sieht. OK, seien wir ehrlich, Flukes Romane sind keine hohe Literatur. Sie sind nicht einmal wirklich gutes Mittelmaß. Die Story hinkt, selbst wenn man bedenkt, dass sie in den späten 80ern geschrieben wurde und die Schreibe ist nun auch nicht wirklich brilliant. Trotzdem habe ich das Buch mit einigermaßen Vergnügen zuende gelesen und mich auch an die Weiteren gemacht. Die Hannah Swensen Mysteries sind ein bisschen wie die beschriebenen Deserts, süß und schnell, mit ein bisschen vielen leeren Kalorien, aber man hört halt doch nicht auf zu Essen.
Fazit: Wer keinen großen Anspruch an Schlüssigkeit und Sinnhaftigkeit einer Krimihandlung hat, kann sich bei diesen Romanen ganz gut amüsieren. Mehr nicht.
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am 29. April 2007
Perfekte kurzweilige Unterhaltung, alles was man von einer cozy mysterie erwartet. Ein bisschen Spannung (nicht zu blutig), etwas Liebe, viele nette Protagonisten und hier das Tüpfelchen auf dem I die leckeren Rezepte...mein Vorschlag: erst das Buch lesen, dann zum Backofen eilen.
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am 20. März 2006
Nachdem mich der Titel neugierig gemacht hatte, was da einer Frau wieder zum Thema "Hausfrauenkrimi" eingefallen ist war ich dann überrascht, als mich die Handlung des Buches so gefangen nahm, daß ich die Geschichte in einem Aufwaschen durchlas.
Es ist eine sprachlich einfache (daher für "Non Native Speaker") angenehm erholsame Lektüre, die auch ohne Übersetzungshilfen zu verstehen ist.
Bei wenigen Krimis konnte ich so herzhaft lachen, wie bei diesem, weil die Beschreibungen der Personen einfach spritzig sind.
Unterhaltsame Urlaubslektüre ohne großen Anspruch, aber mit vielen neuen Ideen, die nicht das Gefühl von "es ist immer das selbe" aufkommen lassen.
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am 25. Mai 2000
Hannah Swensen, Lake Eden resident and owner of The Cookie Jar, agrees to help her police officer brother-in-law, Bill, solve the murder of the local dairy deliveryman to help Bill achieve a promotion to detective. Bill certainly didn't have to try very hard to convince Hannah to help him. Hannah seems to be less of an amateur sleuth and more a seasoned detective. Fluke could have made this book a police procedural because Hannah uncovers clues and pursues each lead single-mindedly interrogating and eliminating suspects. Her brother-in-law begins to look slow and slightly stupid. At one point he asks Hannah if there is anything else he should be doing to investigate the crime and he's the police officer!
The book includes several cookie recipes, but don't expect the preparation and cooking to take a main role in this book, as they do in other culinary mysteries, such as in Diane Mott Davidson's books. Hannah pursues the murderer with focus and determination. Her livelihood, baking cookies, fades into the background. Fluke does introduce some interesting characters with unexpected twists, which make them realistic. There are also hints of possible romantic relationships for Hannah, which Fluke will explore in the next book, one hopes!
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am 29. April 2000
I have never done this before but I was so pleasantly surprised by Ms. Flukes' writing that I had to tell SOMEONE about it. This book is the literary equivalent of a hot cup of cocoa in front of a warm fire (with a batch of freshly baked "chocolate chip crunchies"). It is very easy to fall madly in love with the main character, Hannah Swensen, and her fiercely independant cat,Moishe. They are both spunky, literate and make you feel as though they have lived next door to you for years. I can only hope that this author continues to write in this manner and with these characters for many more books. Ms. Fluke has a real talent for making you care about her characters and a great "ear" for dialog. It is as though these people are really speaking to you ( you can almost here the Minnesota "you bet ya" in Hannahs voice). This mystery has a real page-turning hook to it and it is a great book for a day at the pool or a night sitting quietly at home. I myself am going to go out and get Ms. Fluke other books and see if the other books are as great as this one,( and judging by the amount of books that she has on this site alone, I would guess that this "Fluke is NO Fluke". Pick this book up, you will love it as much as I did, I am sure.
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am 5. April 2000
There's nothing more fun for a cozy mystery reader than to discover a new author with a fresh voice whose work one can look forward to for years to come. The reader gets to know the characters quickly and well, so well, in fact, that I found myself thinking, 'Wouldn't it be funny in the next book if Delores.......' Even the publisher's marketing is fun in that the book is a chubby little thing, kind of like the old Orphan Annie books of long ago. Younger readers won't recall these, but they will doscover the charm of the concept when they first see this book. Ther heroine/detective is Hannah Swenson, a well eductaed twenty-something who was called away from her doctoral program to return to Lake Eden, Minnesota to assist her mother after her father's death. Lake Eden is a town of 3,000 where, as one would expect, everyone pretty well knows one another, or can find out about each other through a grapevine that winds its way from kitchens to local clubs to church socials and to "The Cookie Jar", (cookie recipes included) a coffee shop owned by Hannah and operated with the dedicated assistance of a local teenager, Lisa. Hannah is challenged by first one homicide and then another, and she views solving the crimes as a way to help her detective brother-in-law get a promotion. As it happens, Hannah's whole family becomes involved in one way or another and the results are funny. Particularly funny is her mother, Delores, whose abundance of free time allows her to try and find a husband for Hannah who has never been married and lives alone with a fat one-eyed cat named Moishe. Either we are like Hannah or we know someone like her. She wears old sneakers and a sweatshirt. She's blunt, funny and kind, and she doesn't see herself as the object of anyone's great desire, but watch what happens. If you enjoy cozy mysteries, by all means read this one, and then wait impatiently for the next.
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am 8. Oktober 2009
Von der Handlung her würde ich dem Krimi (ein typischer Vertreter der Cozy Crimes) eigentlich maximal freundliche 4 Sterne geben. Es ist doch recht unwahrscheinlich, dass die Gesetzeshüter ganz so naiv und dankbar für die tollen Ideen einer Amateurin (Hannah hatte zwar mal eine vielversprechende Universitätskarriere vor sich, besitzt aber jetzt ein Café mit angeschlossener Bäckerei) sind. Auch die Heldin selbst erscheint oftmals doch etwas sehr unbedarft (Mörderjagd kann wirklich gefährlich sein?), was alte Krimihasen stören könnte. Vielleicht sind diese Schwächen aber auch nur die typischen Anfangsschwierigkeiten, mit denen viele Serien kämpfen, mal sehen, wie die nächsten Bände sind.
Trotz allem ist jedoch die Atmosphäre ansprechend und die Charaktere sind sympathisch. Zusammen mit den wirklich leckeren Rezepten und der insgesamt stimmigen Beschreibung des Kleinstadtlebens macht das einige Schwächen wieder wett. Fazit: Durchaus ein Buch für einen gemütlichen Leseabend, das Herz bleibt einem hier mit Sicherheit nicht stehen.
Bei dieser Ausgabe handelt es sich übrigens um eine Neuauflage, die eine zusätzliche Kurzgeschichte (ziemlich lang!) mit weiteren Rezepten enthält. Falls man sich also das Buch kaufen möchte, empfiehlt es sich, diese Ausgabe mit dem Extra-Bonus zu wählen.
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am 19. Juni 2000
Hannah Swensen is certainly a 'character', if you'll pardon the pun. While I am not a huge mystery fan, I love to read one every now and then, as long as it isn't too gory or scary. And I just love to read a few pages before I go to sleep each night, but I just can't seem to put this one is such a fun read! And I love to bake, so Fluke has written the perfect book for me. Would love to watch 'Hannah' on TV!
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am 26. April 2000
When I read the review of this book in Publisher's Weekly, I had a strong suspicion I was going to like it. I was wrong. I loved it! In the tradition of Diane Mott Davidson, Joanne Fluke gives us a down-to-earth, girl-next-door heroine, who bakes wicked good cookies, came home to help take care of her [matchmaking] mother and is owned by a huge stray cat named Moishe. Oh yes, and she's tracking down a killer.
In this 'cozy' mystery, Ms. Fluke kept me guessing until the last chapter or so. Usually I have it figured out before then. I chuckled over Hannah's reasons for why Minnesotans did not rush out to buy Currier and Ives winter scenes and her endeavors to take her sister's mind off their discovery of a victim by plying her with inexpensive wine. I'm looking forward to the next in this series, as it looks as if Hannah may have herself a couple of fellows angling for her favor.
If you're looking for a pleasant way to spend an evening or two, you can't do much better than Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder. Oh, and the recipes look great, too!
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am 27. April 2000
In Joanne Fluke's debut mystery, "The Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder," her heroine, Hannah, is an extremely likable sort of sleuth who seems to always be in the right place at the right time. Filled with good humor and interesting intrigue, Fluke entertains her readers as well as makes them incredibly hungry. Among the text of this page-turner lies some of the most scrumptious sounding cookie recipes I've run across in a long time. Fluke is also a well-known romance author, so a little love story is tossed in for good measure. I hope that Fluke continues this line of mystery-writing as I found her characters very down-to-earth and likeable. Plus, I need some more great recipes!
-Sharon Galligar Chance
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