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am 12. Februar 2000
I ordered this course because I married a brazilian girl and knew that I would be vacationing in Brasil with her, etc. After receiving the tapes, I think I listened to the complete course 2 or 3 times in about a 3 month period. Since then, I have been to Brasil, and have had many opportunities to speak portuguese with my brazilian in-laws. They've all asked why I am the only gringo in the family that can speak portuguese! My "Pimsleur Brazilian Portuguese Part I" tapes are now sitting on the shelf collecting dust, because I have moved onto "Pimsleur Brazilian Portuguese Part II", which is the follow-up course to Part I. Part II builds on everything that you learn in Part I. I went to Brasil about 2 months after I finished listening to Part I. I was able to practice my portuguese in Brasil for 3 weeks. I called cabs, ordered food in restaurants, talked to the brazilians about os Estados Unidos (the United States), etc. I am very pleased with both Pimsleur products that I've purchased. Feel free to email me with any questions regarding either of these fine products. I have to go now and listen to my tapes......I am going to Rio de Janeiro in 2 months!
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am 5. Oktober 1999
I've used this product and am now ordering it for my son. I had tried several others including the best known one and was struggling. When I got this course I was SO disappointed. It was ONLY TAPES. But I thought, "Oh well, I'll try it!" It was the best thing I did. There were no picture books with it and no text books. BUT IT WORKED!
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am 19. Mai 1999
I bought this product because I was very happy with intro Pimsleur Portuguese purchased from another source.
It would appear that the comprehensive program advertised here encompasses 3 levels of thirty lessons each, based on commentary of Amazon web page. Actually, you only receive thirty tapes of level one Portuguese, with no assurance that further levels even exist. Hence the label "Comprehensive" is misleading. Perhaps a deal "too good to be true".
I hope this misinformation is not typical of Amazon.com. Or perhaps I still have two boxes of tapes on the way! Somehow I doubt it. See other reviewers commentary on other Pimsleur Portuguese products.
This being one of my first experiences in buying over the Internet, I can only say let the buyer beware!
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am 7. Januar 1999
very good if you are a complete beginner to portuguese. however, if you already know some portuguese, the material is a little repetitive and boring. overall, i would have to say that i recommend it.
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