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am 12. Februar 2007
2 Hugos und ein Nebula - diese geballte Ladung an Auszeichnungen trifft im zweiten Sammelband des Barrayar-Zyklus zusammen und darf somit getrost als Pflichtlektüre für alle SFF-Fans bezeichnet werden. Die spannenden und intelligenten Geschichten sind aktueller denn je zuvor und obwohl sie ethische Fragen thematisieren, wirken sie nie belehrend. Hinzu kommen feinsinniger Humor, ein komplexes Universum und ein großartiger Stil. Aber vor allem die überragende Figur des vom Schicksal geplagten Miles Vorkosigan macht das Buch (und den Zyklus) so unübertrefflich.

"The Warrior's Apprentice"

Miles vermasselt die Aufnahmeprüfung für die Militärakademie und will Urlaub bei seiner Großmutter auf Kolonie Beta machen. Wie kommt es dann, dass er sich nur wenige Wochen später als Admiral einer intergalaktischen Söldnertruppe mitten in einem Bürgerkrieg wiederfindet?

"The Mountains of Mourning"

Der frischgebackene Fähnrich Miles ist auf Heimaturlaub und wird von seinem Vater in die Dendarii-Berge geschickt um einen Kindesmord zu untersuchen.

"The Vor Game"

Bei einer Undercovermission landet Miles im Gefängnis von Jackson’s Hole wo er auf Kaiser Gregor trifft. Was macht Gregor im Gefängnis und wie kriegt Miles ihn dort lebend wieder raus? Von dort an gehen die Dinge abwärts ...

Die Sammelbände des Barrayar-Zyklus (richten sich nach der innerchronologischen Abfolge der Geschehnisse): CORDELIA'S HONOR (Shards of Honor, Barrayar), THE YOUNG MILES (The Warrior's Apprentice, The Mountains of Mourning, The Vor Game), MILES, MYSTERY & MAYHEM (Cetaganda, Ethan of Athos, Labyrinth); MILES ERRANT (Borders of Infinity, Brothers in Arms, Mirror Dance); MILES, MUTANTS & MICROBES (Falling Free, Labyrinth, Diplomatic Immunity)
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am 27. Juli 2003
Die Serie um Miles Vorkosigan hat Action, Intrige, Humor und sogar Charakterentwicklung. In diesem Sammelband sind die ersten drei Romane 'The Warrior's Apprentice', 'The Mountains of Mourning' und 'The Vor Game' zusammengefasst. Miles, das 'Mastermind', hat für alles einen Plan, der oft gründlich schief geht. Dann muss er durch schnelles Mitdenken und Holzhammermethoden die Realität seinen Wünschen anpassen. Das klappt zwar nicht immer, aber immer öfter. Man möchte dieses Buch bis zum Ende nicht weglegen, da die Spannung die ganze Zeit nicht abbricht.
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am 5. Juni 1998
Miles, the son of a powerful Vor family, is driven to succeed. He's smart, intelligent, and politically saavy. By birth, he should be assured a place in the ruling class when he reaches maturity.
So, what's the problem?
Miles was injured when his parents were victims of a terrorist attack while his mother was pregnant with him. His brittle bones break at the slightest pressure and cannot be replaced with synthetics until he reaches the end of his growth. The people of Barrayar have a fear of genetic defects and many people condone killing all children who are not 'perfect'. A practice that Mile's father has been trying to discourage in his province.
In "Mountains of Mourning", Miles is authorized to find the person who killed a newborn child who was born with a treatable genetic disorder. Imagine the locals 'joy' to find a 'mutie' has been sent to try one of them for doing their best to preserve their genetic purity.
Miles uses his intelligence to overcome the obstacles in his path. While everyone thinks he has been given every honor due to his position, Miles knows that he's earned every pat on the head, every medal, every good grade, every advancment that he has ever received.
Miles is not perfect. He struggles and rails against the system, his body, and the attitudes of those around him. His continuing struggle to achieve his own goals and to make something of himself -- make him a character that I, as a reader, can sympathize with.
I think what makes this series so addicting is that readers feel deeply about the main character. We become emotionally involved in his life -- we cheer him on. We want him to succeed against the odds because the author doesn't cheat -- Miles takes his beatings and goes on. An example that many of us find reassuring.
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am 28. März 2009
Miles Vorkosigan is the son of the planet Barrayar's second most important nobleman. He's also a cripple, determined to shape his life by the considerable strength of his intellect. Suddenly, he finds himself more or less accidentally acquiring a space fleet and becoming an admiral by name only...Science Fiction is not something I usually read very often, but this came highly recommended and was quite enjoyable. There are some things I wasn't too happy about though. First of all, the action is difficult to follow for someone new to the world created by this author and to the genre in general. More often than not, during space battles, I wasn't at all sure what was happening just now. This is of course something that might not bother other readers at all, but my second point of criticism is not genre-related: Miles is 17 at the beginning of the book, but he never acts like a 17 year old guy. He's much too clear-sighted and level-headed, easily getting everyone to look up to him as their leader. Of course, nobody (probably) would like to read a space opera with a pimply teenager worrying about whether he's ever going to get a date as its hero, but Miles' prudence is a bit overdone here.
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am 2. Februar 1998
This is one book in the saga that started with Shards of Honor which was about Mile's mother and father. Miles Vorkosgian is a wonderful hero -- instead of the usual magnificent physical specimen, here we have a man who is fragile physically in a culture that values physical and military prowess, who is forced to use his (considerable) intellect to achieve his goals. His shrewd manipulation and warm caring nature make him a person that you feel you could respect and admire. On top of that, all of Bujold's books are great stories. My only problem is that I can read so much faster than she can write, and I have run out of new books to read. Ms. Bujold, more, please.
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am 25. August 1997
Readers should note that this book is a reprint of The Warriors Apprentice, The Mountains of Mourning and The Vor Game. The only new material is the authors afterward (7 pages) in which she explains the background to writing the series
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am 23. August 1999
I got the two books that are reprinted in this one almost by accident. I decided to see what the story was like. I could not put them down, and I now get my hands on anything that Bujold is willing to publish.
This is not the first book in the time line, nor is it the first book Bujold has written of the series. However, I recomend that you start with this book or the two that compose it. There is nothing that is not explained enough to understand despite all the history that has gone on before. But, the charecters are so well developed by the time that this book is written that everything comes alive.
Young Miles is the only really new charecter introduced. Almost all of the supporting cast and situations have been well established by this book. When we meet Miles, we fall in love with him. He is not a superman, but he achieves the superhuman. He can be annoying, flighty and self absorbed, but we see that it is his way of dealing with the world and overcome the bad luck he has handed to him before he was even born. Another way of dealing with the world is to be hyperactive and accomplishing several actions at once, so much so that when he is accidently given an "upper" laced drink no one notices until he crashes days later.
After you read this, you can go back and read the first few books in the series. It is almost like watching Star Wars Episode 1 in that you know much of what will happen, but it does not take away from the pleasure of the stories. But start here and start the book at a time when you have little else to do for the next few days.
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The Publisher's Note, which is on the back of the book, should be on the first line of the book synopsis: "Young Miles was previously published in parts as The Warrior's Apprentice, "The Mountains of Mourning," and The Vor Game. I was very disappointed after buying this book to find that there was nothing new in it. I felt ripped off by the publisher. If you have already read these stories, which are separately published as books of their own (Mountains of Mourning is in Borders of Infinity), save your money. There is nothing new here.
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am 26. September 1997
If you love Bujold and want to buy hardcover copies of the Vorkosigan adventures, stay away from this one. The publisher slapped a hard cover onto very flimsy pages, and it won't last any longer than your paperback copies. Bujold deserved a better quality publication. Find hardcover copies of the original novels instead--they are well worth the investment.
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