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am 18. Mai 1998
Pretend You Don't See Her is Mary Higgins Clark's clever and terrifying new book. It is the story of Lacey Farrell, a young real estate agent on the Manhattan scene. In the mist of selling a late young lady's skyline co-op, Lacey is witness to the murder of her client, Isabelle Waring, the mother of the late Heather Landi. Ms. Waring is convinced that her attacker is after a journal kept by her daughter up until the day she died. Although Lacey hands over the journal to the police, it is not before she makes a copy for herself-a move that could turn out to be almost fatal. After numerous threats are made on her life, Lacey is placed in the witness protection program and moves to Minneapolis. Here, Lacey must assume a totally new identity until the killer can be brought to trial. At first, it was hard for Lacey to assume her new identity of Alice Carroll, but eventually she grows into the new Lacey. While in Minneapolis, Lacey becomes attracted to Tom Lynch, a local radio-show host. Tom and "Alice" go on a few dates, but due to all the confusion, Lacey breaks off their relationship. Shortly after her break with Tom, Lacey discovers that the killer has traced her to Minneapolis. Fearing for her life, Lacey returns home to Manhattan. Left with only her courage and the clues in Heather Landi's journal, Lacey races against the clock in search of identifying who was after her and the journal. Will Lacey Farrell live long enough to put her murderer away for good? Mary Higgins Clark combines murder, mystery, and fun together to make her fifteenth novel one of her best yet.
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am 3. November 1999
Mary Higgins Clark has not failed us with this one. Pretend You Don't See Her is a captavating story that keeps you always wanting to find out what is going to happen next. At the beginning of the story we are introduced to the main character in the story Lacey Farrell. Lacey is a prominent real estate agent in the hustling city of New York. While preparing to sell an apartment in the heart of the city, Lacey witnesses the murder of her client. From their her life was turned upside down. Being forced into the witness protection program Lacey believes she would be safe. But like any good thriller the plot only thickens by her discovery of new evidence that might capture the killer. By staying involved in the case, even though being warned not too, the murderer is close on Lacey tracks to hunt her down and lay to rest anyone who might be able to tie him or her to the murder. Mary Higgins Clark's Pretend You Don't See Her is an exciting book that keeps you wanting to keep turning the page to find out what will happen next. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good mystery with many twists and turns that keeps the plot interesting.
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am 22. September 1999
This exciting novel is about a woman named Lacey Farrell, who lives in Manhattan and is a real estate agent. One day she is witness to the murder of Isabelle Waring, whose daughter, Heather, was killed in a car accident. Lacey is placed in the witness protection program, and sent to live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Before Isabelle died, she made Lacey promise to give her daughter's journal to her father, and asked her to read it too. Isabelle was convinced that Heather's death was not an accident. So Lacey takes the journal, gives the original copy to the police, gives a copy to Heather's father, and makes a copy for herself. But then she gets into trouble with the police, because they say that she could be charged with removal of evidence from a crime scene. While Lacey is in Minneapolis, somehow the murderer of Isabelle Waring has managed to track her down. I enjoyed reading this novel, because I liked being kept in suspense and not knowing what would happen next. I recommend this book to people who like to read suspenseful books with unpredictable plots. This novel is so unpredictable, it will keep readers guessing throughout the entire book.
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am 4. Juni 1999
This one actually deserves ZERO stars, but I can't go lower than 1 star on this format. I had read one or two of MHC's books, and hated them both for being simplistic and predictable(I can't remember the titles). But on a trip to NYC from my home in CA, I needed something quick to read on the plane, and this book was the closest thing at hand at the airport souvenir shop. Sure enough, the plot was predictable, the characters dull and one- dimensional, and -- trust me!! -- there's more to being in the Witness Protection Program than the very brief, skimmed-over, and INACCURATE facts MHC gives us. I couldn't finish it. I left it in the hotel room. PEOPLE, SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! This one really stinks.
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am 23. August 1998
I was disappointed with this book, but not terribly surprised. Over the last few years MHC's books have become very formulaic, the protagonists all seem to blend together. Lacey Farrell was simply someone I could not get interested in. I kept reading, hoping it would get better. I was interested in reading this book because I thought it would give some sort of "insider's view" to the workings of the Witness Protection Program. I cannot imagine that they let people in the program call home once a week - for just the same reasons as was shown in the book!!! I have a hard time feeling any empathy for characters that are as stupid as these.
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am 2. März 2000
As always, Clark carries the reader along, the suspense constantly building with the skill she has shown since "Where Are The Children". Her characters are believable, particularly in the suffering the protagonist undergoes in the witness relocation programme. The problem arises in the last couple or so chapters: It is as though Clark suddenly became bored with her characters or plot and rushed to the climax and resolution in order to get it over with. I was actually surprised when i discovered that i had only ten or so pages left to read, since i felt that, in order to continue at the same pace and style she had been using, she needed another thirty or thirty-five pages. Good book, but disappointing ending.
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am 13. September 1997
I just finished this extremely fast-paced thriller and am almost breathless. I didn't realize how detailed the witness protection program was and MHC reveals that one little slip-up can jeopardize everything, even your life. I swear I read half the book in one night...and reading it at night adds to the thrill of the mystery. You'll want to lock all your doors. Clark obviously doesn't want you to trust anyone in "Pretend," and once again, with all her ingenious twists and turns, you'll find yourself guessing till the end "whodunit."
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am 17. April 1997
This book grabbed my attention right from the start. Poor Lacey Farrell, talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Yet throughout the book Ms. Clark showed how strong a woman can be, no matter what the circumstance. Also, I for one am a very big fan of New York City and I loved the way she displayed all the streets and places there. As usual Ms. Clark lets me use my imagination. Is Alex good or bad??? Something to think about. I would also like to add if you liked this book please read Moonlight Becomes You, another 10!!
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am 9. Juli 1999
Not much to add to what others have said, but I just want to make the point that no one uses the term "sore" any more to say they are mad, ticked off, angry, etc. She uses this term in all her books and it makes the dialogue sound as dated as an old Hollywood movie from the 50's (or before).
The books have always had simplistic characters, clunky dialogue, etc., but at least they used to be exciting and well-plotted! I now reserve them from the library rather than plunk down the big bucks for a hardback.
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am 11. Juli 1997
Mary Higgins Clark has always been a favorite
not only of myself but also of my fellow
mystery readers.Pretend You Don't See Her
however fell short of my expectations.Mary
Higgins Clark's superb writing skills in the
world of mystery is undisputed!However I think
she'll find that her true fans are willing to
be patient if it means reading a wonderful
story in the style that first made us love
the "Queen of Mystery"
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