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Offensive Football Strategies (American Football Coaches Ass)
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am 28. Februar 2008
Studying this book was worthwhile the time. Interesting articles about many facets of the offensive football game. Gives a good overview about many issues relevant for coaches. Do not expect a college-like study book, but a case study book, which elaborates on different topics. Some topics are dealt with in plenty, some topics are not touched at all. But still a very good book to understand the coaching part of football and to get an insight of some top coaches thinking.
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am 7. April 2000
This book is one of the most comprehensive guides to offense that I have ever encountered. It includes almost 750 diagrammed plays from some of the top names in football including Bob Devaney and Tom Osborne, as well as many other college and high school football coaches. This text would be a valuable addition to any coaches library. It will definitely add variety to any offense and add many new twists and schemes to any offense whether you have an option team or a passing based offense. I think it would be a very wise investment.
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