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4,6 von 5 Sternen
4,6 von 5 Sternen
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 25. September 2014
Einfach Super! Ich LIEBE dieses Buch! Es ist nicht nur etwas zum einmal -Lesen, sondern auch zum immer-wieder-Lesen! Das Gedicht "The Invitation"- das Gerüst zum Inhalte des Buches- ist einfach ein "Leitfaden"! Die Thematik ist immer aktuell und egal aus welche Situation heraus man sich mit dem Buch beschäftigt- es gibt mir immer etwas, immer stosse ich auf etwas Neues und immer wieder sind die Meditationen und Anleitungen und Reflexionen darin wertvolle Hilfe und Unterstützung im Alltag.Bitte in Englisch lesen- die deutsche Übersetzung leidet etwas meiner Meinung nach....
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am 2. Juni 2015
Ich bin durch Zufall auf die deutsche Übersetzung des Gedichts gestoßen. Habe mir dann die Seite von Oriah angeschaut und gesehen, dass der Text im Original viel schöner ist. Also das ganze Buch bestellt und wurde nicht enttäuscht!
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am 20. März 2016
Zunächst habe ich nur das am Anfang stehende Gedicht gelesen, welches von einer Freundin ( Psychotherapeutin) in einer Gruppentherapie bearbeitet wurde. Das hat neugierig gemacht. Jeder, der ehrlich über sich selber im Stande sein will zu urteilen, der sollte dieses Buch lesen. Ebenso jeder, dessen Leben kein Honig schlecken ist, in einer Krise steckt oder einfach wissen will, welche Emotionen in einem stecken, die richtig sind und heilsam.
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am 22. Juli 2000
This book is absolutely transformational. I have read many books regarding the search for self, but never have had the pleasure of an author describing exactly how I was feeling. The book's inescapable flow and pros, rendered me unable to put it down until complete. This very well written book has been added to my special library, and will be read till the pages fall out of it's hardback cover. Thank you, Oriah Mountian Dreamer, for the chance to be TRUELY transformed.
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am 22. Juli 2000
The author begins with a poem, followed by a chapter dedicated to illuminating various ideas. She is honest and, unlike most "new age" books, she does not try to guide her readers into a state of continual bliss and peace. As other readers have mentioned, she gets annoyed (and then laughs at herself) when her teenage son leaves wet towels on the bathroom floor. I found her book a refreshing 'wake up call'. We are here to feel everything that a human being can feel -- and, in each moment, we find an incredible sense of aliveness and well-being. I also found the exercises at the end of each chapter very powerful.
Another book that speaks the truth and is an incredible gift if you are searching for life "in the moment" is Ariel & Shya Kane's Working on Yourself Doesn't Work. This graceful and deeply profound book contains an enlightened view of life. The Kanes reveal their revolutionary principles -- just three -- which are truly life-changing. The Kanes also share experiences from their life together that are moving and express eye-opening truths. Their insights are deeper and more profound than any I've ever experienced. If you want to see magic happen in your life and experience a deep sense of well-being -- read this wonderful book.
I'd like to thank the authors of both these books. It's wonderful to read words and feel the truth in them resonate. Thank you all for sharing your lives and insights with us.
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am 22. November 1999
The best thing about The Invitation is the first chapter: The invitation itself. Nice poetry. However, if you are a serious spiritual seeker, you are aware of the plight civilation has created for us. This societal design is seriously flawed, and the true spiritual seeker will realize the answer lies in a return to respect and co-existence for all living things which requires a self-less attitude - a departure from the <I deserve a break today> mentality and a return to community. But the message in The Invitation would have you believe that finding and maintaining a good relationship with a mate is the answer to all life's problems. If you are just starting on your spiritual journey, The subject matter explored in The Invitation is a pacifier that will need to be discarded as you mature. The meditations at the end of each chapter is the most juvenile advice of all. The emphasis on maintaining romantic relationships in this book reveals that the author is still wading through puddles instead of pulling up anchor and heading into spiritual oceans. Oriah Mountain Dreamer has a long way to swim before she reaches vital spiritual waters. Take your money and buy a pizza - it might be as enlightening and be a lot easier to digest.
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The poem changed my life! Its energy first came to me 2-1/2 years ago and I was mesmerized by its content and exasperated by its challenges.
After first discovering the poem, I must have read it 30 times, over and over and over again. But each time I read it, I could feel myself becoming angrier and angrier because I could not answer "yes" to a single challenge.
But I was hooked and the power of the poem began to work on me. From then on, when I encountered fear and pain along my path, and felt myself trying to "hide it, fade it or fix it", my mind and spirit drew upon its wisdom...and I grew. I gave myself permission to "risk looking like a fool for love...for the adventure of being alive". I now "look for beauty every day and try to source...life from its presence". I let myself "dance with wildness and let the ecstacy fill me" to the tips of my fingers and toes. But most of all, when my life experiences those momentary pauses, those deep breathes and sighs between social heartbeats, when I am alone with myself, I "truly like the company" I keep in those empty moments.
Each chapter is based upon Oriah's own experiences, but I could feel "me" as the book's subject and magically relate my experiences to the wisdom and challenges of the poem. The poem and book so deftly drew me into the process and importance of life.
It is a New Age Zen. It is simple, it is profound...it is undiluted wisdom.
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am 5. August 1999
To begin I must thank this wonderful woman for her courage to share this wonderful book with the world. I would then like to thank her for letting me know that I am not strange or weird and nor are my thoughts on living my life as I have thought for so long. She has given me the okay to be who I am, because I strived for so long to let others know who I was, and now I see myself in the pages of her book. I believed all that she writes and hid this because others could not see what I was trying to say. Now I have a book, a guide to pass on to those who look puzzled at me and wonder 'who are you'. I am the one who lives through my heart, soul, and lives life with love. Thank you for setting me free and to all of those who have crossed my path, wondered who I was, read this book and find the answers to your questions.
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am 2. Mai 1999
This little treasure of a book takes ordinary life and elevates it to mystical status.It is one of the most moving books I have ever read and when I finished the last page I actually felt better about myself than I have in a long time. Do not misunderstand, this isn't some flaky new-age message. This book is firmly rooted in real-life but it manages to make the mundane trials of our lives seem more like a dance with the divine that connects all humans. I would hate to say anything that might make potential readers shy away from this book, and I really am not able to convey its beauty or the feeling of peace I felt while visiting the noble world illuminated by Ms. Mountain Dreamers words but please, as a favor to yourself and someone you love, find this book and read it. Your soul will thank you.
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am 3. August 1999
This book touches on so many fundamental issues that all of us face on the path of life. Issues of love, betrayl, trust, faith and our individual spirits. I enjoyed the openess of the writing. It was encouraging to know that there are others out there struggling with and working with some of the same things I am. Yes, it is always nice to know that you're not alone!
For anyone who is interested, if you enjoyed this book, you may consider _The Artist's Way_ written by Julia Cameron. I think _The Invitation_ (especially the guided meditations) is a strong complement to Cameron's text and vice versa. I would definately include _The Invitation_ on the suggested reading list at the end of _The Artist's Way_.
Peace and energy to everyone doing this work.
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