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4,6 von 5 Sternen
4,6 von 5 Sternen
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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VINE-PRODUKTTESTERam 6. Februar 2012
It took me a long time to find the courage to review this book. Me Before You was a very intense read for me. I picked it up and couldn't let go. I was glued to the pages till 5 AM in the morning and some more after to digest what I just read- or well to stop crying. It is a tearjerker like I never read one before. For all those romance lovers hereI want to make one thing clear: this is not a romance novel in my definition and I'm sure most of you will agree. I knew it wouldn't be before I started but still this book caught me off guard.

Meet Lou, she lives at her parents place has a job she loves in a coffee shop and well she is happy with her life for the most time. When out of nowhere she loses her job,she has to find something new to help her family. The jobcenter suggest a caring job for a local young man and Lou isn't sure she can do it. It is a temporary assignment which would only last 6 months so she takes the risk and takes it. When she meets Will and realizes what her real job is aka giving him back his will to life her determination to do just that is spiked and she gives her best.

Will is a quadriplegic and his life is ruled by his body's condition. He's dependant on outside help and he hates every second of it. His life before the accident was a very active one- he was always looking for the next adrenaline high. A life full of adventures and risks. Now he has lost all of this including his will to live and he actually only waits for his suffering to end. He knows what he wants- his plan is to visit a hospiz in Switzerland to do what he wouldn't be allowed to do in his home-country.

There are so many things I adored in this book. I loved to see how realistically the relationship between Lou and Will developed. The slow building up of their connection eases you into the story- you take this whole journey into a foreign world together with Lou. Ms Mojes seems to have researched Quadriplegia intensively and the background information we get piece by piece was eye opening for me. I also loved that actually not the things Lou plotted out to get Will back to enjoy life worked but that actually her character did. Her spirit and while demeanor is the key.She is not afraid to tell him the truth- bluntly and honest without hesitating of fear to hurt his feelings.
I also liked how the side cast and their stories were seamlessy woven into the story but never stole the spotlight from the main theme.

My biggest problem with the book is actually a bit of a spoilery topic. So skip this if you plan to read this book and want to be unbiased while doing so.

When I got the chance to receive this book I read a bit about it and I thought it would be an optimistic book. About finding the pleasure of life again, finding new hope and all. For me a 'romantic' read isn't this sad and the end seriously killed the book for me. I read for hours in the whee hours of the morning and then the end hit me so hard I couldn't take it. I was devasted and well here this book succeded- it really touched me deep inside and made me cry for hours. But sadly it also ruined the whole reading experience for me. Now when I think of Me Before You I remember the end and well not much of the rest. Perhaps it's just me being a pampered romance reader but I couldn't shake off the emotional intensity Ms Moyes build over the whole book so easily.

Me Before You will grab you and wrench every last tear out of your body. It didn't only make me cry though- there are also some very funny and sweet moments in this book. I really enjoyed the book but the romance reader in me is wishing that I would have never read the end. If you love the sweetness and happiness of romance novels this one might not be for you but if you love the emotional intensity no matter if good or bad grab this one- it is a wonderfully crafted emotional roller-coaster ride.
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am 21. April 2016
Normalerweise habe ich das nur, wenn ich wieder die besonders intelligente Idee hatte, einen Horrorfilm alleine zu sehen.
Aber hiernach?
Definitiv Katzenvideos.
Während die kleinen, flauschigen Viecher stolperten und mauzten, habe ich geheult wie ein Schlosshund und zwar 30 Minuten nachdem ich das Buch weggelegt habe. Als ich schon die letzte Stunde während des Lesens geflennt habe.
Und dieses Bekenntnis kommt von jemanden, der sonst nicht sehr nah am Wasser gebaut ist und über die meisten romantischen Geschichten zynisch die Nase rümpft.

Was kann so schrecklich sein?
Das Fiese ist, es entwickelt sich schleichend. Die Geschichte spielt sich so realistisch ab, ist so nahe am Leben (kein Sie-haben-sich-drei-Sekunden-gesehen-und-waren-verliebt-für-alle-Ewigkeit) und beinhaltet so viele schwierige und kontroverse Themen, gemischt mit locker leichten Szenen und Dingen, die eben tatsächlich passieren können, dass ich einfach hineingesogen wurde. Jeder Charakter war nachvollziehbar und plastisch, auch wenn ich sie nicht alle mochte. Dazu kommt diese recht einfache, sehr direkte Art von Moyes zu schreiben (habe das Buch auf Englisch gelesen), dass ich keine Distanz mehr hatte und dem Ganzen vollkommen ausgeliefert war.

Tja und als das Ende kam...
Nun, das wird jeder für sich sehen.
Ich empfehle Taschentücher und das Lesen in einer ruhigen, privaten Umgebung, außer es macht euch nichts aus, im Bus oder Zug zu heulen.
Achja, und Katzenvideos. Flauschige, süße Katzenvideos.
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am 12. März 2012
The cover that this book comes with (kindle edition in 2012) is a complete disaster for me, because it makes you think this book is just another romantic chick lit easy read. I don't want to give away too much of the plot, but this novel does not give you easy answers or quick fixes.

The basic storyline is that Lou Clerk, 26, loses her job in her little hometown and the only new job she can get is that of the carer of Will, a 35-year-old depressed and very cranky quadriplegic. She finds it hard to connect with him and even thinks of quitting the job but her family's situation won't allow for this.
Lou soon finds out that her job is really to keep Will from inflicting harm on himself. The rest of the story revolves around this topic.

It may be marketed as a romance novel, because slowly there are the first stirrings of tender feelings between Lou and Will. But there are really many more topics and the novel speaks of the right of individuals to live up to their full potential and not to be held back: by traumatic experiences, by poverty in Lou's case. It speaks about the need to respect the will of an individual, even if that be against common morals, in Will's case.

It is a novel about two people giving to each other what each of them needs most and to help them to respect their wishes about how they want to live.

SPOILER ALERT - in the next part I'm going to discuss some aspects of the ending, without giving it away. I will tell you whether I think it is a sad or happy ending.
Another reviewer said she cried her eyes out at the end. I did feel a few tears roll down my cheeks too. But although this novel has no traditional happy ending, I had a good feeling reading the end: the sentiment of dignity and the right to one's own decisions and the sense of supporting someone you love even against your own wishes sometimes - all these things were well presented.

All in all, definitely worth reading. It comes along as a mere romance novel, but it is much better than the cover indicates. The language is nothing fancy and there is no attempt to make it sound poetic or super literary - but it is still absolutely decent, adequate, rather good language with a good flow and no blunders - modest language you might say that hides the literary quality of this novel with its well organized plot, the profound themes, and the very well rounded host of characters.
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am 13. August 2016
I expected to love this book - after all, I'd seen the movie first and have to say: it really caught me off-guard. No, not because of the end (I'd been tipped-off by an interview with Emilia Clarke), but because it hit me so hard. I'm not normally into chick-flics, so it really came as a surprise. Admittedly, the months beforehand had been very tough. I don't want to go into details, but for over a year, nearly everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. I was lonely, disappointed, disillusioned, and after having tried to dust myself off time and again, I started asking myself "what's the point?" It felt like my former fire and incredible ambition had been extinguished and I didn't want to try anything anymore, not even going out, if I could at all avoid it. I guess "Me before you" was the slap in the face that finally knocked me out of my bitter state of self-pity with some badly-needed perspective. Compared to Will, my fate is hardly terrible. Or, at the very least, I still have the option to turn things around, without relying on others for basically everything. And watching Louisa who is so full of life and her attempt at re-engaging Will's own zest for life through her calendar of adventures made me realize that actually, there still is a lot I want to do. After seeing the movie, I did feel a new respect for the preciousness of life and the fact that it can be turned upside-down in a matter of seconds. I decided to stop wasting my time and started getting back into the world, going on my own adventures and since the movie is a bit superficial, I thought I would have to go deeper and actually read the book.
You'd think that considering this, I'd have to give this book a five-star review. And I fully expected to do so.
**Few outright spoilers, but some are implied - read at your own risk**
After all, I mostly like Moyes' writing style and even though Louisa is a bit of a damsel in distress, I found her utterly charming. I read the book faster than most and it has certainly stuck with me longer than other recent reads. The setting is beautiful, many conversations feel realistic and I learned a lot about quads - both about the realities of the condition (which are even more awful than I'd previously thought) but also the possibilities. The calendar of adventures was still my favorite part, even though Louisa's attempts were riddled with unnecessary issues and we only get to see a handful of them (the rest is dealt with in a paragraph the equivalent of a movie montage). And as someone with a strong opinion on euthanasia, I think it's great that this book prompts people to consider their own stance on the issue and possibly engage in a public debate.
That said, there were issues I couldn't get over once the brilliant actors and emotional music weren't present to distract me.
For one, I really, really disliked the portrayal of Patrick a.k.a. "Running man". We're made to hate him and his running almost from the get-go and I couldn't help but think "why?!" I know that Lou and him are in a convenient relationship and certainly not right for each other, but I can't help but feel the constant scoffing about his triathlon endeavor feels like it was written by someone not very athletic for people who are not very athletic. For one thing, triathletes do not live on salad - these people need two to three times the calories that ordinary people eat and couldn't survive, let alone be competitive on the diet portrayed in this book. As much as I get him being a jerk, I also cannot understand why Patrick is made out to be the dull one. Unlike Louisa, who was in a dead-end job with no ambition and not a single hobby, Patrick is a self-made man with a hobby he adores and trains hard to become the best he can be. I'm an amateur runner with less talent in my whole body than Michael Phelps in his little finger, but I think that a lack of talent should never stop you from challenging yourself. There is no mention of how great it feels to be out in the elements, how you can sometimes feel like you're flying at the end of a run, how very alive it makes you feel to stand at the starting line of a race. Instead, it's implied that Patrick's efforts were for nothing because he didn't place highly enough in a race. Talk about someone not getting the point of exercise. I feel like Patrick was only there to create drama, the author really was not invested in him at all.
I also have to agree with another reviewer who asked, just how Will was all that different? Patrick is bossy, sometimes selfish and distant, but so is Will. In fact, it bothers me greatly that in 2016, the ideal of so many women still seems to be that of a rich, arrogant alpha male who will tell them how to live their lives. Thankfully, he is sometimes told off for being so incredibly patronizing, but it hardly changes his behavior. His biggest issue with being a quad is that everyone makes assumptions of him and his life, yet he believes to know everything better. It's not a very endearing quality, to be honest and he really is cold in the end. I'm not sure why anyone would consider this a great romance - she clearly loves him, but I very much doubt that he really loves her.
Louisa is still charming in the book, but I have to say, I did not like her backstory. I guess it was meant to add depth to her, but really: I have seen this plot used too many times. And if you're going with such an extreme trauma, then please do it with the seriousness it demands, not superficially like here. One does not get over something like this just because of a single line. (I was very much underwhelmed by the entire scene - I would have at least expected Will to curse those awful "men" and just generally have a stronger reaction). Her family drama was also quite tedious after a while; I just wanted to smack her awful sister and her annoying nephew. Louisa only learning to use the internet at the library for the first time was also unbelievable, even if she is a working class girl. And seriously, am I supposed to believe that a twenty-six-year-old has never even thought about what she wants from life? I can fully understand not knowing, but never even pondering the question? I'm getting as bored of the utterly unambitious female leads having no vision as I am of the alpha males who come to save them in so many popular books.
I also find it hard to believe that someone as wealthy as Will's parents would not have consulted professionals to install top-notch equipment for their son the second they learned of his injuries. It took Louisa to google a device that would allow him to use a computer? Really?
I very much disliked the random point-of-views - I really do not think that anything at all was gained by diverting from Lou's perspective, especially as we hear from secondary characters instead of Will.
The book's "message" in the end really isn't as deep as I'd wanted it to be either. "Just live". Yeah, sounds great on tumblr, but what does that even mean? Most of the adventures undertaken take a whole lot of money and of course, Louisa is left with a whole lot of cash. Her new-found vision of pursuing a degree is literally the first suggestion Will made and she just jumped on it,without ever considering whether she really has the talent to make this a viable career. In this regard, I find the first chapter (decided to quit afterwards) of "After You" quite telling - "living well" sounds so easy, but Moyes clearly struggled - as do most real-life people - with filling that phrase with a satisfying choice of action.
I guess that my main issue - and the reason that I didn't get nearly as emotional as I perhaps should have - is that I felt like the author was manipulating me. I find an interview (included on the kindle version of this book) very telling in this regard: Moyes fully acknowledges that her books are not meant to be read for high-quality dialogue but for tearjerking moments and she hopes to make readers cry. The problem with planning a story to get a reaction is that it can feel forced and unauthentic. Apart from the plot being highly predictable (as I said, one single interview comment explaining what the movie was about had made me realize in an instant how this story would end), there were very insincere moments and lines that simply didn't make any sense in the given context. I would have had no problem with either choice but having the character say one thing that is simply intended to be highlighted by many readers angers me when it clearly doesn't go with the same characters' actions.
Yes, I know, I am an overly analytical type. And I can understand why people love this book. It clearly made me think hard about a lot of things - I'm not sure if that's the problem or if it's a symptom of the book just not having enough emotional pull to make me shut off my brain and enjoy the story. Without the on-screen chemistry and emotional Ed Sheeran soundtrack, I found the book a lot less charming.
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am 29. Dezember 2012
ich liebe dieses buch.
die geschichte berührt auf so vielen ebenen.
es wühlt auf, regt zum nachdenken an und lässt einen durch so viele emotionen gehen. wie die zwei hauptcharaktere zusammenfinden und wie sich ihre geschichte entwickelt, ist einmalig. ich werde dieses buch irgendwann wieder lesen und bin mir sicher, dass es mich wieder so berühren wird. vor allem bringt es mich dazu, meine eigenen entscheidungen überdenken und hinterfragen.
außerdem beeindruckt mich, dass das buch nicht mit einem "happy end" endet, obwohl das vielleicht zu erwarten war. es bleibt authentisch und beschönigt nicht. wir leiden mit den charakteren mit und reflektieren unser eigenes denken und handeln.
ich kann dieses buch jedem ans herz legen. es ist wundervoll und traurig und spannend.
mit anderen worten: MENSCHLICH. unbedingt lesen!
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"I just want to be a man who has been to a concert with a girl in a red dress. Just for a few minutes more."

Die 26jährige Louisa hat ihren Job verloren und der einzige neue Job, den sie bekommen kann - und auf dessen Geld sie dringend angewiesen ist -, ist die Pflege des 35jährigen Will. Dieser liebte seinen Job, Abenteuer, Reisen und Frauen - bis er vor zwei Jahren einen Unfall hatte und nun ab dem Hals gelähmt ist. Louisa ist konfrontiert mit einem Mann, der keine Freude mehr am Leben hat.

Allzu viel möchte ich gar nicht zur Story selbst verraten. Auf jedenfall ist das Buch keine Liebesgeschichte. Sicher ist Liebe ein Thema in dem Buch, da z.B. Louisas Beziehung mit ihrem Freund Patrick nicht so toll läuft, aber das ist nicht das Hauptthema. Vielmehr geht es um das Leben, die Erwartungen an das Leben und wann ein Leben nicht mehr lebenswert ist - sowie moralische Überlegungen zum Thema, ob man ein Leben selbst beenden darf, dies unterstützen soll, etc. ... also keine leichte Kost.

Die Charaktere sind liebevoll ausgearbeitet und ich habe das Buch wirklich gerne gelesen. Mitgefühlt und mitgelitten. Dennoch erschien mir manches etwas langezogen - das ist nicht total negativ gemeint, aber insgesamt hat mir etwas die Bindung zum Buch gefehlt.

Etwas störend fand ich es auch, dass das Buch zumeist aus der Ich-Perspektive von Louisa geschildert wird und es aber einige Kapitel aus der Sicht von anderen Charakteren gab (z.B. Camilla, Wills Mutter). Dies war für mich irritierend und hat mich aus dem Storyfluß geworfen. Wenn die Autorin schon Kapitel aus einer anderen Perspektive einfügen will, dann hätte ich mir hier doch Kapitel aus Wills Sichtweise gewünscht. Hiernach sucht man jedoch vergebens. Schade.

Insgesamt war ich von diesem Buch positiv überrascht. Es kann berühren und das gibt natürlich einen dicken Pluspunkt. Haltet die Taschentücher bereit - die kann man bei diesem Buch wirklich brauchen.

FAZIT: Für mich kein perfektes Buch, aber auf jedenfall ein Buch, das Emotionen wecken kann. Außerdem wird ein sensibles Thema behandelt und das macht das Buch ebenfalls lesenswert. 4 Sterne hiefür!
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am 22. Juli 2013
... wäre ich nicht mehr da.

Ja, ich neige zu Gefüglsausbrüchen, aber eher nicht bei Büchern.
Aber hier schon. Und wie.

Warum? Da gibt es viele Gründe.

1. Weil Jojo Moyes es mit Worten geschafft hat, mich bis ins Innerste zu berühren.

2. Weil ihre Erzählweise und Formulierungen nie aufgesetzt oder gewollt wirken.

3. Weil die Charaktere so greifbar, echt und glaubwürdig sind, dass man am Ende des Buches wirklich davon überzeugt ist, sie zu kennen, so als würde man sich im Laufe der Kapitel mit ihnen anfreunden. Mehr noch. Sie lieben lernen.

4. Weil man Will durch Lous Augen sieht, also auch seine Stärken gemeinsam mit ihr kennenlernt. Und gerade weil man ihn durch ihre Augen sieht, kommt man nicht umhin, sich in ihn zu verlieben - mit all seinen Facetten. Man verfällt seinem Geist, seinem Intellekt, dem Zynismus und seinem Humor.

5. Weil die Geschichten der beiden Hauptfiguren so unterschiedlich sind, sie sich aber dennoch (oder gerade deswegen) so wunderbar ergänzen. Die verschiedenen Hintergründe, die Lebensgeschichten und die Tatsache, dass Lou und Will sich unter anderen Umständen wohl nie kennengelernt, geschweigedenn gemocht hätten, fand ich wirklich spannend.

6. Weil die zwei Portraits dieser beiden sehr verschiednenen Familien und familiären Hintergründe so genial gezeichnet sind.

7. Weil ich während des Buches immer wieder laut lachen musste (was mir wirklich selten beim Lesen passiert...).

8. Weil mich die (Liebes-)Geschichte von Will und Lou unbeschreiblich berührt hat. Am Ende habe ich mich fast in Tränen aufgelöst.

FAZIT: Ich bin wirklich kritisch, aber 'Me Before You' ist ein absolut fantastisches Buch - unbedingt LESEN - ich werde es bestimmt wieder tun!!
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am 1. Januar 2017
Absolut umwerfend und viel zu schön um es nur zu verschenken - selbst lesen ist ein absolutes MUSS!!! Ich bin so verzaubert, dass ich mir auch direkt den zweiten Teil geholt habe - fesselnd und spannend, rührend und manchmal auch traurig, dabei aber auch immer lustig und sehr charmant!!!
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am 1. September 2013
Honestly, I don't understand what the fuss is all about. Yes, it made me quite tearful sometimes, but cry my way through several tissue boxes? Hm, I have to admit I cried much more at the death of Albus Dumbledore (in fact, I wept for a couple of hours after finishing that chapter and just couldn't stop...). Maybe I missed the crucial parts in this book, or it is because I'm working in a hospital and therefore confronted with some of the book's topics more often than others, or I'm simply not as "romantic" as you obviously have to be to let this story get to you. To say the truth, I was often a little bored and just finished the book to see whether the author would at least let Will stick to his choice in the end. What was really annoying throughout the whole story was that some things just didn't make sense, like for example, why does Will have to be moved into Louisa's room on Mauritius? Surely Nathan would have his own room on a posh Holiday like they have, wouldn't he? Or does he have to sleep on the floor in Will's room for 10 days to make sure he wouldn't commit suicide? And if so, why isn't there anyone sleeping at his place back in England at nights to keep an eye on him? The story just seemed awfully constructed to me and didnŽt really touch me.
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am 4. September 2016
Ja, "Me Before You" reißt mit. Die Protagonisten sind wunderbar getroffen: Mit Will wird das Dasein eines Querschnittgelähmten dreidimensional, seine Qual reißt mit, und Louisa ist eine herrliche Figur, mit der man mitfiebern kann. Der Roman ist meisterlich geschrieben, fesselnd erzählt, auch die Nebenfiguren glänzen.
Warum nur drei Sterne?
Mir hat die Tiefenstruktur des Plots wie ein Stein im Magen gelegen. Vor lauter Louisa-Louisa-Louisa und ihrem Blick auf die Dinge hätte ich beinahe übersehen, dass Wills Gedanken und Emotionen fast ausschließlich in Spiegelung durch Louisa wiedergegeben werden. Dass sie Will genauso wenig versteht wie alle anderen und immer zu wissen vermeint, was das Beste für Will ist, ist Teil der Geschichte. Aber dass Will als Figur immer mehr funktionalisiert wird - und von der Autorin schließlich sogar geopfert werden muss -, damit aus dem hässlichen Entlein der schöne Schwan werden kann, stieß mir im Lauf des Romans immer mehr auf. Für mich hat das die Botschaft des Buchs in seiner Wucht beeinträchtigt. Wenigstens gab es kein billiges Ende; andererseits war dieses Ende erforderlich, damit der Schwan mit den Flügeln schlagen kann.
Mir kam Will viel zu kurz, und die trivialen Nöte einer Louisa wurden zu sehr breitgetreten. Das Liebesgedöns war einfach nur furchtbar. Wie recht hatte da Louisas Schwester: das Grenzgebiet zum Tod lädt zu fehlgeleiteten Projektionen von Liebe ein, Herzschmerz (und Auflage) garantiert.
Leider leider nur 3 Sterne.
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