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Big Red Barn Board Book
Format: Pappbilderbuch|Ändern
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am 10. Juni 2000
There must be 1,000 kiddie farm books lurking out there, and I bet most of them are bad. *Big Red Barn*, however, is neither "kiddie" nor bad. The book seems to speak to the child; the tone is quiet, and, for once, we get to see farm animals and the farm on a day and night when "the children are away." This is an animal's view of the big red barn and the meadow around it. A deserted child's toy bucket serves the mouse as a place to look around. The corn grows not for the farmer (unmentioned in the tale), but to protect the newborn field mice. The scarecrow is exceptionally cheerful. The animals and their offspring squeal and low and bray and play and eat in the meadow. When darkness come, they wend their way back to the barn and curl up cozily, as the bats, their time come round, fly out of the hayloft.
The book works soothing wonders in effacing the farmer and his children, and lets us see a world we normally only imagine. I wager many a parent has fallen alseep with a child while reading this charming book -- everything is so safe, and so calming, as the vibrant colors of the day illustrations give way to those of dusk and night.
Bedtime books don't get much better than this.
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am 11. März 2000
This is one of Margaret Wise Browns best books, Children of any age will love it. The text flows beautifully without being too silly and the illustrations are great for children learning their animals. We've had this book since my son was ten months old and it is still one of his most favorite books, and even after reading this a million times it is still one of my most favorite childrens stories. How did I miss this one as a child?
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am 14. Oktober 1998
Margaret Wise Brown has turned prose into poetry with this beautifully-written children's story about a day in the life of animals. The rhythmic text lulls the little ones to sleep, and relaxes the grown ones for the remainder of the evening. Truly enchanting, it is fast becoming this new mother's favorite children's book.
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am 24. August 1999
This book is a gentle story of animals that live together in a big red barn and their daily activities. The text has a wonderfully flowing rhythm that my 2 year old can recite from memory. This is a wonderful bedtime story!
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am 8. Januar 2000
My 18 month old nephew loves pointing out and naming the animals in this book. He has somehow managed to destroy the binding, so when he's ready for the words I may buy him a new copy.
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am 30. Oktober 1999
This was my son's favorite book at around age 2. We used it as a night-night book saying good night to all the animals before going to bed. I have a tape of him at age 2 "reading" the book all by himself! The rhythmn and rhyme are beautifully written making it fun for the reader and listener , as well.
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am 24. Juni 2000
I cannot recommend this book enough. My two year loves it. She wants me read it to her every day before bedtime.
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am 3. November 1999
This is the book my four-year-old son wants to hear every night. He loves every kind of farm story, but this is his hands-down favorite. And will wonders never cease, after about a year of nightly readings, I'm not even sick of it (although I can recite it front to back).
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am 18. Juli 1998
My daughter loves animals and animal sounds. The Big Red Barn is one of her favorite books. This book is quieter than the Sandra Boynton books, and a good choice for cuddling up with at bedtime. After all the animals play in the great green field, the bats fly out of the barn, and soon the animals are all asleep in the Big Red Barn--except for the mice playing in the stack of hay.
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am 7. Oktober 1999
The book goes very good when one is doing a farm unit. Eventhou I teach in a farm community there is alot that my students do notsee on the farms of today.
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