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Alanna, ist eine meiner Lieblingscharas aus dem Tortalluniversum. ihre Abenteuer habe ich sowohl auf Deutsch als auch auf Englisch gerne gelesen.

Deshalb war es keine Frage, dass ich mir auch die Hörbücher zulege, sofern die Preise dafür vernünftig sind.

Jedoch war ich schon etwas überrascht, welche Wege der Verlag bei diesem Audiobook gegangen ist.

Trini Alvarado liest wie immer flüssig und gut. Die Stimmen, die sie den einzelnen Protagonisten zuweist, sind gut gewählt, man erkennt deutlich, ob Duke Gareth, oder Roger of Conté spricht oder Faithul, Allanas Katze.

Erzählt werden die letzen 2-3 Jahre, bevor Alanna sich der Ritterprüfung unterziehen muss. In vielen Situationen muss sie sich beweisen, ob beim Duell mit einem jungen Ritter aus Tusain, dem Krieg gegen das Nachbarland um die Ufer des Drell und der Frage, was sie eigentlich von ihrem Leben erwartet. Besonders dem Misstrauen gegenüber Roger, dass sie sich nicht erklären kann, aber dennoch immer unterschwellig fühlt, bestimmt ihr Leben.

Warum nur 4 Sterne, wenn es einem so gut gefällt?

Das hängt in erster Linie mit der Verpackung zusammen. Genau wie im ersten Teil ist das Hörbuch auf 4 CDs verteilt, die Verpackung jedoch ist so hoch, dass man 8 CDs reinstecken könnte und unter dem Audiobook befindet sich eine Plastikplatte, welche die andere Hälfte der Verpackung ausfüllt.

Darüber war ich schon sehr erstaunt! Wenn man eine Geschichte auf 4 CDs verteilt, dann hätte es auch eine flachere Hülle getan.

Ein anderer Grund ist, aber dies ist beinahe bei vielen Hörbücher von Listening Library der Fall, dass am Ende jemand vom Verlag darauf hinweist, wie wichtig Hörbücher für das Leseverständnis sind.

Es mag für einige wichtig sein, immer wieder darauf hinzuweisen, aber auf jedem 2. oder 3. Hörbüch des Verlages halte ich es für etwas übertrieben. Ein kleiner Hinweis auf dem Cover wäre schon angebracht. Und es fehlt mal wieder ein Booklet, das darlegt, wie sich die einzelnen Kapitel auf den 4 CDs verteilen.

4 Sterne für ein gutes Hörbuch und die Hoffnung, dass es noch besser werden kann.

Hört einfach mal rein. Viel Vergnügen ;-)
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am 1. Mai 1999
I really thought this book was going to go somewhere and as I got closer to the end, I was waiting for a great climax to the story. I was definitely disappointed in the end. Everything just kind of peters out and falls flat. I won't sum up the story .. that has been done before. However, I will say that I thought the book had some promise but after closing the cover I realized it was just an exercise in futility for me. All in all ... kinda blah.
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am 10. Januar 2013
Ich kann nicht mal sagen, wie oft ich es nun in den letzten Jahren gelesen habe. Sicherlich an die 50 mal oder sogar mehr, trotzdem nehme ich es immer wieder gern zu Hand.
Ich war zudem erstaunt über die unterschiede in den Übersetzungen. Daher empfehle ich jedem der Englisch kann oder auch sein eigenes Englisch verbesser möchte, es auch in Englisch zu lesen.
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am 6. November 1999
This is by far the best of all of the nine Tortall books. A lot of other readers summed up the plot, so I won't do that. I cannot tell you the number of times I have wished I were Alanna or Daine from the other Tortall quartet. I am thirteen years old, and have read each Tamora Pierce book four times. The publishers reccomend these books for nine to twelve year olds, but I do not agree. I would say that eleven to 111 would be more appropriate. I went into the library one day, hoping I could find a good book to read on that rainy afternoon. My eyes came to rest on the "P" shelf. The author "Tamora Pierce" jumped out at me. On closer inspection, I found I had found the start to the third Tortall quartet! (Protector of the Small, book one, First Test) Now, every time I go to the library I check the computer to be sure that I am the first one to put a hold on the second book as soon as it is written. I have also read the Circle of Magic quartet. Though not set in Tortall, it is wonderful as well, but geared for slightly younger readers. But, "In the Hand of the Goddess" still beats them all. There is plenty of romance, and Alanna is still young enough to relate to. I encourage any girl to collect and read all of these books. (Also, if you like Pierce, try Patricia C. Wrede) I got a little off track in this review, but it doesn't matter. Read and re-read all you can about Alanna, Daine and Kel. The excitement does not diminish at the fourth reading. UNBELIEVABLE! These books connect with my desire to live in a world of magic, as well as my desire to write. To all the budding writers out there, Keep trying!
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am 4. Februar 1999
Dear Team of the world, I personally think that Tamora Pierce's In the Hand of the Goddess is a brilliant book. If you don't agree with me, here are some good reasons why I like it. This book has a great plot that just pulls you in and won't let you go. Some people who can't appreciate fantasy writing might say it's boring, but I assure you, it is by no means boring. There are no lengthy, dull introductions that give billions of little details no one would in their right mind would actually be interested in. This book is not taking ideas from anywhere I have seen. It's a new and unique idea. This book has a great plot. The first page, you find out a little about the character Alanna (introduction). Then she meets the "Great Mother Goddess" (narrative hook). There is a duel, and then a war. During the war, Alanna is taken prisoner (this is all the rising action) and is rescued by the prince, Jonathan. Then she goes to her friend's house, the friend is a woman who lives in the city. There she learns to act like a girl. That result is that she falls in love with Jonathan. She eventually graduates from the Prince's squire to a knight. She discovers that Jonathan's cousin, the popular Duke Roger, is killing the queen. She exposes him and they fight to the death (climax). After she wins, her real identity exposed, she rides of to the desert to "spend the rest of the winter being warm". That plot grabs you and holds you until you're done. This book gets to the point. It's not boring and it doesn't drone on and on in the beginning. As in paragraph two, there is a lot of action. Alanna meets the goddess and beats a boasting knight in the first two chapters! She is the squire to the prince of Tortall, next in line for the crown. There are no long descriptions in the beginning , you go right out and meet Alanna. You learn things as you go along with the girl on her adventures while disguised as a boy. This book has a lot of new and unique ideas. I found a review done by an unnamed fantasy fan, who said, "I liked it because it was a different kind of fantasy." Another reviewer, who gave her name as Ann said, "This book is an outstanding, heart lifting adventure that will make you want to read it again and again." I kept wishing that there were more books like Tamora's outstanding quartet, and since I read a lot, there can't be that many!! This book introduces new types of magic, new people, talking cats whom you only hear when it wants you to, and new gods. I say that those ideas are very unique from any I have read before. Naturally, there are some of you out there that would criticize this book. Susan Faust said, "The story in readable, romantic, robust, but in many ways pedestrian in it's vision." In English, the book is for the slow-minded. Actually, I would rate this book as very complexed. I had a job figuring out how the war was fought and where exactly Alanna was going. It is NOT for the slow-minded at all. Susan also states, "She is a warrior-maiden, but her perspective is narrow, herself and her king." Now if you are going to criticize a great book, could you at least be correct? The king is barely mentioned in the book, it's the prince Alanna looks after. Also, Jon is not the only one she worries about, she wonders if any of her other friends are going to live through the next battle in the war for the valley. She half killed herself to find her friend Thor! An unknown reviewer said, "In this doldrums sequel, Alanna battles a bit, flings with the king and all in all whines and complains that her life is the best." Again, it's the PRINCE she "flings with"! Another thing I don't understand about that quote is; how do you "whine and complain" that your life is the best? Doldrums, by the way, means boring. If you thinks so too, please go back to the second and third paragraphs! There are tons of things going on in the book that are NOT boring at all!! This book is great because it has unique ideas, is action-packed from the beginning, and has a captivating plot line. If you read this book, you may end up getting fencing lessons, calling yourself Alanna, your mean arch-enemy Roger, and your boyfriend Jonathan.
Megan Ligas Carmen Arace Middle School Bloomfield, CT
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am 26. Juli 2000
Tamora Pierce has beautifully written several series of books. My favorite being the series following Alanna, the Lioness. I first began reading these books when I was 12. I am now 27, and I have read these books over and over as a source of motivation. Like Alanna, I too became a "Warrior-Maiden" todays "WM" being a Woman Marine! As with many Marines, I wanted a tatoo which would depict my pride as a warrior. I asked my best friend to design it for me and in doing so I read him the Lioness collection so that his design might capture the image in my mind (and heart). He loved the story too, and a year later we got married. We have a daughter now. I named her Alanna Alessandra. She will be a year old this August--a Leo! I have already read them to her as well. It is my hope that my daughter will also face life with the same perseverance, courage and integrity of her namesake. Thank you Tamora, your books have brought me happiness in so many ways.---Cpl Z.Dacquel Ochoa, USMC
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am 1. April 1998
"In the Hand of the Goddess" is the stunning sequel to "Alanna: The First Adventure". This book was so incredibly breath-taking, I found myself gasping at every turn. The characterisations are superb, embedded in a well-developed plot set in a believable world.
Alanna is the young, secretly female squire of the heir to the Tortallen throne. She struggles with her identity, visitations from divinities and the love of her best friends and gradually discovers herself. She faces her nemisis in the oily Duke Roger, and.....
The characters in this book bear notice because they cannot be neatly classified, as the one-dimensional characters in so many modern books so neatly show us. The world is completely believable, from the gods and goddesses to the common people. Tamara Pierce ought to be commended for her excellent work in this genre, allowing it to become something more than shallow entertainment. This book is a gem; do yourself a favour and get it today!!
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am 20. Februar 2000
Why are all you reviewers so harsh on this book? it was an exciting read and I finished it in a day. Oh sure, there was romance in it but why not? It gave the book something more than just your typical brave hero book.
This book has an awesome quality to it. It combines magic, suspence, drama, action, and romance (all you people who thought that shouldn't have been there shouldn't have read the book!). The characters are depicted so well that you can almost think that you are in the book and standing next to Alanna as she goes through everything.
I think this book was written wonderfully and there is no doubt in my mind that any one could have thought of it in a horrible way. I loved this book and the ntire series and all the other books that Tamora Pierce has written. It's a page turner and a definitely stay-up-until-the-middle- of-the-night-to-finish-book. All you readers who have loved every other series that Pierce has written will definately love this series too.
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am 9. Februar 1999
If you want to buy this book(and you better!) , GET IT! I've read this book about..............OVER 100 TIMES!!!! And I'm not exagerating! Look I write stories too, mostly continuations on to any book I've read, and Tamora Pierce's novles are out of this world! I mean, I couldn't even begin to imagian a continuation of her books, so I haven't( Which was a start for me!). Her books are so real, they pull you in to Alanna's world and into Diane's world.She makes you feel like the words are not there and that your RIGHT there in Alanna's world with her. Either as a fellow page/squire/knight and your right there with her. Its amazing that someone can do that with some paper, ink, and an idea in their head.In my 12 years of reading books about magic, mid-evil times, and other things, never have I read a book by an athuor who has pulled me into the main characters world as much as Tamora Pierce has with this Quartet. If you've never read this book, you should. Its really great.
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am 23. November 1997
In The Hand of The Goddess is one of my all-time favorite books. Adventure, action, deceit, truth, magic, friends, evil,-- every thing is in this book, told in a wy to draw you into it and grab you. This book is about a girl, Alanna, disguised as a boy at court. As if that isn't hard enough, two men who have discovered her identity are determined to become her lovers. then there's Duke Roger. Every one likes him, loves him. The uncle of the prince, the greatest sorcerer alive. Charm, wit. Alanna hates him, hates him with something she cannot understand. She is a Chosen of the Great Mother Goddess. She must slay the Queen's favorite nephew, befor the Duke purposely destroys the Queen, the King, then the Prince. And after the prince the next in line for the thrown is Duke Roger. Alanna failed to act in her first book, Alanna: The First Adventure. Will she now?
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