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am 26. April 1999
I'm a gay male who purchased a copy of Betty's book for my own reading. By the time I was done, I bought two more copies - one for my parents and another for my sister. I realized that they might benefit from a book written from "their" point of view.
It's so important that messages like Betty's get out to the world. Not just the gay and lesbian world, but the world in general. Simply put - "Love one another."
I can only hope and wish that Oprah or some other high-profile media outlet picks up a copy and gives this book the promotion it deserves.
Isn't it funny how when kids are growing up, we tell them all just how special they are.... And then when they go and show just how special they are - what our responses can be.
Thank you Betty, for writing a book from your heart and soul. Nothing like this could be easy, and I thank you again for telling such a personal story so that it might benefit others.
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am 5. Januar 2000
Noch nie zuvor hatte ich ein Buch gelesen, das einer Beziehung zwischen Mutter und Tochter so unendlich viel Liebe, Mitgefühl, Offenheit, Toleranz, Ehrlichkeit und Akzeptanz entgegenbringt und mit so viel Engagement und Verständnis die gay community unterstützt. So zeigt Betty's Biographie u.a. wie sie aufgrund ihrer doch konservativen Herkunft lernen mußte, Ellen's Outing zu verstehen, wie ihre Verhältnis zu Vance, Ellen und Anne ist und was ihr die Arbeit für die Human Rights Campaign bedeutet. Ich hätte nie gedacht, daß sich Betty mit dem HRC so für uns einsetzt und kämpft. Es lohnt sich auf alle Fälle, dieses Buch zu lesen, allein um zu erfahren, was für eine wundervolle Frau sie ist.
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am 29. März 1999
As a straight man who had to come to terms with having a gay family member, I could really relate to DeGeneres' description of going through a process of acceptance that didn't happen overnight. This is a book I will buy for other family members who haven't gotten to that place yet. I also enjoyed reading about the development of Ellen's career from a parent's point of view. The book is hard to put down -- funny, uplifting, moving -- with a message about tolerance I hope to pass on to my young son.
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am 30. Juni 2014
Dieses Buch sollten in erster Linie Eltern homosexueller Kinder lesen.
Der Weg, den Ellen de Generes Mutter zurücklegte, von der konservativen Hausfrau zur Aktivitstin für Schwulen- und Lesbenrechte, ist unglaublich und macht all denen Mut, die nicht wissen, wie sie mit diesem Thema umgehen sollen.
Im Moment im englischen Original verfügbar, aber gut verständlich geschrieben.
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am 29. August 1999
This book was an excellent source of encouragement and education for those who are gay and their family members. Betty Degeneres looks at sexuality and the issues that it brings in society today. She speaks of her journey after finding out her daughter Ellen is gay and the acceptance and closeness that came along afterwards through the years. This book is excellent reading for anyone with gay family members or friends, and for those of us who are still struggling with our own sexuality. I loved this book! Thank you Betty!
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am 24. Oktober 2013
This book will become a favorite to everyone who has a kind and loving nature. No matter what your sexual orientation, or your gender identity is. Betty is an example for an Everyday Mom who comes from a "normal" family, questioning what normal is and what is not. From a lovingly and conservatively raised young girl we, as readers, accompany Betty on her life journey. She doesn't miss to include many touching examples of everyday heroes she has met. The only thing I miss is the follow-up book :)
Betty's "Love, Ellen" is true, honest and touching. Making you laugh and cry and wonder. A book for everyone with a heart!
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am 7. September 1999
As I read the book, 'Love, Ellen,' which was written by Ellen Degeneres' mother, Betty, the words stirred memories deep inside of me. I first laughed. I then cried. I was unquestionably moved.
Like Betty, my mother was brought up in the same generation and in a family with conservative values. Issue were not addressed. The 'G' and 'L' words were unspoken and closeted. It was the 'don't ask, don't tell policy,' where your secrets and feelings were stored in your inner vault.
Throughout 'Love, Ellen,' Betty leads the reader on a journey from a mother's perspective seemingly through the stages of grief, ranging from denial: 'Even as I tried to understand, I was in a state of denial. 'But Ellen, boys have always liked you, and you're so popular. You just need to meet the right one.'' anger: ''..Are you sure?' The question hung in the air. It sounded judgmental. I softened it, saying, 'I mean, couldn't this just be a phase?'' bargaining: 'I understand that my disappointment was not for Ellen. It was for me. I was the one whose marriages hadn't worked out according to expectations. Why on earth should she have to fulfill my dreams? Why not love her and support her as she fulfilled her own?' depression: '...Ellen never had an engagement picture in my hometown paper...I had always fantasized about seeing Ellen's picture there and about her marrying some fine man about myself as being the proud mother of the bride...I felt as if a dream had been shattered.'
...through the acceptance stage: 'Like most parents, I went through a process. It took me time to think about this, to sort out what was important, to get past my terrible ignorance and learn about homosexuality. Though somewhat familiar with the myths and fallacies that are all two common, I need to learn the facts. Two of the most important facts I would learn were, first of all, that as a rule people don't choose to be homosexual; and second, that being gay is normal and healthy. But embracing these truths would take time.'
I enjoyed 'Love, Ellen so much that I gave my mother a copy for Mother's Day with the inscription: 'I don't want you to blame yourself for my sexual orientation. It's not your fault. It's not my fault. I want you to accept it because you love me... because I want you to be part of my life and I'm your daughter. And I believe 'One of the nicest things about being mother and daughter is that one day you discover you've turned into friends.''
Julie L. Shaffer was homegrown in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and she has been recently transplanted in Seattle via a John Deere tractor. Apparently, Julie has a collection of wonderful implements. That's farm implements, you know.
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am 5. April 1999
Being french, I have followed the coming out of Ellen through newspapers and TV (CNN mostly) and a friend who sent me THE episode. I must say that I admire Ellen Degeneres more than anyone else. I also am always amazed at the look of love that Betty Degeneres shows towards Ellen and Anne and though this love should be the norm, it often is not. I've never talked to my mother the way Ellen did but I love my mother more than anyone in the world. I think she knows but I still don't know how to tell her. I hope that a french translation of this book will exist and I can offer it to her. I think it's the perfect book for non gays and gays, for individuals and familys. If Betty DeGeneres goal was to open eyes, minds and hearts, I can assure you that she has succeeded. I often cried reading the book and I must say that the letter written by Ellen to her mother on page 8 was terrible for me to read. The love between them is so strong that it made me feel strong too...Thank you Betty DeGeneres and thank you Ellen.
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am 30. September 1999
As a gay teen it's very hard to try and find somone to relate to. This book did just that. Starting with the beginning of Betty's life, right up until very recently, Betty told her story. It was truely an inspiration. It gave me the courage to finally come out to my mother, and more friends. It changed my outlook on certain things, it definantly gave me hope. I feel much more comforatable with myself and the people I'm around now. Although I still have a long way to go, much has changed for the better. It was the best thing I could think of to give my mother. Even though the book is more targteted to parents, not just of gay children, it is still a great thing for teens and young adults to read, not just gay teens and adults. BUY THIS BOOK!
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am 12. Dezember 2013
Das Buch ließt sich sehr gut ( auch für nicht Muttersprachler). Tolle interessante Storyline , mit guten Einblick in die Familie. Teilweise zu viele Ratgeber, die es nur in den USA gibt.

Würde jetzt gern die Fortsetzung lesen ... Aber die gibt es ja nicht, oder?
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