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am 18. August 2015
Arnold Schwarzenegger hat hier mit Bill Dobbins das ausführlichste und beste Bodybuilding-Buch geschrieben, das es überhaupt auf dem Markt gibt. Es ist einfach alles enthalten: Die Geschichte des Bodybuilding, die Grundlagen, die Trainingsprinzipien, Intensitätstechniken, Trainingsprogramme, Übungen für die einzelnen Muskelgruppen, Wettkampfvorbereitung, Posing, Wertungskriterien der Punktrichter, Motivation & Psychologie, Ernährung, Nahrungsergänzungen, Steroide, Verletzungen u.v.m. - Völlig zu Recht heißt dieses Buch Enzyklopädie, denn etwas Umfassenderes zum Thema gibt es nicht.

Das Buch ist bebildert mit zahlreichen Abbildungen und Fotos, leider alle nur in schwarz-weiß. In Farbe wäre das Buch noch viel schöner.

Einziger Wermutstropfen ist für die deutschsprachigen Leser, dass man selbst mit guten Englischkenntnissen viele Wörter nachschlagen muss und die Texte nicht am Stück runterlesen kann, dafür sind sie einfach zu anspruchsvoll. Wer aber bereit ist, sich durch die weit über 700 Seiten mit einem Wörterbuch durchzukämpfen, wird einen erheblichen Gewinn an Kenntnissen erlangen und von vielen Erfahrungen des Ausnahmeathleten Schwarzenegger profitieren. Aus meiner Sicht ist es unschädlich, dass das Buch schon etwas älter ist. Im Bodybuilding ist in den letzten 20 Jahren das Rad nicht neu erfunden worden.

Eine Autobiographie ist dieses Buch übrigens nicht, es geht alleine um Bodybuilding. Wer etwas über Arnold als Schauspieler oder Gouverneur lesen will, muss auf andere Werke zurückgreifen.

Für Leser mit guten Englischkenntnissen eine klare Kaufempfehlung. Wer nur einfaches Schulenglisch kann, möge mit Vorsicht herangehen.
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am 16. November 2012
Ein wirklich dickes und umfangreiches Buch zum Thema Bodybuilding.
Im Buch ist alles wesentliche enthalten, die Geschichte hinter dem Sport im Verlauf der Zeit, die Wettkämpfe werden Stück für Stück analysiert und es werden
Tipps gegeben falls man selbst an einem Wettkampf teilnehmen möchte. Dazu stellt man noch verschiedene Trainingsarten vor und beschäftigt sich mit den einzelnen Muskelgruppen sowie den dazugehörigen Übungen. Es werden Tipps für Beginner, Fortgeschrittene und Profis gegeben und man erhält auch viele Anregungen zum Thema Posing.
Ein weiteres Kapitel ist die Ernährung im Bodybuilding, welche sehr gut behandelt wird doch meines Erachtens nicht mehr ganz aktuell ist.

Alles in allem ist dies das wohl umfassendste Werk zum Bodybuilding welches es derzeit gibt. Empfehlenswert auch für nicht Bodybuilder!
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am 7. Juni 2000
I am a personal trainer with 3 certifications, 2 from ACE and one from the Baylor Institute of Medicine. I beleive this book is worth every penny and then some. It is written in a nice and easy to read style. If you are well read on the body and enjoy exploring new techniques or need to master old ones, this is the book. I loved learning about who he was and how he faced his challenges in his career and how used his mind to focus his energy for his success in building an awesome body. You will learn so much from the book, from how to be focused,picking a gym,a partner,diet,nutrition and of course how to buil the altimate body. I do not do steroids and I strongly believe that wheather you are trying to learn some basic techniques or trying to compete in body building this book is by far the best one. I have read a lot of books I gaurantee you that if you read this you will learn, grow(metally and physically) and enjoy the stories of how body building and how lifting weights came to life. He does not spend to much time on the history of body building but he does educate you a bit on it in the beggining.I think it is nice to know s little history on the subject. Last Note: Get the hardcover book (it is very nice) and read this book before you decide to go the Frank Zane route.
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am 21. März 2000
If you are loking for a book to teach you not only the basics of bodybuilding, but also to inspire you into changing the shape of your body, then look no further. This encyclopedia tells you everything you ever wanted to know about building your body, but also how to lose fat, and keep it off. Nobody did it like arnold, so when you buy this book, you know that you are getting advice from the worlds best. The book gives an insight into the history of competitive body building, and the photo's of arnold and some of his stories which demonstrate his unbelievable level of determination and willpower is enough to motivate anyone into taking up an exercise program tomorrow. But this book isn't just for people who want to become muscle-bound...anyone who ever wondered about the structure of the human body, what makes it grow, what makes you lose fat, then this encyclopedia will keep you engrosed for days - Arnold has put together a wonderful book to read - not only that, but it will inspire you to make changes in your lifestyle, and teach you how to use your most powerful weapon...your mind. The lessons taught in this book will not only help you in the gym, but also in everyday life....The only point i would warn you about, is that the exercise programs set out in this book, are beyond 99% of human would need the genetics of arnold himself to get throught one of these workouts..However, once you have read this book you will be able to make your own exercise regime from the knowledge that it will bring you....Enjoy!
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am 19. September 2000
This is a wonderful refernce if you like to exercise using free weights and get bored with the same routine over and over again.
Every excerise you can think of is in here with big, clear photographs and detailed descriptions. Arnold uses the excercises to assemble basic through advanced workout plans that can be used strictly and aggressively, or simply as guidelines. For example, if you don't want to do the clean and press as a primary shoulder excercise in the basic workout, there are a half-dozen other excersises described in detail you can substitute. The point is, there are a lot of ideas that you, your lifting partner, or even your personal trainer might not have thought of.
Additionaly, he includes a great section that details ways to impose variations on each of the excercises such as forced negatives, alternate heavy days, super-sets, etc.
I have used the workouts as templates for my own program. Arnold stresses a balanced workout, and I think if you keep that in mind while looking at his programs and building your own, you will really get a lot out of this reference.
The nutrition section is pretty basic - eat a balanced 40-40-20 (protein-carb-fat) diet, and stay away from excess sugars and junk food. No big surprises. If you're looking for a complete analysis of modern vitamins and nutritional supplements, this probably isn't the book you're looking for. The nutrition section is probably the most dated, but the basic message is simple: along with a lot of heavy weights, stick to whole foods, and drink a ton of water. Maybe you don't want to have a couple of eggs and a 1/4 lb steak for breakfast every morning, but you might not be training for Mr. Universe, either. Again, I think Arnold's point is balance.
The key to getting in shape is obviously discipline and consistency - I think using this reference helps because if you get bored doing the same thing for about three weeks (like I do) you can flip through this book and find many many other excercises to maintain a balanced program, but maybe mix it up once in a while to keep the gym interesting. You can also use some of the alternate techniques to put a new slant on your existing workout.
This is a very good reference if you enjoy lifting or are just getting started and need a little direction. I flip through a section or two every few weeks just to get some new ideas or reinforce old ones.
Take it literally or loosely, just get in the gym or nothing will ever work!
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am 6. Mai 2000
I don't care what anyone says after doing endless amounts of research and having trained over 9 years I can tell you nothing is as good as this. Wimpy trainers who after working out a week get a little bump on their arm think they no everything, they don't! Most the guys making crybaby comments about this book have no business working out! Arnold and his co-authors tell you exactly what you must do to get in top shape. They don't hide anything from you they give it to you straight and give you a feel what a bodybuilder must do to achieve their goals. The comment about an entire section being devoted as being ridiculous is a joke! This book is in second edition and the only reason why the steroid chapter has been added is because so many readers complained about it in the first edition.
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am 4. April 2000
Must have book for any one who aspires to be in great shape. Arnold has explained that body building is not just about growing muscles and getting huge but also it affects your mind and changes your life making you more confident. Also it focusess on various principles such as training a weaker portion of body thus having proportionate shape and many more. The training programs may really blast your muscles. So use your judgement while doing the exercises and even if doesn't show immediate results you will be satisfied that you are doing something good for yourself. All in all this is an excellent book. You just read it and you know what I mean.
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am 3. Mai 2000
Arnold, in his prime, was still the greaters bodybuilder ever. And when he was doing it, the judging criteria didn't have so much emphasis on lookind cut, ripped, or however you want to put it.... the fact that several bodybuilders have died of dehydration over the past several years is frightening. In Arnold's day they went for a fuller, healthier look, and people weren't dying.
Still, this book, like its first edition, still contains a full chapter on use of steroids. Sure, he did it, everyone did it and still does it at the professional level, but with laws the way they are now it takes some measure of dishonesty on the part of "patient" (bodybuilder) and doctor to get these products. And they're still potentially dangerous, even if used in moderation. Can anyone say FOR CERTAIN that Arnold's heart condition wasn't due to steroid use?
I'll skip over the good parts of this book; I do believe it's the best book of its type, but I don't want to reiterate things covered in so many other reviews.
I do have a warning about lifting techniques. Most of what Arnold teaches is very good, very safe, but this book should be used only as a reference manual. Go back to it now and then to remind yourself of this or that, but you need to learn to lift from someone who is already an experienced weightlifter! It doesn't need to be a mammoth powerlifter or bodybuilder; it does need to be a good teacher, someone who will correct your form, technique, lifting schedule, etc. until you know enough to go on your own or with a partner.
One safety tip: Arnold still teaches doing the front dumbbell raises (in the shoulders chapter) with the palms facing the floor. Doing it this way is how I wrecked my left shoulder, couldn't lift for 5 months, and had to go through physical therapy. The way physiologists and physical therapists recommend this lift is by keeping your palms facing each other instead of the floor. This way you don't put excess strain on a particular small muscle in the area of your shoulder blade. You still get a good workout on your shoulders, and it's safe.
Happy lifting....
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am 29. Januar 2000
From the seven times Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarezenegger the greatest bodybuilder of all time and the ultimate self-made man comes a book that teaches the mind to control the body. Whether you are a beginner, medium or even advanced bodybuilder seeing the secrets behind the success of the world champ make you get pumped and work hard in the gym. What most people don't realize is though this book is for steroids-users you can still adjust the schedules for your own needs as a natural bodybuilder. Arnold teaches you how to USE YOUR BRAIN WHEN YOU TRAIN. I'm a natural bodybuilder and I follow Arnold's principles and training but this does not mean that I have to train EXACTLY like him. For example if Arnold does 25 sets for a triceps workout. If you don't use steroids you don't have to do that. 14 sets is more than enough. Because steroids boost up the energy by 50% (depends on how intense your workout is) or more you should realize that if 25 sets are archived by steroids (50% boost up) then half of that is the maximum that can be achievedd naturally. That also applies to how many times you train, how many body parts you train a day, how much protein intake (steroids uses more protein), and how long you train (most people spend hours on TV , can't you spend an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes training?), ....etc. And the foolish saying that he has the best genetics that is why it worked for him is wrong. Because logically Arnold is not the only gifted bodybuilder with good genetics in the world. I've seen many many bodybuilders with great genetics but they don't know how to take advantage of it. Look at bodybuilding magazines and you will understand what I mean. Every bodybuilder talks about training but it is rare that someone talks about training the mind (which is the key to start bodybuilding) like Arnold does to help you achieve your goals in bodybuilding or in others. This is doesn't mean that the Encyclopedia doesn't have very few mistakes but nobody is perfect! I recommand this book for everyone in the world of bodybuilding. It has the principles and the technical side of it.
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It describes many bodypart traning exercises and contains history of bodybuilding that is intersting. But a great deal of information of the books is outdated and not based on scientific researchs and the exercise program is not suitable for normal health people but only for steroid drug users .Some exercises is easy to cause injury to tendon,ligament and joints.The book is no written in organised manner. I recommend customers not to follow the exercise program and some exercises such as shoulder press behind neck.This is only for reference. For bodybuilding and strength traing, I recommend the books titled A complete guide to strength training and A practical approach to strength traning.
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