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am 25. Oktober 1999
I'm in 10th grade. our teacher is having us read this. Then some of the parents found out about the "sexual activities" for food. They flipped. Now i would have thought being parent they would be mature about this. it is a book of the past and and our teacher said when we read it we want to try to prevent past from repeating itself. Althought it has some pretty discriminating and discusting parts it is a good book. We must not forget, this happened here. on this earth on which we live on. what happenes to one person(s) can gradualy effect others and still grow. This was a life that had suffered all this, he knows the feeling of it. It's not an experence we want to know of, but the life of this child growing up help others realze, this stuff can go around on this earth all the time and anytime.
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am 3. Februar 2014
Kaffir Boy: An Autobiography--The True Story of a Black Youth's Coming of Age in Apartheid South Africa is a remarkable book. About Mark Mathabane. It is an honest and open story of his life in Apartheid South Africa. In this book, the reader is taken into a journey though his life in his recount. The book is very engaging , the story flows and the setting is so real. Though certain aspects of Mark's life are shocking, they only help to give you a better understanding of the environment in which he lived and make Mark Mathabane human.. This deep and moving story is not only easy to read, it is also full of things to learn about.It ranks with Disciples of Fortune, Cry, the Beloved Country, Triple Agent, Double Cross, In the Country of Men, as books on Africa with a depth that I enjoyed and respected.
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am 12. März 2000
This book was assigned for my Global Studies II class. This book is a great way to catch a person's attenion on the issues of apartheid in South Africa. It shows how black South AFricans had no freedom and all of the horrers they had been through. Mark Mathabane gave great details. This book has really touched me. When I read what happened, I felt like I was there and a part of them. A lot of people say that it was very distasteful because of the sexual parts. I think that it just showed one of the ways the blacks were treated. I didn't give this book 5 stars because in one part it kind of dragged on. But otherwise it was very interesting and really made me feel and understand what happened in South Africa when apartheid was legal.
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am 12. Oktober 1999
Mathabane, in his autobiography, lays bare the suffering and apartheid in South Africa. At first glance, people may think it's a very ordinary and typical issue to write a book about racism. I bought this book because it was on my Book Recommendations list and I decided to give it a try hoping it wouldn't be one of those 'whiny' books. The beginning of it worried me a little but then I discovered its uniqueness and have finally come to the conclusion that Mathabane wrote a very good novel. I recommend it to everyone who is interested to learn the life of the black people during the long years of racism.
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am 20. Januar 2000
This book is filled with detailed description of the negative society that South Africans live in. I met Mr. Mathabane and he is the most amazing person I have ever talked to. His humility and courage is beyond what I have seen in any person in my life. The sequal to this book is Kaffir Boy in America. If you enjoy the first one you are certain to find the second read entertaining. The book is pretty graphic and may not be suitable for some young children. Mothers will be emotionally touched by the story.
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am 28. August 2007
Mark Mathabane's book Kaffir Boy is the "hard to believe or even imagine" story of his childhood during apartheit in South Africa. The book deals with his and his family's struggle to survive, the raids from the police and the hopelessness of being caught up in such a regime. It wonderfully tells about his determination to escape in spite of everything.
The book really is worth reading even if he sometimes goes on a lot about tennis. (You really have to like tennis to endure these pages.)
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am 6. August 1999
An addictive story about surviving hell on earth. Unfortunately, the Nazis didnt have a monopoly on cruelty--the Orwellian arbitrariness of the Apartheid regime sounds exactly like communism under Mao and Stalin, bringing out the worst in humanity.
As an aside, this autobiography shows why there are very very few successful athletes from poor and developing countries.
If you find this inspirational yet humbling book interesting, dont miss Nadine Gordimer's work.
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am 31. Dezember 1999
i had to read this book about two months ago in my world cultures class at school.this was really a good book.i dont read that much, but i couldn't put this book is really exciting to find out what happens next,nah mean.if you want a good book to read, that is very interesting, you should get this book.i know you will like is kind of graphic on some parts,so be ready.
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am 4. September 2014
I can only repeat what's already been written about this book on Amazon so I won't. But here's a recommendation: If you're interested in the history of South Africa and black life under apartheid, read Mandela's Long walk to freedom first and continue with this one. It'll give you a detailed picture both generally and individually.
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am 11. Januar 1999
Kaffir Boy was a great book.Mark Mathabane so open and honest and allowed the reader to explore his life from a first hand account. I am a student who had to read this book for class it wasn't an assignment at all. If you have never picked up a book pick this one up. It's engaging and very real. I plan on reading the sequel.
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