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am 29. September 1999
I didn't think I could do "the talk" alone and found myself discussing the subject with our librarian. That night, my 9-year old and I began tackling one chapter a night of this serious but friendly and often humorous book. She looked forward to the anectodes and I to her excitedness. Its overall tone harks back to Dr. Spock's "trust yourself" philosophy. Freely drawn sketches and shaded text boxes of tips and alerts break the subject matter into manageable segments. Thoughtful, caring and complete.
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am 9. Juli 1999
My 10-year old stepdaughter started her first period while staying with us for the summer. I was worried about her comfort level with me in regards to the subject. I found this book in the local library and it was perfect. It is written in a straight-forward, but very comfortable manner. She read it front to back in about an hour, then she came to me and we looked through it together. It made conversation on the subject of puberty very easy. I learned things that nobody ever told me. I give it two THUMBS UP !!
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