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Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions (Enriched Classics)
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am 21. Oktober 2011
John (Fire) Lame Deer, ein Lakota, geboren im Jahr 1903, erzählt seine Lebensgeschichte...und wir müssen erkennen, dass "Indianer" überhaupt nicht mürrisch, stoisch oder wortkarg sind!
Im Gegenteil! Sie verfügen sogar über eine ziemlich große Portion Humor(was einem angesichts ihrer gemeinsamen "Geschichte" mit uns eher verwundern mag!), machen sich durchaus interessante Gedanken über die sie umgebende "weiße" Gesellschaft und verbinden diese mit einer nicht zu kleinen Portion an Ironie!
Ein tolles, durchaus lesenswertes Buch, auch wenn es bereits in den siebziger Jahren geschrieben wurde und deshalb vielleicht nicht mehr soo gaaanz aktuell....aber das zu beurteilen überlasse ich dem Leser!
Mir erschienen manche Passagen jedenfalls nicht zu weit hergeholt...wir sind immer noch eine "Green-Frog-Skin" Gesellschaft, betrachtet man einmal die Wellen, welche die letzten "Krisen" an den Finanzmärkten ausgelöst haben!
Und ganz nebenbei erklärt Lame Deer hier viele Riten und Bräuche seines Volkes ziemlich gibt einiges zu lernen! Unbedingte Kaufempfehlung!
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am 2. April 2000
I once lived on the Yakima Reservation for a couple weeks, back in 1964. This constituted my entire experience with Native Americans until thirty years later I met a few Navajo and Pueblo people on a trip to the Southwest. So even though I worked as an anthropologist for many years, I had absolutely zip to do with Native Americans. I was aware that there is a huge amount of junk written and shown in movies about them; that they have been either lionized or demonized out of all proportion in America and in the world beyond. I always felt that "ethnic cleansing" was not invented in the Balkans. Only when such writers as Silko, Momaday, Alexie, and Erdrich emerged did I discover the other world of the Indian people, only the film "Smoke Signals" rang true to me. So, I wasn't sure, when I picked up LAME DEER: SEEKER OF VISIONS, co-authored by John (Fire) Lame Deer and Richard Erdoes, whether I was getting some kind of phony, "awesome-dude !" worshipful portrait of a Lakota "medicine man" or not.
Not to keep you waiting any longer---this is a wonderful book on several levels. First, it contains the life story of Lame Deer, a Lakota man born in South Dakota in 1903 at the absolute nadir of Lakota history. It tells how he grew up, surviving relentless hostility by local whites, went through many ways of life, had numerous escapades, and finally turned towards the traditional wisdom of his people, becoming a wise elder, knowledgeable in many aspects of life. He has that wry Indian humor, so different a personality to what was always presented by Hollywood. Nobody can read this book and not be impressed by this man. The second level of this book is that it presents Lakota culture from the point of view of a Lakota steeped in it over many decades, not the interpretation of it by an outside scholar. You will find chapters on the sacred sweat bath, on the holy pipes of red stone, on the meaningful symbols, on the yuwipi ceremony, the sun dance, the peyote church which came from elsewhere, the heyoka (sacred clowns) and more. Lame Deer wanted to tell the world about Lakota ways and get this all written down to preserve it for the generations to come of his own people. On a third level, this book reflects a very attractive cooperation between two people from backgrounds that could not have been more different: a Lakota man from the prairies of South Dakota and a Vienna-born refugee from Nazism, an Austro-Hungarian in the true sense of that multi-cultural empire. Richard Erdoes only introduces himself at the end; Lame Deer talks throughout the whole book.
The editing and proofreading could have been tighter in my 1972 edition-a lot of passages appear twice or more, for example-and that's why I gave this book four stars, but it is a five star book for students who want to read about the inside view of the world of another culture, it is a five star book for someone particularly interested in knowing Lakota culture and thought, and for anyone who still thinks that Indians were or are "primitive" people. This is a book that speaks to the common humanity of all of us under the four corners of the sky.
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am 19. März 1999
This book is good because it was born from an unlikely friendship. Some people maybe should never be together, but the world brings them together for whatever reason. This odd pair, Richard Erdoes and John Fire nee Lame Deer, came together for many reasons, I'm sure, and one of them is the creation of this book. Lame Deer maybe chose Richard, and I feel maybe even gave him the gift to write, cause after this he goes on to do books with Mary Brave Bird and Leonard Crow Dog; letting their stories be told, just as he lets Lame Deer's story to be told. The philosophy expressed, the stories told, and the personality exposed in this book are beyond words. Lame Deer is a straight shooter. He tells it as he sees it. This can be very eye-opening and illuminating. He is real, living in reality, and at a level only very few people ascend to: the Holy Man. Very few of them walk the earth, and even fewer ever have their lives, thoughts, etc. recorded. We should feel happy we can read this, for it has power. I give it one star cause five ant enough, and one makes more sense than a mere five.
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am 15. Juli 2000
I highly recommend this book for those interested in the rich heritage of the Native American contribution to all of us. This book appeals on a human level in which Lame Deer describes the trials, tribulations and joys of his life. He tells it like is, having been forced to adapt to white men's ways; yet he maintains a sense of perspective and humor. Especially enlightening is the Indian spiritual quest and reverence for nature. A very enjoyable book.
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am 20. Januar 1997
The life story of John (Fire) Lamedeer is laced with a humorous tone that will keep you reading. Lamedeer tells the tales and adventures of his life and dealing with the westward push of white settlers. You learn about life on the reservation and the traditions and beliefs of an ancient culture. Lamedeer takes us with on drunken adventures, peyote rituals, and religious ceremonies. You're guaranteed to laugh at his stories and feel for his despair in this close up look at the life of an Indian just trying to live as his people always had: free
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am 9. Juli 1998
LAME DEER, SEEKER OF VISIONS is SO FASINATING, you will not want to put it down. I'm currently reading it for the second time and I will keep on reading it over and over. This book brings you right into LAME DEER's life experiences and teaches you in GREAT DETAIL about the beliefs of HIS PEOPLE. I HOPE SOME DAY THAT ALL PEOPLE CAN LEARN TO LIVE AS THE NATIVE AMERICANS LIVE, FREE AND HONEST!!!! mitakuye oyasin
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am 26. Juni 2013
Sehr gut und billig, hab das Buch mal vor 28 Jahren auf Deutsch gelesen, und bin sehr froh es wieder gefunden zu haben.
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