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4,7 von 5 Sternen
4,7 von 5 Sternen
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am 22. April 2015
die Bücher von Dale Carnegie gehören zu meinen Lieblingsbüchern. Habe glauch ich fast alle von ihm und hatte noch keines in der Hand gehabt was mich nicht weitergebracht hat und mir nicht gefallen hat. Sehr empfehlenswert!
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am 2. April 1998
I have been a Toastmaster for several years. This book pulled my experiences together, and showed me how to make better use of preparation and presentation techniques. Carnegie addresses the whole person, and radiates an interest in people and their goals.
Two of the more valuable approaches of the book were its focus on the gradual development of a speech through the use of constant reflection, and its instruction for using imagery to recall the points of a speech when you are actually out on the floor.

Another strong point of the book is its use of examples, both from historical and comtemporary (for the author) sources. The examples not only strengthen the interest of the reader, but augment and reinforce the points Carnegie is emphasizing.
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am 1. September 2016
Dale Carnegie's books are timeless wisdom! The book "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living" offers many practical advise on how to conquer worries - and start living. With lots of real life stories, it encourages the reader to embrace life courageous.
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am 25. Juni 2000
Then this book is for you!
My brother loaned me this book several years ago. We came from a family of worriers and worry nearly did me in until I got a grip on it.
Carnegie's book is a WONDERFUL tool for defeating the worry-habit and it is filled with powerful ideas and anecdotes that leave you with much to think about.
Worry is not an innocuous past time and if you're a worrier, you should strive daily to kill that beast.
I speak from experience.
Carnegie's book is a good start if you want to learn how to worry less and enjoy your days more and more.
I also recommend the Bible, (as does Carnegie) to defeat the worry habit. Love is the opposite of fear and the more you learn to love, the less fear you'll see in your own life.
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am 2. Januar 2000
This book is about how to deal with many different sources of stress (in the 1940's, when this book was written, stress was called worry). The principles are as sound now as they were fifty years ago. I am the author of the book, Self-Help Stuff That Works, and I know what works and what doesn't. Carnegie's book is packed with useful ideas you can apply today and gain relief from stress, worry, tension, and fatigue.
Like his other popular book, Carnegie gives you short, pithy principles you can easily remember and apply, illustrated by entertaining true examples, often of how famous people applied the principles. It is good reading, and when you're done, you'll have the tools you need to feel good more often.
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am 12. Februar 2010
Read for the course I'm creating, this book has about seven or eight gems of advice. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, for those who like such stuff) Carnegie lards the book up with anecdotes. Anecdotes may illustrate how the principle helped a single person, but even three or four (or ten or twenty) do not prove that a principle is valid.
Carnegie didn't really write much in this book.... instead he just published stories of people and how they stopped worrying. Quick read, considering you only need to read the beginning of each chapter and the main points at the end to grasp what you need to stop worrying.
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am 18. Juli 2000
I know all of us get caught up in this worring thing, but i believe this book will help you eliminate a lot of this unnessary worring.
I have a lot of Dales' books and each one of them tells stories of real life experiences. This book contains a lot of helpful stories that can make a difference in your life. It tells how to be strong and not let the world get you down.
Dale has turned out to be one of my favorite writers. I always have a smile on my face after reading his books. If you will let him, Dale will make a difference in your life. Please give him a chance.
I would strongly recommend this book, as well as his other books.
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am 25. Juli 1996
This book contains not only the steps for a worry-free
living : when applying its techniques and principles in
your day-to-day, you start to notice that you are a new
person, with much more capacity, and the results of your
acting became surprisingly better. It's probable that if
you learn and apply correctly what Dale Carnegie wrote many
years ago, you will solve very old problems, those very
complex problems that you had already given up(ex.
relationships with people in family and work, general
organization of your life, bad memory, backwardness, etc.).
You will be able to do what you believed was an unchangable
weakness of yourself, and this will increase your
self-confidence.You may ask how can a book be so miraculous.
The answer is :
this book is based in the toughts of the most wise men of
all times, including Jesus Crist, Willian James,
Benjamin Franklin, Thoma Edison, and many
others, together with the real experiences that Dale
Carnegie made in his "lab of how to stop worrying".
Thus, in spite of not solving all the problems of
our lives, this book certainly contains precepts that
every person should know, and is an obligatory reading for
those who are not completely happy with their lives.
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The true cause of all human suffering is worry. This book will give you plenty of guidelines from which to choose to FIGHT WORRY HEADS ON! It won't turn your life around instantly, but if you truly follow and practice the contents, you'll soon realize the true meaning of LIVING. The best sentence I found in this book,which you can use instantly to fight worry and give you an insight to the true worth of this fabulous book is "CROWD WORRY OUT OF YOUR MIND" - you do that by keeping yourself occupied all the time. Goodluck!
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am 16. Januar 1999
I bought a copy of this book about 45 years ago. I am still using it. Whenever, I am worried about something or I feel sad, I review it i.e. I read parts which I have underlined.That immediatly changs my attitude toward life and gives me great comfort.This book has changed my life for better drastically.Order it, read it,and underline the part most appealing to you. It will do you a lot of good. I just ordered (Jan 16, 1999) another copy to give it as a gift to my daughther. F.Pirayesh
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