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am 2. April 2013
This attractively designed booklet gives a quick overview of Michael Jordan’s career with the Chicago Bulls. It contains a lot of great pictures and inspiration, whereas deeper reflections should not be expected.
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am 5. März 1999
Tja anscheinend ist das wohl die erste deutsche Rezension. Also das Buch ist einfach klasse und gibt erstaunliche Einblicke in seine eigene persönliche Geschichte, aber auch in die Hintergründe der Liga allgemein und der Chicago Bulls im speziellen. Man bekommt einen tollen Überblick über seine Karriere, unheimlich gute Fotos, vor allem auch viele, die nicht schon so bekannt sind, sehr persönliche Einblicke eben. Ansonsten kommt sehr gut raus, was diesen Mann antreibt und warum er mit Abstand der beste Spieler aller Zeiten ist. Also zusammenfassend ein absolut faszinierendes Buch, auch wenn man nicht unbedingt ein hardcore Fan von Michael Jordan ist so wie ich...*g* Ich kann es nur empfehlen und für Fans ist es ein absolutes Muß, noch besser als rare air.
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am 10. Februar 1999
The Quintessential book, written by the Man about the Man.
Jordan's Autobiographical account of the Championship years is as stunningly portrayed as it is inspirational.
Touching all parts of the Game from Zen and visualisation to the heart ache and euphoria that comes as a result of compelling yourself to the lofty heights of myth and legend, the book never fails to draw sighs of awe.
After having read this master piece from cover to cover, I can confidently say it stands alone in another class of basketball literature.
This book is the MUST of musts of all basketball books.
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am 5. Juli 1999
Egotism is partly enthusiasm -- but mostly ignorance. Jordan gives too much credit to his own-self, not from a basketball's point of view, but in helping his community. his well-know addiction to gambling, has affected his reach to the community. According to his book, he cherishes the idea---- Be kind to people until you make your first million. After that, people will be kind to you.
I guess he forgot where he came from.
Do not spend a cent on this book. If you do, you'll be dissappointed by his lack of morality.
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am 5. Januar 1999
Reads more like a corporate annual report than a real book. More brochure than biography. And why not? Human billboard Michael Jordan, while certainly the greatest present day professional basketball player, seems unable to resist the impulse to turn his every waking moment into earning yet more money. This is a hero to our youth? Can anyone really find it heroic to flog artery clogging fast food, tooth rotting soft drinks and over-priced sports clothing assembled by slave labor? I don't think so. My favorite bit in the book is Michael's discussion of his attempts to have a specially designed microchip implanted just below the skin of his forehead so that he can actually charge a fee each time he is photographed and/or filmed. Just kidding? time will tell.
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am 19. Januar 1999
I am a huge Michael Jordan fan, like many others. I have read everything about him from "Hang Time, Days and Dreams with Michael Jordan," to "The Jordan Rules" and I found this to be the best. The honesty with which Michael expresses his thoughts is unmatched by anything I've ever seen. I am very greatful for the opportunity to have read it. To all of you non-Jordan fans out there, maybe you should read it to see what you're missing.
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am 18. September 1999
This was an excellent, fun, and moving book. I agree that the writing wasn't really compelling on its own, but coupled with the brilliant photography (you'll "double-take" more than once while reading it) and Jordan's limitless charisma, this was a very fast read (for me, one evening in the local public library).
However, I do agree with some who say that the price is a bit much. I'd probably only buy this book if I could buy a Porsche. That's why I only give it four stars.
If you scroll down, you'll read a lot of critics who complain about Jordan making a lot of money--among other things. Gee, for those of you who might have been living behind the Iron Curtain, welcome to America! There are few rights more important than one's right to prosper from one's own talents, efforts, and assets.
The people who complain about Jordan's success are just envious collectivists who are unhappy about their inability to compete in a society of freedom and capitalism.
If you have a problem with Jordan making a lot of money, then you probably shouldn't have watched or attended any Bulls games, bought any products endorsed by him, or read either of his books.
If he's "arrogant", he has plenty of reason to be proud of himself. If he's a gambler, then it's his own money and his own business what he does with it. If he doesn't help those who are less successful than he is, then he's a smart man who knows what's good for himself (and I don't recall hearing about anyone giving him a handout when he was growing up).
All in all, this is a good book about a man who exemplifies physical excellence. It's just a little bit on the expensive side.
Enjoy this book at your local public library (or buy if you have the money). Leave the criticizing to the envious collectivists who'll vent their unhappiness on talk radio or drown it in a beer at their neighborhood sports bar.
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am 23. Januar 1999
This book is Jordan's valentine to himself, the bible of his narcissistic little religion. For those of you who worship Michael Jordan (and many of you literally called him "a God" in your reviews), I say: get a life. This book is a bunch of great photographs and that's about it. An inside look? Innermost thoughts? Forget it. Everything contained herein has been reported before, Jordan's said everything in it a million times. This book is simply Michael's way of perpetuating his myth past retirement, and making a few extra bucks ($50 a pop) by charging fans to bow down before him. I for one refuse to worship.
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am 11. April 1999
I loved the book. It was classy and cutting edge, just like Michael.
My driving desire to read it was motivated by all the "Zen" talk, jokes, etc. due to Phil Jackson's possible influence on Michael. I was relieved to read that Michael doesn't "sit in a room and meditate (etc.)"
I also appreciated knowing that Michael recognizes that God has a destiny for his life and the way he recognized pieces of the puzzle falling into place. (It was great to hear him acknowledge on TV, when he received the Jackie Robinson sports award, that God was the Source of his talents, etc.)
Also, the notes MJ sent out after his father died said, "God does not leave you comfortless when you are burdened" and mentioned "our strong belief in God's wisdom and mercy, the knowledge that we are not alone . . . ," plus Dr. J saying, in his role as a sportscaster on TV, something about Michael's growth in many areas, including his "spiritual" growth. This was VERY interesting to me, coming from "Dr. J" because he is an outspoken, evangelical Christian.
Now, I am convinced that Michael Jordan believes in God, but Jesus said, "You believe in God. Believe also in Me." What I would have liked to have found out by reading that book is:
What does MJ believe about Jesus Christ?
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am 19. Februar 1999
I love Michael Jordan,and his book has truly tuched my life,he is the greatest basketball player of all times,and he can not be replaced. The NBA will never be the same without Jordan,the NBA has lost one of the most valuble players in NBA history and he will never be forgoton or unheared of.Such a great loss,for the NBA and his fans.I love you Mike.
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