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5,0 von 5 Sternen
5,0 von 5 Sternen

am 10. Juni 2013
Ken Robinson's sequel to the much acclaimed "The Element" is a perfect recipe for discovering what your element(s) can be. It is a self-help book but much more. Robinson sets out to explain, that everybody has a unique life and that it is already an absolute wonder that you or me have been born and have turned out the way we are. On the level of our great grandparents it took eight persons to raise our 4 grandparents. These then raised our mother and father and then it was our turn. Here we are with as set of aptitudes, passions and interests. And, our lives are unique as we are; they are organic and not planned, contrary to what we try to suggest to HR-managers and ourselves, when we write down our CV's.

The book sets out to guide you on a journey to find out what your Element could be. It is not so much a self help book that you have to read paragraph by paragraph and that delivers your much sought Element in the end. It is more a guideline in 10 chapters, where the questions for reflection and the tasks which Robinson suggests to do, will help you to understand yourself better. What are you good at?, what are your talents?, what makes you happy? are some of the headlines. You learn how other people found their Element and 18 exercises and additional questions help you to focus on yourself, your talents and what you love to do. Reading and working through the book sets you out on a course that brings you towards your True North and nearer to the work that you love to do and are good at. Robinson is also cautious and advices to try things out, once you have determined that your interests are so different, that you have to seek a new job and change your life completely. Still he is wonderful to encourage us to get on the journey as it is never too late to discover what matters for you. A great book and fun to read and helpful.
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am 13. Oktober 2013
Ken Robinson writes with so much common sense, he writes as he talks and he talks sense. A great book from a great person.
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