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3,7 von 5 Sternen
3,7 von 5 Sternen

am 1. August 2017
I enjoyed reading this book very much and also learned a lot!
For everyone who seeks a hands-on, straightforward, modern and very useful instruction for graphic facilitation/recording I can definitely recommend this book. The Chapters and drawings were just what I needed to try my first Facilitation.

I think this book is short enough to be a quick read and to bring along on your first facilitations, but still detailed enough to teach you structure and meaning of the graphic facilitation process. I loved it.
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am 6. März 2016
Uff, .... Bonedry
Hatte ein anschauliches Arbeitsbuch erwartet, es ist aber sehr sehr theoretisch gehalten.
Für mich zu wenige Beispiele, sehr viel Text, leider wenig plakative Grafiken, keine echten Anleitungen
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am 4. September 2012
I was lucky enough to find The Graphic Facilitator's Guide on the day it was released and instantly fell in love with it. Brandy writes about more than drawing - this book is packed with inspiration, insights into her philosophy, useful tools for graphic facilitators and stories from her sixteen years of experience.

I highly recommend this book everybody who is working in the educational field, attending meetings which need a new twist or simply loves to make ideas and thoughts visible. Great read!
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