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am 15. September 1998
I am an Ann Rinaldi fan, and have been for a long time. I found An Acquaintance with Darkness and knew right off the bat that this book was for me.
What I didn't expect however was a suspenseful romance regarding the state of chaos in Washington D.C. right after Lincoln's assasination. Emily Bransbury went through a tough few months. First, her mother dies after a long illness. Emily was supposed to move in with family friends ,but then Emily Bransbury learns the news; President Lincoln is dead and her neighbors are involved with the assasination. Thus she tumbles down another path, living with her eccentric Uncle Valentine. The next few weeks in Emily's life bring about swift swift changes and Emily, herself, is forced to change her views of her uncle and her life. I enjoyed this book immensely and would recommend it to anyone looking to settle down with a good book.
An Acquaintance with Darkness is a book for people of all ages and will affect anyone's outlooks and opinions of life right after the Civil War.
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am 27. Juli 1999
My gosh! This was fantastic. I mean, for goodness sakes, tears were welling up in my eyes with frustration at the end. However, as I was scanning other reviews, some people did not even realize how hippocritical they were being in their opinions of the book. Some readers were complaining how rotten it was because the characters irritated them, acted irrationally, or said angry things that they didn't understand. This, dear frustrated reader, is what makes this book one of the greats. It wasn't being awful literature, it was bringing buried emotions out of you. That is a writer's purpose, the reason why they spend hours banging out these words. If something makes you angry, frustrated, depressed, sorrowful, or anything else, it is a treasure. These readers didn't like it because the book brought out an emotion that didn't make them feel like they were walking on sunshine. If you look at it like this, you'll find you like more books than you think you do.
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am 10. Februar 2000
Wow! Ann Rinaldi has done it again! This was a wonderful book, not only because Ann Rinaldi wrote it but because the characters seemed to come alive. The author made it seem like you were in the book by her wonderful descriptions and development of characters. Also, she researches her topics so well it is obvious she knows her what she is writing about, which adds to the authenticity of the book. The plot is also very engrossing and suspenseful which makes for a very good book. I found myself very mad when the book ended,though, because I was not ready for it to be over.
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am 14. November 1999
I really enjoyed this book. The story was easy to follow, but very interesting. I enjoyed the detail put into the historical facts and character descriptions very much. It was nice to have the author describe in detail at the end where the actual fact ended and where the fiction began. You really understood why Emily was confused and felt for the country at the loss of the President. I would highly recommend this book for everyone from middle school age thru adult!
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am 12. Juni 2000
I loved An Aquaintance With Darkness! It was one of those books that when most of the mysteries have been solved another mystery pops up. One of the things I liked about it was that it is a historical novel, but not one of those historical novels that were too educacating. It was spooky and mysterious. The book was so well writen you'd actully think you were living in the time after the Cival War. I hope many people will read and enjoy this book.
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am 24. Juni 1999
Well, to be really honest with you, I didn't like this book. Personally, I though Ann Rinaldi could've done a little better. Some parts are interesting and maybe even suspensful, but the rest is kind of dull. At some points in the book, Emily, the main character, is lying so much to her Uncle Valentine and is being so selfish, it's like, "okay, so when's she going to tell the truth or at least realize what she has done?"
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am 8. August 1999
It was a great story. It felt as if you were Emily and your mother had died and you were orphaned. You also felt the craziness that everyone was feeling after Lincon was assainated. You felt scared of what her Uncle Valentine was doing. You also felt for her best friend who had trouble (I won't say what to give it away!) It was one of those books you never wanted to end. I reccomend this book highly!
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am 12. Januar 2000
This takes place around the Lincoln assisination and involves the stealing of bodies for medical purposes. The book was suprisingly predictable, which made me frustrated with Emily and her inability to see what was going on. A very good historical book, but contains no illustrations. I would recommend this one to students from the 6th grade up.
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am 16. Juni 1998
I liked this book, but some of her others were better. I was very surprised at the way doctors found there information at that time. I have never heard of grave robbing before this. This style of writing was different from how she usually writes. I also recommend one of her new ones, The Second Bend in the River.
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am 16. Mai 1999
This is the first Ann Rinaldi book that I have ever read and I really enjoyed it. The story was so well put together and had extremely reasearched information. The Lincoln assasination is something in history that I like to research and Ann Rinaldi really did a good job of piecing it together.
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