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am 18. April 2001
... aber dieses Buch von Eric A. Meyer ist ein außerordentlich nützlicher Begleiter, wenn man tatsächlich mit Cascading Style Sheets arbeiten will. Der Fokus liegt ganz klar auf der tatsächlichen Anwendbarkeit von CSS1 und CSS2, der Autor veranschaulicht die gestalterischen Möglichkeiten und Auswirkungen von Stylesheets mit zahlreichen Grafiken/Screenshots. Den praktischen Anwendungen voraus geht eine profunde Einführung in die CSS1/2 zugrunde liegenden Grundkonzepten.
Oft machen die Lektüre und die eigenen Umsetzungsversuche traurig bis wütend, denn man erliest sich einerseits die vielfältigen Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten, erfährt aber immer auch sehr konkret und anschaulich, wie unfähig und teilweise absurd die Browser (v.a.D. NS 4.x) auf den Einsatz von CSS1 und CSS2 reagieren (und Meyer benennt die Fehler auch meist entsprechend deutlich).
Im Grunde ist dieses sehr praxisbezogene Buch eine einzige Tour des Leidens, aber durch die Art und Weise, wie Meyer schreibt, bekommt man doch immer wieder den Antrieb, nun endlich, Jahre nach deren offizieller Einführung mit Stylesheets arbeiten zu wollen.
Meinen deutschen Webdesigner-Kollegen, die des Amerikanischen einigermaßen mächtig sind, kann ich auf jeden Fall zur Anschaffung raten.
<Die Browserhersteller nehmen keine Rücksicht auf uns - warum nehmen wir Rücksicht und verzichten auf den Einsatz längst gültiger Standards?>
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am 10. Mai 2004
Musste mich jetzt schon mehrmals an CSS ranarbeiten, da ich leider wegen größerer Pausen zwischen den Webprojekten keine Arbeitsgewohnheiten aufbauen konnte. Hab deswegen immer wieder verschiedenste Literatur und Tutorials zum Thema durchgearbeitet. Dieses Buch sticht unter allen andere wegen seinem wohlabgestimmten Verhältnis von Information und Beispielen heraus. Es lässt nahezu (und das ist bei diesem großen Gebiet erstaunlich) kein Detail aus und bettet es in ein verständliches und ausfürhliches Lesematerial.
Zum eine ist es die Referenz schlechthin und zum anderen gut zu lesen. (X)HTML Kenntnisse werden aber unbedingt vorausgesetzt.
Fünf Sterne.
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am 2. September 2006
KT complained that the book would fail to "establish common vocabulary". I'd like to refute that:

The book starts with describing typographical conventions, followed by property conventions. Then the author defines types of elements. In the middle of the book, there's even a quick refresher that recaps important terms. Throughout the book, whenever a new term gets introduced (e.g. "float" or "containing block"), the author takes care to establish a firm definition.

As KT mentioned, this book is not for beginners. I'd rather call it a reference (or "the" reference). As such, the visual examples are reduced to a bare minimum so that the reader can easily spot how a particular stylesheet effects layout. Of course, if you need some inspiring suggestions how to pimp up you web page, look somewhere else. If you want to improve your proficiency in CSS to implement you own design idea in CSS, get this book.

lfastrup said, the book would not cover CSS2. That's not true for the second edition. The summary on the back of the book reads:"The definitive Guide completes the discussion of CSS2, explores CSS2.1, and introduces emerging elements of CSS3".

If you want a comprehensive information about CSS quoting the specs, explaining them, applying them in visual examples, mentioning intricacies and browser limitations, then this book is for you.
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am 22. Juni 2000
While all this information can be found online (which could be said about almost any web development language), the amount of attention paid to the subject is exceptional.
As with most O'Reilly books I own, I have never felt they were a waste of time or money. Finally, someone has done justice to a subject that should be at the forefront of every developers arsenal of web development tools.
I give lectures on web development and this is a subject that I stress to people over most others. The book is concise with very little fluff. It reads like a textbook.
Buy this book!
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am 16. Juni 2000
I was surprised when I first came across this book. Initially I assumed that that the subject would be too small to sustain a whole book but that's not the case.
There is a wealth of information in here about Cascading Style Sheets. Whilst it's true that there may be nothing here that searching the web can't elicit, it's so much more useful to have the information to hand that I'd certainly recommend it as a worthwhile purchase.
Since I always try to make the appearance of my web pages browser independent, I found the information on browser compatability particularly useful.
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am 8. Juni 2000
All the information in the book can be culled from the W3C, CSS specs, and other sources (including the browser inconsistencies), and unfortunately the book will be outdated whenever new browsers that more fully adhere to the standards of CSS2 are released. That said, I find it extremely useful to have the hardcopy of all this documentation all in one place, available for me to flip through quickly to find an answer.
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am 1. Juli 2000
This book is a perfect guide for those who want to write effective, maintainable and well structured HTML. CSS does have some nifty features, which you must read a book like this one to discover. The only downside is that it does not cover CSS2, it only provides an overview. CSS2 is very useful for styling XML documents, which I think he should have covered considering the recent publishing date of the book.
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am 9. Mai 2000
I have read up the most curent available sources for information on CSS. This is the definitive guide on CSS. I have searched high and low for a book of this quality and finally found it.
This book give you more than just bulk information. It breaks everything down and basically builds it back up for you. I don't know how well this book might be for the beginer, but I found it extremly useful.
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am 5. Juni 2000
While O'Reilly books are almost always good (though sometimes dry and lacking in examples), this book is off the scale in its usefulness and excellence. The most valuable parts of the book explain browser compatibility issues and offers tips, tricks and solutions for getting css stylesheets to work in a real-world environment. Any serious web developer should have this book on their shelf.
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am 14. Juni 2000
I have been using CSS for almost a year. After reading this book I finally feel like I know what I am doing. I read the book in 3 days and rewrote all of my Web pages to use CSS properly. What a difference! This book is clearly written and excellent both as a training manual and a reference book.
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