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4,7 von 5 Sternen
4,7 von 5 Sternen
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am 28. April 2000
The Perl Cookbook is a masterpiece and a must own for any developer serious about using Perl. This is one of the few books that has the range to cover basic topics as well as advanced concepts. The Perl Cookbook is like any other cookbook, it contains many 'Recipes'. Each recipe is teaches you how to solve a certain problem. Topics cover:
Manipulation of strings, numbers, dates, arrays and hashes Reading writing and updating text and binary files Pattern matching and text substitutions Signals and exceptions Accessing text, hashes and SQL databases Client-Server programming CGI programming and web automation And much, much more. This book is always on my desk when ever I have to do anything with Perl. Each recipe contains code that you can plug right into your application and be done. Want to know how to write a POP mail client? Recipe 18.5 is for you. Want to mirror a web page? Try recipe 20.10. Maybe you want to know more about file locking. Try recipe 7.11. The Perl Cookbook is a must read, must own and must use for developer working in internet space, or any space for that matter.
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am 13. April 2000
I had a roommate in college who could learn programming languages by reading the language specifications. He took Advanced Algebra as an elective and blew the curve for the math majors. Corey went after the theory in everything. Once he understood the theory, he could extrapolate the applications.
I'm just the opposite. The theory doesn't mean squat to me until I can see a few examples. Give me enough examples, and I can extrapolate the theory.
If you're like me, this book is for you. 733 pages containing 334 examples of how to use Perl to solve virtually any programming problem you can think of. And as you examine the solutions to the various problems, you're introduced to successively more and more advanced Perl programming constructs.
In short, outstanding book.
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am 28. August 1998
If this book has a flaw, it's that it's got too much information.
Well, maybe I should take that back. There's not too much information. I wish there were more. But as is the case with cookbooks, finding the right recipe is not a simple matter unless you are familiar with the book.
But that shouldn't be a significant problem with readers of Perl Cookbook, because all Perl programmers great and small will want to take the large tome and wade around in it, getting their feet wet in the various sections, seeing what it has to offer.
At first the sheer size of the book is intimidating: over 750 pages containing 20 chapters, each with 11 to 23 recipes. But each chapter is broken down into a logical topic, and the reader can get a feel for the book by choosing one topic of interest and digesting one recipe at a time.
This book is indeed for all types of programmers. Though beginners likely have the most to gain, its recipes are often useful for the experienced, and even expert, programmer who doesn't want to redo what has been done or rethink what has been thunk. I doubt there exists a Perl programmer who won't value it.
Perl Cookbook is the most useful Perl book ever written, and it is presented in a comfortable style, carefully explaining the recipes and pointing the readers to resources where they can find more information about the topic at hand. While a Perl programmer can get by without this book -- and in the nearly 11 years since perl was first released, many have done just that, thank you -- he shouldn't have to.
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am 15. Februar 2000
Although not a typical perl language reference manual, this book goes further and shows you how to solve many solutions to common tasks. It will not teach you the language but it will take you a step above almost any level. I've been using it for over a year and it's still the most common perl reference guide I use. The problems it describes are ones I face extremelly often and instead of trying to figure them out myself I can simply look them up in this book and it will explain them thoroughly with lots of sample code.
My only complaints are that it has some errors in the sample code which require some modifying and it relies too much on modules. Personally I like knowing the bare code instead of relying too much on modules but it's a minor note.
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am 26. Dezember 2010
Ich habe ein konkretes Problem gehabt mit Perl Skript. Ich wollte nicht unbedingt
das Buch von Larry Wall komplett lesen (das ist viel zu groß für mich). Ich
programmiere hauptsächlich C++ und habe PERL Sprache nie gelernt. Ich schreibe
jedoch PERL Skripts zum automatisieren von Vorgängen Platformunabhängig (Win, Mac,
Lin, Solaris). Dafür habe ich ein Paar Seiten in Active PERL Manual angeschaut und
wollte Binär Dateien lesen. Das ging nicht und Suchefunktion über amazon.com im
Larry Wall Buch hat auch nichts passendes ergeben. Also habe ich gegoogelt und es
wurde eine Seite aus diesem Buch gezeigt. Da stand alles drin erklärt wie man Binär
Dateien liest und schreibt. Und es hat auch funktioniert. Danach habe ich das Buch
bestellt und seit dem schau ich immer wieder rein wenn ich was bestimmtes Suche.

Da ich PERL als Sprache nicht wirklich lernen will, sonder nur abundzu benutzen
für kleine Programme 200-300 Zeile lang, finde ich diese Buch ausgezeichnet zum
nachschlagen wie man verschiedene alltägliche Aufgaben lösen kann. Ich empfehle
diese Buch für alle Leute die PERL nicht hauptberuflich verwenden, denn ich
brauche nicht "100 Ways to to do it" von Larry Wall, sonder nur ein Weg um
mein kleiner Aufgabe zu lösen.
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am 27. Dezember 1999
The "Perl Cookbook" condenses into code algorithms that are both beautiful and helpful. Paired with the "Programming Perl" book, which despite problems of organization is undoubtedly the best Perl reference, the cookbook is simply indispensible for both the serious Perl programmer and anyone who wishes to learn how to write Perl naturally.
Every language has a natural idiom; even COBOL. Perl, having convenience so strongly in its genesis, is not very similar to its predecessors in many ways, and along with solutions to individual problems what one learns from the cookbook is how a Perl programmer would write such a program. You learn twice reading these answers: not only how to solve your problem (how do you read a file line by line in reverse? how do you trap signals in your program?) but also what the natural idioms are which both simplify your code and make clearer to you how Perl works.
I reviewed "Programming Perl" and had reservations about it: I have none about this book. It is not a reference to solve all your questions about the language--buy "Programming Perl" for that. It is not a tutorial--for that, get "Learning Perl". What it is is a distillation of some smart people's work in Perl; well-explained, clearly laid out, and highly informative in every area a programmer is likely to work in. Buy it if you love Perl.
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am 12. Dezember 1999
Sometimes I think either Tim O'Reilly or Tom Christiansen knows what I am thinking.
In the past week alone, I can count half a dozen times I have wondered about ways to do things in Perl, and never once have I failed to get either a full solution or a running start from the information in this book. If you have read Learning Perl by Christiansen and Schwartz (and if you haven't, you probably should before tackling this one), then this is your next step on the road to Perl.
This book contains hundreds of examples of solutions to "How do I..." type problems using Perl. Ranging from core language topics like hashes, sorting, and string and array processing, to files, database access, IPC, and brief but useful sections on Web and CGI usage, there is something here for everyone who does things with Perl.
Each chapter contains at least a dozen 'recipes' for solving a particular problem in a particular context. Each recipe is neatly laid out with a brief description of the problem, a proposed solution, and a follow-up discussion section. I especially appreciated the discussions, as they maintain the plurality of Perl--the proposed solutions work, but the discussion area almost invariably also includes alternate approaches or techniques. That's the beauty of Perl (and its motto)--There's More Than One Way To Do It. This book offers the intermediate programmer years of experience in solving real world problems using Perl in a few hundred, easy to read pages.
If you have learned enough about Perl to get started, the next thing you should do is get this book. So get cooking!
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am 5. Dezember 1998
After dog-earring (sic) the pages of the first edition of Programming Perl (the Camel book), I quickly glommed on to the second edition, thinking that they'll have even more informed narrative and great examples. The enhanced narrative WAS worth purchase of the second edition, but, as mentioned in the Amazon.com review, the "Command Tasks with Perl" and "Real Perl Programs" chapters had been dropped... it's been the closest I've ever come to letter-bombing a book publisher. Little did we know that there was a cunning plan by the Perl wizards and O'Reilly to produce The Perl Cookbook.
While in this world of instant communication some say that two years was a long time to wait for the Cookbook, the wait was definitely worth it. The Cookbook is a treasure trove of examples, and should be considered a mandatory companion to Programming Perl AND Advanced Perl Programming on the bookshelf of intermediate and advanced perl programmers.
The Cookbook is also a great place for the novice to feed after cutting their teeth on Learning Perl. Each section is a mini-tutorial with nice examples to enter and ponder. Combined with the Camel book as general background and reference, you'll go a long way in finding quick solutions to common problems.
I'm not sure what was the problem of one reviewer regarding typographical errors. I've been using the first edition of the Cookbook, and have not encountered any serious difficulties. It seems that any typographical errors (and I haven't seen any, but then I haven't been looking) would have at worst lost one star in rating the Cookbook. Benefits of the Cookbook seem to far outweigh the nits on which this reviewer has focused. I do agree with the reviewer's final note: buy copies from the second and third printings, as I'm sure the first edition has already sold out! (... and some perl book geek will view this as an opportunity to collect a "first edition.")
It's not often I'm moved to write an online review. The Perl Cookbook is a superb reference for any serious perl programmer and especially for the novice and intermediate wanting to improve their skills. Buy this book! Bon appetit!
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am 26. November 1998
Some people consider me to be some kind of wizard with perl. But whenever I see something from Tom, I start to doubt it.
This book comes as no surprise to me as it is an example of what I have come to expect from Tom, although I am sure that Nat also put a lot into this book.
The book is full of useful information. Each chapter contains several problems all centered around a single topic. Each problem is first discussed, and the a solution is shown
Perl is a very different language to most and at times requires programmer to think differently to become a good perl programmer. Because if the structure of this book, with discussions and solutions, it shows those areas where you need to think differently. This is something that is not really shown in any other perl book I have read.
This book contains over 700 pages, which some may say is too many, but I would disagree. Every page in this book is worth reading and due to the size of the book, the topics covered are just about everthing you would want to do with perl, and probably more.
Every book has problems in its first printing and this book is no exception. But an errata is avaliable and I am sure the 2nd printing will have many things fixed.
Imperfections aside the content of this book is excellent and will be of invaluable use to newcommers and seaoned veterans.
This book is a must for any serious perl programmer.
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am 2. Dezember 1998
I have had experience in the language for a few months now. The only reason I even started learning Perl was because I was intrigued with programming CGI. I bought "Programming Perl" and enjoyed it as a beginners reference but was left hanging as where to turn next. I picked up 2-3 other books, specifically for web programming with Perl, but they all did not get into topics besides basic form parsing, etc and the information was repeatative from book to book. I finally found this book and it has answered all my questions and cleared all my confusions with my CGI scripts. It has a lot of good examples/scripts with helpful subroutines. I use them in almost every CGI script I program now because of their ease of use and accuracy. There were a few minor mistakes in their code (perhaps a test to see if you can debug their scripts using your new knowledge <grin>) that kept it from getting a perfect 10 but 9.5 is good enough anyways. Don't hesitate to buy it as it is probably the most used and most valuable Perl book on the market!
(Not recommended unless you have basic knowledge of Perl)
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