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Oracle SQL Tuning Pocket Reference
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 6. Februar 2002
I just bought this pocket reference because I did not want to wait for the new O'Reilley ORACLE Performance Tuning book (scheduled for March 2002).
I like this book very much because it is a short reminder of all the things that I read in several other books and forgot.
This book already saved one of my customers more than 2 hours of processing time and about 4GB of TEMP tablespace because I applied an tip from this book. I found the encouragement to use the cost based optimizer very good and this optimizer saved me in this situation together with some INIT.ORA settings that were also mentioned in the booklet.
This book already contains references to the new ORACLE 9i features that I am currently reading about.
I especially like the common problems sections in this book. If you are really working in the area of ORACLE performance tuning I think that you should buy this book and take it with you.
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