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4,5 von 5 Sternen
4,5 von 5 Sternen
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am 10. April 2017
Ich bin ein Fantasy- und SciFi-Fan, mit den SF Masterworks Büchern kann man daher bei mir nicht allzu viel falsch machen. Dieses hier hat mir aber besonders gefallen, auch wenn es anfangs nicht danach aussah. Die ersten Kapitel schienen mir zu Vietnam-lastig zu sein, das hat aber, wie ich später herausfand, absolut seine Berechtigung, um die Geschichte aufzubauen (und die Dummheit der Menschen zu betonen). Das Buch baut stetig Spannung auf, gegen Ende erwartet man schon was passiert, es kommt aber sogar besser. Ich will nicht zu viel verraten, kann das Buch aber mit gutem Gewissen weiterempfehlen.
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am 3. Juli 2001
A very moving story about the tragedy and stupidity of war, a war that lasts over a thousand years for the people on Earth and only a couple of decades for the combatants, due to relativity. (Read the Synopsis above.)
If you liked 'Starship Troopers' -the book, not the film- you will most probably enjoy 'The Forever War'. It is easily and quickly read, still making you think about it, though. Don't misunderstand me, that the book is 'flat'; it delivers its message powerfully enough. The story has no more, no less than it needs to be good, gripping and provocative. It just probably doesn't go into enough details for people who only like epic stories such as 'Dune'.
This edition is the definitive version as originally written by the author, with a preface by him explaining a little about his intentions while writing the story.
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am 5. Januar 2015
Monate der Langweile und Tausende Jahre Menschheitsgeschicke verpackt in eine der fesselndsten Geschichte die ich lesen durfte.

Forever War ist ein absolutes Must Have für jeden SicFi Fan - es ist Hard SicFi durch und durch, mit minimalen Einsatz von Handwavium.
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am 19. Dezember 2016
Man bemerkt das Alter dieser Geschichte, und auch den Hintergrund des Autors. Nichtsdestotrotz ist es eine gute Adaption des Themas. Der Wahnsinn des Krieges. Ich finde besonders den Schluss angenehm, da die Geschichte auf einer positiven Note endet. Das berühmte happy end.
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am 18. Juni 2001
After all my years of SF-reading The Forever War still belongs to my personal top five books, easily up there with Dune, Neuromancer and Hyperion. But while those all take the brainy approach, Haldeman goes straight to the guts. It's still very intelligent, mind you, but it's story doesn't flow a second slower because of that. It's pacifistic without being preachy, perhaps remotely comparable to Kubrick's approach in "Full Metal Jacket".
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am 6. Dezember 1998
Written at the end of the Vietnam War, whenanti-establishment paranoia was reaching fever pitch in the UnitedStates, this book is very much a product of its time. Originally turned down by over a dozen publishers, "The Forever War" has become a classic of science fiction, albeit a controversial one. Haldeman creates a future society where rampant sexual promiscuity is the norm in an uncaring military regime. Although there are exciting scenes of battle, much of the book is taken up with an exploration of the philosophical ramifications of such a society. The book discusses the necessity of government-imposed homosexuality as a form of birth control and the importance of using mind-altering drugs in the military culture. Haldeman's social theories are quite unpalatable and occasionally irresponsible. However, the book is frequently exciting and the details of the society are fascinating. This is an entertaining and thought-provoking book, but it should not be used as a political manifesto. The most interesting feature of "The Forever War" is its fascinating glimpse into America's struggle for a post-Vietnam War identity, told as a heroic tale of interstellar conflict.

Sounds familiar? The military culture described in this book is closer to that which was parodied in "MASH", "Kelly's Heroes" and the other hip war movies of the 70's, and would probably not be very effective if it existed in reality.

In summary, this book is not only derivative but also readily dates itself.

Frankly, I enjoyed watching the movie "Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery", a lot more than this book.
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am 23. Juni 1998
Amazingly enough, I first came across this book in 1984, when it was assigned by some enlightened member of the Dept. of English faculty at the United States Air Force Academy, of all places. Having previously read Starship Troopers and having frankly reveled in its portayal of interstellar war as a glorious pursuit, I was at first put off by the obvious Vietnam allusions and antiwar sentiments of this work. Upon further examination, gained mostly through age and perspective, I find this a far superior work (no disrespect intended to the late Mr. Heinlein). Prior to hearing the professor's lecture in which he recounted Haldeman's Vietnam experience, it was apparent that this book had been written by one who had been there and seen the horrors of war up close and personal (I, of course, had not). I was particularly impressed and touched by the use of relativity to unequivocally emphasize the fact that the few survivors of the war could (literally and figuratively) never go back home again and they must make the best of the life they build for themselves after. Finally, this version of the book, with the original restored middle section, merely improves on this unforgettable work of Mr. Haldeman's. The fact that it is the sole reading assignment I remember from my Air Force Academy days (along with Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenence) is faint praise. A true classic in the genre of science fiction and a masterpiece of cautionary literature.
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am 14. Dezember 1998
based on the reviews I read. But I was highly disappointed.
Mr. Haldeman started with a great concept and theory. Unfortunately, the novelty of the concept just couldn't overcome the weakness of the storyline. It had no staying power and I became disinterested in what would happen to the main character. By the end, the story was just dragging on and I couldn't wait for it to finish.
And the finish itself was so lame. Talk about anti-climactic. Usually the reveiws here(Amazon) are pretty reliable, but I guess this book was just one of those rare occasions where I'm off-kilter with everyone else.
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am 18. Januar 2000
"The Forever War" is authored by a Vietnam Veteran who uses the colorful setting of the future "Forever" War as an allegory for The 'Nam and the feelings of its vets. This powerful book grabs the reader quickly and throws him straight into the first-person world of William Mandela, would-be physics professor turned soldier by the Earth's military fight alien Taurans in a war with nebulous origins. Due to complications posed by relativity, each time the combatants engage, the battle is completely lopsided because one race will have the technological advantages endowed by time on their side. For example, if Earth sends a mission that takes 300 years for the mission to reach it's goal, the enemy already had 300 years to prepare and upgrade defenses, so the mission's tech is obsolete. Then, if the Taurans attack our outpost, the same thing happens. With no communication between the two races, no chance of winning, but the ever present chance of defeat, an eternal war is created. Halderman also captures the disorientation experienced by GIs who came back from horrific combat, and were expected to instantly adjust to 1960's "Ozzy and Harriet" American culture. The "Forever War" has a cynical ring that I instantly loved, as well as sublimely juxtaposing the positive and negative potentials of humans as individuals and a race. The military details are right on target, from the lingo and attitudes to soldiers' attitudes. Overall, I'd definitely recommend "The Forever War" to anyone with an interest in Sci-Fi. It'll also teach you about the motivations of warriors who turn peacemakers.
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am 27. Juli 2000
A science fiction classic. Haldeman's book chronicles a war between humankind and a race of aliens. Haldeman stays true to modern physics: since warriors must travel great distances (with the help of relativistic worm hole trickery), they age only a few years while hundreds of years elapse back on earth. Thus, soldiers find themselves returning from battle to earth generations after their families have passed away, and political changes have rendered their reasons for fighting moot. A tremendous story and very satisfying to the scientifically minded.
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