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3,9 von 5 Sternen
3,9 von 5 Sternen
Format: Taschenbuch|Ändern
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am 7. März 2013
Das Buch ist sehr spannend und in english gut zu lesen, die Geschichte ist aber sehr konstruiert, hier werden Menschen getötet ohne das es zu nachträglichen Untersuchungen kommt Jack bleibt einfach auf einer Straße zurück. Auch die Miliz ist sehr konstruiert.
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am 16. August 1999
I don't read many techno- or militiary thrillers because what makes them sell so well among men is exactly why I find them so dry. They are typically sterile of much emotional interaction, and what little there is, is rather staid and shallow, yet they are rich in technical detail and flourish. Too rich.
This book is typical of that genre.
But lest that be taken as a criticism, I enjoyed it, for what it was. I didn't find any of it particularly unrealistic, though I DID find the motivations of the malitia group rather simplistically stated. There was much political controversy and conspiracy theory on which Child could have drawn deeply to flesh this portion out.
Still, like an episode of the A-Team, this book isn't bad for passing time until something better starts on one of the other channels. I kept this book in the car for reading during long waits in a theater or bank queue, and for that it served its purpose well.
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am 7. Mai 2000
I had avoided Lee Child before because I'd figured that his novels would be of the ultra-macho "Bravo Two Zero" school. The Anthony (I think) Award made me decide to give him a try (coupled with the money back offer here in his UK homeland). This is an airport novel designed for the folks in the cheap seats to fantasise about first class travel. It's also for the guy with a paunch who wishes he could stand up to his boss - preferably with some killer martial arts technique. He also dreams of protecting a gorgeous blonde from the bullets that fly off his manly chest. The bad guy reminds me of the problem I had with Mason Verger in "Hannibal", he seems like Mr Burns with a claw. The surprise about his character change isn't much of a shock. Plus points it's a quick and easy read but if you prefer crime to all-out action then think twice.
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am 28. Dezember 1999
One of the most fantastic writers of the late 90s. I would put Mr. Child together with Michael Connelly and both are definitely better than Stephen Cannel. Both writers are with natural writing gift and not pretentious at all. What Child should be aware are: 1) find better editing people; 2) find a better publisher who could print his books with larger fonts; 3) be careful of the minor logic and tense flaws that seemed to be inevitable in all of his Jack Reacher series, and this one also got some: P.52 "Costello FIND you down there?" P.56 Even all the mourners left, the house should not just become empty, it should still with some catering people hanging around to clean up the dishes. It was unlikely that Jodie alone prepared all the food for the after-funeral meals. P.323 Tony did not go down to Key West bar looking for Jack Reacher.
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am 8. August 1999
Not nearly up to the level of the debut. Padded, with a ridiculous, cliched set of villains.
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am 10. Mai 2000
I am deeply, madly in love with Jack Reacher. Just this description alone on page 9 had my panties tingling:
"He was six feet tall, and he had weighed 220 when he left the Army. A month after joining the swimming pool gang, the work and the heat had burned him down to 210. Then the next two months he had built back to 250, all of it pure hard muscle. . . He was burned a deep brown by the sun and he was in the best shape of his life. Like a condom crammed with walnuts, is what some girl had said."
I enjoyed the plot twists which kept me guessing up until Jack took a bullet for his true love. . . Ah, fiction, where would us girls be without our big, bad-boy, macho IMAGINARY heros? Thanks, Lee Child, for another great Reacher thriller. Looking forward with much anticipation to your next one! ;-)
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am 27. September 1999
Didn't read the first book and spent the first fifty pages or so rolling my eyes at Jack Reacher's invulnerability and/or machismo -- but once you get past that, you actually find yourself rooting for the guy and cheering when he finishes off the villains one by one -- who couldn't root for a hero who uses a lit cigarette and a wooden chair to wipe out a room full of bad guys? Some of the writing is a little dry and the character of Holly seems thin, but overall it's still better than most others in this genre. The descriptions of the technology and military gear can be a bit boring, but overall pretty informative -- Childs obviously did his homework. If you like techno-thrillers with he-men heroes rescuing damsels in distress (okay...a brainy, well-trained damsel but a damsel nonetheless), then you'll enjoy the book.
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am 20. September 1999
On a dreary night stuck at O'Hare, I was desperate for something to read. Picked up Die Trying and the long wait went by in a flash. As one who enjoys the genre, I found this book to be a fun read - don't get caught up in the details, and smile to youself at times when the details don't click. Just hang with the story and enjoy the ride.
As one who always reads the end of the book first, I wish I had read a few pages earlier. Did not think the end matched the book, and it left me disappointed and annoyed. I contained my pouting long enough to go get his earlier book, which was OK, and now am eager to read the third.
I think I would agree with others who feel the criticism of this book is too strong. It's not meant to be great literature, just great escapism. In that it excels!
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am 5. Juni 1999
After 3 set backs in release date for Australia, it was worth the wait and the trip to the major retailer's ever day for the last 3 weeks. Jack is getting a litter older and (hard to believe) a lot more fascinating as a Character. Lee Child has excelled again!!! In the tradition of the killing floor and Die Trying he has brought Jack Reacher to life once more not in some dull Sequel but a fast flowing and absolutely compelling read. The down side is we will now have to wait for what seems an eternity till the next chapter in Jack's continuing quest appears on the shelf. Well done Mr Child and take your time with the next one (We will Wait )you have set yourself extremely high standards.
And Congratulations on the Anthony Award well Done !!!
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am 10. Februar 2013
A nice novel that reads well, but it is not as good as "The affair"

Therefore only 3 points. The Story is ok and the charecters are well made, but the book itself is missing a clue.
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